India and Pakistan– Major Issues Of Concern

Just after bifurcation of India in 2 parts i.e. India and Pakistan, India fought a war with Pakistan and till now 4 wars have been fought, all won by India. Well, both the nations are having a race to beat each other. A large segment of Indian army is serving on LoC as it is the most unstable area to handle. Several issues judges the relationship of both the nations but some of them are crucial enough for both to solve and overcome.

Infiltration – Every day newspaper has one or two news of infiltration, shelling of death of army personals in J&K. Many cases of infiltration have been seen. Gurdaspur attack, samba attack and most recent, the captured terrorist, Naved has accepted its Pakistan citizenship. Some sources state that ISI is also believed to be helping these actions including terror groups.

Failed Negotiation – India and Pakistan had many negotiations and most of them was titled to Kashmir issue of an insurgency. Recent NSA level talks were also facing ups and downs. PAK blamed India for hiccups in the NSA talks. But India’s stand on the residence of Daud Ibrahim in Kashmir issue seems the point of concern. It not always that the negotiation has gone failed, but most of the time it got stuck over Kashmir issue or terrorism issue. Currently, India has good diplomatic and political relation with Pakistan, but recent tussle among officials over NSA meet has led a word war between them.

Smuggling – Pakistan is among the countries venerable to drugs, human and even chemical trafficking. Pakistan shared log boundary with Afghanistan which is the largest producer of opium. Pakistan also produces opium itself. It is smuggling in India and china through various means. Some cases of smuggling of fake currency were also reported. While illegal arms smuggling has been a headache for India. Every day infiltrators and terrorists get encountered possessing bulk ammunition and weapons.

Hideout of Terrorists – Many terrorist and some most wanted are reported to be hiding in Pakistan. Al-Qaeda chief, Osama bin laden was killed by U.S. navy seals in Abbottabad, which was at a short distance from Pakistan’s army can’t. While recently India has got strong and sufficient proof of residence of Daud Ibrahim in Pakistan’s Karachi. Many recruitment and training centers were also reported to be operated In Pakistan. Several talks have been conducted with Pakistan, not only by India but many other countries too. No effective result has emerged till now.India-and-Pakistan–Major-Issues-of-Concern
Kashmir issue is the root cause of conflicts for both nations and should be given first priority for solving. One’s a part of India is now the enemy of India. Well with a high support of china and sheltering terrorists, Pakistan has made its arms strong. According to the stats, Pakistan is running ahead in the counts of nuclear weapons and china is running far ahead of India. These two nation are the biggest threat for India and both are going ahead. The current situation made everybody realized that why India did right by not signing NPT. Some other things also justify the escalating Pakistan power and is really becoming a threat for India.

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