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12 Photos Showing The Life Of Lady Cadets At OTA Chennai

OTA Chennai is the only military training academy of the Indian Army that trains lady cadets for pre-commissioning training. Check out the pictures of lady cadets at OTA and their daily routine.

OTA Chennai is the only training academy of Indian army where you can find lady cadets giving tough competition to gentlemen cadets. Lady cadets at OTA Chennai go through rigorous training of 1 year and get commissioned in the army; posted at various army bases across the country where they command troops of soldiers. The first batch of 25 women to be commissioned as officers into the  Army, were trained at the OTA with training commencing on 21 September 1992.


In this article, you can see some pictures of OTA lady cadets depicting their life at Officers Training Academy Chennai.

1. These ordinary girls will soon turn into real warriors. First day at OTA Chennai, ready for the life version 2.0

First Day at OTA Chennai

2. Wake up early at 4:00 AM. Run Run and Run. Training is not a cakewalk, but the more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in war.

OTA Lady Cadet  Morning Exercise

3. Building stamina with rigorous exercises that too with combat rig.

OTA Lady Cadet  Exercise

4. OTA Chennai Lady Cadets Weapon Training. Flower nahi Fire.

OTA Chennai Lady Cadets Weapon Training

5. Fear of heights? No excuses here.

OTA Lady Cadet Combat Training Climbing

6. Can you survive in a jungle alone? We can!!

OTA Lady Cadet Combat Training

7. Taking part in extracurricular activities and making OTA proud.

OTA Lady Cadet Prize

8. Passing out with coursemates, happiest moment in life.

OTA Lady Cadet POP

9. Passing out parade drill.

OTA pop drill

10.  Winning sword of honour. Best outgoing cadet.

OTA Lady Cadet  Sword Of Honor

11. Got the stars on our shoulders. Time for some josh push ups.

OTA Lady Cadets Josh Push ups

12.  Best group pic ever.

ota lady officers group pic

13. Happy Faces

ota lady cadets

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  1. You all are trained to be tougher than an ordinary lady…. We are proud that you achieve what is expected out of a trained Hard-core Soldier. Best of luck for rest of your career as a Soldier. Cheers…. Jai Hind.


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