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GTO5 Mistakes To Avoid During GTO Tasks

5 Mistakes To Avoid During GTO Tasks

Group task is a method in the SSB selection procedure to check your compatibility in working with a group, as well as your leadership skills. It consists of a number of tests, total nine in number. Many of these tests are conducted in group, while some are conducted on individual level. Group tasks provide you with a great chance to score and hence increase your marks in SSB. With a little attention and precaution you can perform really well in this part of testing, and thus score good marks too. Given below are some common mistakes which candidates should try to avoid in GTO Tasks

5 Mistakes To Avoid During GTO Tasks

  1. Ignorance in GTO Tasks: Ignorance is never bliss in SSB. Never ever take the path of ignorance, because if you do so, you might as well end up in spoiling your results. Candidates generally overlook a lot of things, and ignore them, considering them not so important. But the GTO never overlooks anything. Whatever you do is being observed by him, very keenly and closely. SO if you commit a mistakes, accept it and start afresh. You might be tempted to overlook the mistake thinking that the GTO is not watching you, but that is definitely not the case.
  2. The mistake of not listening in GTO Tasks: I can guarantee one thing, that if you start listening what the GTO is saying, you’ll definitely be able to improve your performance to a considerable level in SSB. The problem is that, the instructions are very long, so when the GTO says the instruction you get bored in-between, and loose track. This is especially true for the repeaters, and people who go there after attending coaching’s. They think that they know the instructions, and do not pay the required attention to them. If you listen to them carefully, you see that whatever they want out of the task is spoken in the instructions itself.
  3. Leadership vs. Dominance in GTO Tasks: It is a different thing to lead, and entirely different when you dominate someone. Definitely they want leaders, but the leadership definition is very different from the definition of dominance. A good leader is the one who can take all his subordinates and work in a positive direction. Whereas if you’ll just keep giving orders it’ll be nothing more than dominance. As a leader you should first go ahead and lead others by your own example.
  4. Speaking on others behalf in GTO Tasks: There are candidates who act like absolute mediators. They think that they have been given the responsibility to speak on others behalf. Candidates feel that if they are encouraging the weaker members they are actually emerging as leaders. They make a mistake here. Of course you should encourage the weaker members, but this does not mean that you should speak on their behalf, it really looks like acting. The most you can do is encourage them to speak by listening to them when they are speaking. Everybody is responsible for themselves; you do not need to take anybody’s responsibility.
  5. Fixing things up in GTO Tasks: Few smart candidates think that they should fix up things in advance, like asking people and deciding amongst the group that who should call whom in the command task, or how to proceed in the group discussion. Dude this is not going to help, any amount of manipulation that you do is not going to work, in fact you’ll see the opposite things happening. So it is rather better to spend the time in preparation instead of try to convince people shrewdly.

Hope now you know what mistakes to avoid during GTO tasks. In you have more tips regarding SSB GTO tasks do write them in the comment section below.

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