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Why I Left The Officer’s Training Academy Despite An AIR 2nd In 1st Attempt?

I am not here to justify myself or to answer the many shocking voices of people who have known me, admired me, hated me, or envied me.

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We have posted the SSB interview experience of Ambika Bhan recently, you can read it here. We got this email from her this morning about why she left the training at OTA, Chennai. In a disclaimer that this might invite the wrath n criticism of many but I think I owe it to myself n my pillars of support to write, write about my life’s biggest decision.
To Quit The Indian Army

I am not here to justify myself or to answer the many shocking voices of people who have known me , admired me , hated me or envied me. And especially those who so genuinely sought my advice n ‘gyaan’ once I got recommended. I am just here to do what I love doing … Speaking my truth in freedom without fear.

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A dear friend and also an army man once told me, ” Indian army doesn’t need women.” I was offended by what he said feeling it as a direct blow to my feminist self. But I should have heard him completely.

Women in the armed forces are just the manifestation of an effort by the Indian state to prove that we believe in gender equality and women empowerment.

1. Let’s be frank about it women aren’t serving in combats n r not even needed to actually use a rifle once in the services. So to be logical I wasn’t going to be a warrior like my male counterparts would be.
Secondly 70% of the lady cadets inside had some or the other sort of a pelvic fracture, some even spine fractures… aggravated to the extent that they might not be able to conceive or the effects of these injuries shall be visible in later years.
Now my question … what’s the logic of having such a training regimen that results in you becoming a defaulted piece when u aren’t even going be in combat ?
N by this I don’t mean women are weak . MC Mary Kom could win us a medal even after having 2 kids. But an 11 month crash course to become an officer n that too in weather conditions of Chennai with no concept of any strengthening exercises and no sleep given are of course, going to lead to such dire injuries.

Ok , I am not supposed to say this or whatever happens inside the academy but when a human body doesn’t get time to heal and restore itself it breaks and that doesn’t make you strong. Well, it just breaks you.
Given the modern lifestyles that we live into its absurd to expect the majority of our generation to be a bodybuilder or something.
I don’t think even Olympic wrestlers would be lifting weights 24/7 for a year.
So Why doesn’t the SSB actually check n recommend the candidates who have been agile n active physically not someone who has always been playing in the pages of a book n busy preparing for competitive exams. Or better still increase the duration n the place of training and gradually get the body accustomed to the changes.

What is so peculiar about the training that a lady cadet doesn’t have her periods for 9-11 months straight.

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2. For 23 years of my life , I was taught by my father , my teachers n my books to question everything n not to blindly follow. Because in your questions lies your key to knowledge n in knowledge lies liberation. The opposite of this was what precisely happened inside. Don’t ask questions. Don’t give explanations. The cultural and intellectual overhaul wasn’t something I wanted.
I was told that I will get used to it in 2 months . And of course, I will because after 2 months what will emerge will be an entirely different person with a perfect ability to take orders n mechanically respond to them. And I wasn’t ok with it .

3. I was despised n slammed by everyone inside for taking this decision. And I was told,” this is a prestigious academy and people like you ‘topper types’ ‘lawyer types’ with heads filled with ideas of rights , freedom , etc are always the ones who leave . We are creating men out of boys here !!! “
Great … but
What are you creating out of girls , certainly not women ???

Ambika Bhan at OTA Chennai

In a subtle discourse on equality please observe I am a woman. You can train me to become a warrior . But you can’t turn me into a man and then tell me that ..look ! We have empowered you !
The identity crisis that ensues is idiotic.
And on top of that any contact or even having a basic conversation with a GC is prohibited . Because let’s admit this , “For them you are more of an eye candy since they haven’t seen a woman in a long time” .
So what’s the difference in n out ? When a girl is told ,” behave properly, don’t be friendly with guys they’ll think you are available “
Is it implied that a man’s sexual appetite and desires should guide a woman’s way of life.
Ok for some , but not for me !

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I have a body shape and curves. Trust me , I am not interested in inviting or exciting anyone sexually but don’t expect me to magically flatten my cleavage just because the sepoys n the jawans n other GCs are there.

4. If the training at the academies explicitly wants me to shut off my mind and follow orders ( which by the way is necessary for the armed forces) then why did you choose a person who is rational.
I didn’t fake anything at the SSB. My entire interview revolved around me being a Kashmiri and the politics of my state , my take on that. With the zeal and creativity, I answered those question my IO complimented me saying,”you know how to play with words”. So how am I being expected to crush and kill that creativity and the love for freedom of speech and expression.  I am a lawyer and a writer on top of that . The last thing I can do in this world is to lower my eyes and say , YES SIR , YES MAM to even the things that are absurd n illogical.

You know it would take more than 2 stars and a uniform for me to justify my purpose and meaning in this world.

5. There is a term called being in DOPE that means your body n mind are exhausted to such a level that your motor skills become weak and you are like those slum dwelling kidnapped drugged children. To quote an example , if a national level debater like me can fail to introduce herself before 30 people then there certainly is a problem.
And for someone who used to study for 12 hours a day I am not able to read even 10 pages at a stretch and understand anything.

6. So another set of taunts that I heard was ,” what will you do outside ? Wear bangles , a saree and have kids ?”
And all this from lady officers .
I was enslaved there , I couldn’t question u back but today I can .
“Our mothers wear a saree , she gave birth to us , does it make her weak ? “
Oh , and Indira Gandhi wore a saree , did that make her weak?
Doesn’t almost every girl want to be a mother someday? To bring a life into this world .
It’s hysterical and almost funny that their notions of strength have skewed to such a level that someone who can’t do 500 pushups is ‘mentally weak’.

7. And , why the showbiz for god sake ? Why ds the cupboard have 2 sets of uniform hanging , just like that n not to be worn? Why is a Harpic and colin issued to you but u aren’t supposed to use it to clean ur bathrooms n buy ur own?

8. A captain’s wife almost my age and I have to wish her , even if I see her 1000 times … N later maybe even welcome her to a party n click her pictures while she joyously sips her drink. WHY … Rightfully boasting about myself I studied so hard , cracked the ssb , topped the exam to reach there and what did she do ?
Marry an officer ?
Well if that is the amount of respect that an army wife holds , I think it’s time I should get married to my boyfriend .

9. I had an injury and the doctor advised me that had I continued my both elbows had 90% chances of getting fractured as the angles were too much.

10. And to all those and to my own demons who might lead me to believe that I was a loser and a quitter .

It takes a lot of guts to kick a job of almost 70k bucks , to kick a job that shall give you a class 1 Gazetted officer status in GOI , to kick a job even though you got an AIR 2nd and you were a mini-celebrity , to kick a job despite knowing the fact that LOG KYA KAHENGE …

It takes a lot of strength to give up on things as well as people who can’t give you happiness and satisfaction despite of having to bear the taunts of the world.


© Ambika Bhan (Athena )

P.S. my utmost respect to army n all those who have undergone or are undergoing the training to achieve their dreams. It is awesome and great but it wasn’t right for me, so please  don’t judge .

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  1. Armed forces training is meant to be tough as it pushes you beyond your physical and mental limits making you realise how much more you are capable of taking as a person. The hard experiences form benchmarks for us which make us choose our field of work in the force. I am personally of the opinion that the women are not needed in combat role and so SSC and AMC were good enough for those who brought this change and started intake of lady officers. Ms. Ambika could have made life miserable for a lot of her seniors and colleagues in service. Good riddance.

  2. I do find merit in lot of thing the cadet has discussed. And as of comments that are not 100% justified let’s discount her for her age and maturity. But yes she definitely has raised a valid question the charges are required in the selection as well as training processes. We can’t be working like a colonial era force, that is so WWII. We need to reshape the way we THINK and the way we train. Healthy dissent should be welcomed for betterment of organisation.

  3. In this real life story, two mistakes are glaring. One – wrong selection by the SSB as they failed to analyze the psychology of the candidate. And two the candidate prematurely started picking holes in the system, as she not only failed mentally (she didn’t have enough motivation) but physically as well.
    OTA has trained thousands of men and women and most have excelled in their pursuits; mind you missfits do leave or are left out. Hope she has found the appropriate profession by now! Good luck.

  4. While I don’t agree to all her opinions, I do agree to her questioning the SSB selection process for lady officers and the necessity of the rigorous physical training if she would never require during service…due to non combatants duties they would be exposing to…in fact they should be taken in as is being done for AMC doctors!
    Looking back, I feel the defence forces seemed to have got it wrong right from the start…
    Look at the issue of physical efficiency tests and obesity questions being raised for qualifying for permanent commission…
    Time to relook and rectify the whole process.

  5. Though its an old article but since I came across today I thought to comment on the points. After going through the views of the lady cadet and with due respect to her thought processes, I am of the opinion that its the failure of the instructors and her over study (senior Cadet on her)). The facts pointed out by the cadet are genuine and warrant considerations because the same are based on her experience in the academy. I am of the belief that those men who equate themselves with the women are not Gentlemen!! They do not fall in the definition of officer as per our customs and Ethos. Such men with such thought process are disgrace to any of the organisation in the country. They forget that they themselves are originated from the womb of women and further disgrace their mother and sisters. Army does not functions on such ideology and give respect to each one of its officer irrespective of Caste creed religion and the gender biasness ! Even the Supreme Court has come heavily on such stereotypes in uniform. Now I come to the point of training for women cadets which has been designed after taking into the consideration of all the aspects and natural imposed restriction . The academy has given best of its Lady Cadets who had been transformed into the excellent one and are doing well. For JAG ,AEC and even AMC , my views are that you have given such statements based on what you saw and perceive but reality is different. The training time is the period when the customs ethos and toughness of a Soldiers are imbibed in the Cadet so that once they become officer they should know the feelings and understand the Soldier irrespective of ranks. This thing comes handy once an officer has to formulate his decisions with respect to his men. Further Soldiers are govern under special acts and the Acts related to Armed Forces imposes certain restrictions in order to maintain the discipline which is the backbone of the Forces. Thus the the more you train yourselves the less you bleed concept is o be understand in a broader manner. Academy makes men out of boys which includes the women and girl cades. Our Constitutions vide Article 18 gives you a special status of carrying your name with ranks even after your death which is only for the member of Armed Forces. Therefore any youth who thinks that he has it in her/ him may join. We are not looking for the professionals but looking for those who have the basic officer like qualities in addition to their respective achievements or degrees. Armed Forces calls those who have in them. All the best to you,
    Col Amit Kumar (Retd)
    Judge Advocate Generals Branch

  6. Its the organisation’s gain that you left. Your writings reflects your own myopic viewpoint. Their are thousands of lady officers in armed forces who are extremely happy and proud of their service. Training will be tough and cadets enjoy it except a few who are not strong enough to cope and then except leaving humbly would try and blame the system itself. Remember this system has stood the test of time and many wars and has improved over time and its the responsibility of everyone who is in it to improve it rather than run away and blame!!

    • Although this is an unwarranted one way tirade against the institution, I’ll say that the ineptitude of the concerned directing staff is also responsible for this turn of events. They should have handled the lady cadet tactfully, advised her that it’s only a passing phase, and motivated her adequately to stick around, complete her training, and pass out as a commissioned officer.



  8. She was my jr in d academy looser of the biggest time alwz on sick lve could nt clear any of her exam n got relegated twice

    Fwd from an offr

  9. You are candid and straight. …I was commissioned in 1975 and left in 1980. Over a period of time, I was associated with NGOs as a free lance worker in social welfare field. I could seek the real job satisfaction while working for rehabilitation of devdasis in Karnataka,working for drought struck cattle – livestock in Maharashtra – saving 600+ cattle going to slaughterhouses, Working for cataract patients – arranging for pre & post operative care, Teaching students free of charge : more than 2000 joined as jawans in uniform services and more than 60-70 incl 04 girls joined as officers in the armed forces. …well. I belonged to this field than army. But army taught me a lot that was – is useful now also. I taught from failures so that my students become more successful and higher ranking officers. …… See – understand your natural inclination and work for that. It will be your passion….. If you stay in Delhi, I shall give you a task dealing with Law… All the best in your enterprise !!!

  10. Well it could be very personal opinion and somehow can’t agree on her perspective of thinking.
    It might be her perspective of taking the culture of organisation but as far I understood there is no harm in respecting a captain’s wife .
    Humare to sanskar bhi hume sikhate hai jhukne se koi chota nhi ho jata but respecting someone and self esteem are two different things which is been mixed here I believe.
    Anh how come she wasn’t aware of training pattern before joining? Now a days everything is on YouTube or u have easy access to get all the knowledge in person.
    She totally wasted a position which would have been someone’s dream.
    Agree to that…. though she is good with words, but can make out the air in her attitude for all the publicity she has got… I think that has got into her head… I am also wondering how she got through ssb… a person with such thought process and still reaching 2nd rank in merit….. shows that she knows how to play with words… good that she left… she may be a good lawyer…(my best wishes for her future)… but she and Army both have benefited because she has left at the right time.

  11. I am surprised as to how you cleared SSB in first place. Why this weakness towards stress tolerance was not detected by any of the assessors in SSB. When you make a sweeping statement of lady officers not able to become mothers, please follow it up with data. Stress fractures and ligament tear is very normal in Academies but not many quit like you. I have seen lady officers serving in worst of the conditions and earning accolades. Even lady cadets have been awarded Sword of Honour in Academy.
    So please stop misleading the youth in general and ladies in particular against joining Armed Forces.
    You quit coz u didn’t had it in you.
    All the best for your future endeavors

  12. Dear Madam,
    You are entitled for views and we respect it.
    Firstly SSB made a grave mistake by misjudging you. There is nothing wrong with you or the Army. The profession does not suit you. One person can not be judgemental to question the ethos and culture of century old Armed Forces. Armies are there to fight the war and not to provide career to individual as per his or her choice. It is serious business without glamour or frills.
    Good that you decided to exit. It is good for the Army also.
    Best of Luck for you in your future endeavours.

  13. I commend you for your candor and frank opinion. Ambika you have raised some very valid issues which require serious attention by the army. Unless these are not addressed on priority we may end up discouraging willing ladies from joining the defence forces. I am sure your valuable feedback will be most helpful for bringing in the changes you have suggested. You also deserve to be commended for the brave decision you have taken. For your putting across the issues so lucidly. I can say you will be very successful in whatever vocation you undertake because of your clear headedness !! You also deserve to be commended for your audacity to withstand the contempt associated with such decisions. I salute you !!

    • Thanks Gen Malhi, for recognozing her candour. We live in times where a little criticism also cannot be taken in right spirit. If a problem is there it should be heard for the betterment of the organization nd improvement of training for lady officers.Kudos to her and you.

    • So what did you about it being in the forces while serving and risen to such a high rank rather than making such statements now?

    • I have serious doubts on you being a Maj Gen. Guess ur impersonating. A gen in the Army will never support a shallow opinion of a girl who could not even complete half of her training.

  14. Actually I have a request to all upcoming men and Lady Officers don’t just misguide others with your lame excuses Firstly ambika you should read the letter given by ssb properly they clearly mention that the training is tough and if you are not fitt for it can quit and other thing saying that not getting time for sleep mam let me recall you, you are their for the training becoming a officer not for sleeping and if you want to sleep stay at home a officer always get trained in worst condition so she or he can survive in worst condition because in battle field enemy won’t allow you to sleep , nor differentiate you are men or women once you are in battle field as an officer expectation are higher from you, you can escape here with excuses but battle field never give you chance to escape and please don’t talk about guts because you might get Air 2 in ssb but you don’t have that guts to fight in battle field , marrying a officer is ok but becoming a officer is tougher then that another Point of yours about serious enjury and not having child please ambica go and consult Doctor don’t adjust Medical Science according to your perceptions.
    Please ambica don’t Show disrespect too Indian army and don’t spread such rumour because their are girls who really want to become a officer.
    Thank you for not joining Indian Army because you don’t deserve the Uniform and also a happy married life ambica.

  15. Really salute to you ,mam
    That thing really triggers my mind when I think that why does an army wife gets so much respect , when all she did was marry an army officer

  16. Hat’s off to your audacity, Ma’am.
    Very few people, especially those of us who belong to the middle class spectrum of the society, have the courage to renounce a “70k bucks, class 1 Gazetted officer” job. I know nothing about your financial background to comment on that, though.
    However, being a staunch feminist myself, I strongly disagree with the condescending opinions that ‘some’ men and women belonging to the Army appear to have.

    Was that friend of yours, who said ” Indian army doesn’t need women.”, Vice Chief of the Army Lt Gen S Pattabhiraman in 2006??? (if not, google it)

    But again, no matter what financial status you have, you’ll be subjected to all sorts of unsolicited, untoward and unsavoury comments now. People, possibly some belonging to your friends and family, will take pity on you, mock you and even lambaste you for ruining the life of another woman, who might not have quitted the training.

    To, withstand all this, contempt and pigeoholing, one would need a lot of GUTS, for sure.
    I hope you have that.

    I salute you once again, for keeping your rationality and opinion, above the ignominy associated with quitting.

    • Hats off for AIR-2. People may say it’s the easiest of all UPSC exams but not that easy TBH. That’s very impressive.
      However, more impressive is the way you accepted it was just not right for you.

  17. So Ambika , you should’ve just jumped to the point where you had 90% chances of fracturing both your elbows so you quit , glad all lady cadets aren’t like you otherwise we wouldn’t see lady cadets become Lady Officers today . You just found shelter in pointing out illogical theories of the academy and what comes out of it . The academy does not shadow your freedom of speech or free will whatever you mentioned above , you’ve misguided yourself trying to hide the fact that you were gonna be injured so you quit. After reading this article you don’t realise that many aspirants might feel low. Well now I’m wondering why did you even appear for SSB in the first place , what intension did you have to join the armed forces , what was your purpose behind it ? guess you just weren’t the right person to join the armed forces good luck with your freedom of speech or whatever you mentioned above , Jai Hind 🇮🇳

  18. Ambika u r wrong person for right job.You r not for Army.That’s good you left Army as you don’t have an qualities to be an officer. But I’m disagreeing with u because u r demotivating others who really want to do.You are not able to continue due to ur weakness. And u r arguing ur weaknesses are correct and misguiding other aspirants. This is not correct thing.
    And in whole article u are praising yourself.. it looks so funny😂😝.
    Now also u have achieved something by getting attention of whole nation for doing nothing.
    If it’s not possible with u don’t try demotivate others.

    • When you could not jump up high to fetch the grapes, you say the tree was higher, rather than saying that I would have put in more effort. Now a days all info is available on internet regrading the type of environment in the academies and it has remained so for years, because that is what it prepares you for the worst, sitting at a desk may be the thing people do after passing out but you have to stand up to the men you dream of commanding.
      And regarding the ladies (Officer’s wives) getting respect in forces, it is the ethos to respect ladies, and if you think that you are a lady officer so why should respect a lady, well then you have failed then and there to understand that you are being treated like an Officer not a Lady officer, which you believe you would have become. People like you who fail mentally and physically create a fear in the minds of already scared youth who doesn’t want to venture out of their comfort zone even if it is adventure, thrill and pride out there. Ambika has shown how weak she is and now trying to justify. And for people who are telling that the fellows cadets/Staff should have been more sympathize towards her need to be reminded that everybody there is to complete his/her training, everybody is undergoing a stress at various levels, you are on your own. If you have it you will sail through, but blaming the ways and the system which is time tested is just a means of attracting media attention and running from the fact that she chose to be at a wrong place !!!

  19. Its all up to your choice mam.
    because it is not the thing that we do in our life that we regret, on our deathpad,
    it is the thing we do not.

  20. Earlier you were inspiration for every girls but now you are discouraging all the girls who want to be part of such prestigious academy.Feels like someone have brain washed your mind or may be you were not able to take all that pressure and if not than you must be knowing all this before going for ssb.You know what your this one decision must have crushed the dream of girl who just got merit out…the girl who really wanted to be part of the academy.

    Its good you followed your heart because not everyone have the capability to come as warrior after such a rough training but love for what they are doing makes them do so…
    I know it needs guts to kick a job of
    almost 70k bucks ,but it takes lot more than that to join forces and complete the training.

    And now you are also going to be wife of some officer and will behave like others about whom you are talking.
    May be this thought coming in your mind that your would be husband is already in defence than whats the need of doing all this.

    If you had simply said that I had an injury and the doctor advised me that its gonna effect you in future than also it was fine. . .but criticising the training just because you are not able to take it is not good
    Nothing is perfect in this world but only we can make the change…
    And one more thing…not every one dreams to give birth to a life…there are some who spends there life to just give bright future to orphans and bright their life.
    And yes do whatever you want to but don’t demoralize others who want to be its part…

  21. She has raised some very valid points. High time our military establishments reviewed their training procedures to make them up-to-date and more scientific rather than sticking to the mindless, tortuous regimen inherited from the Brits. There are modern strength training methods and long-distance running techniques that strengthen the muscles rather than wear out the bones. What’s the logic behind making young boys run around the block with the seniors perched on their shoulders? The dropout rates at NDA have touched alarming levels. There are modern methods to strengthen the mind and body without wearing them out. Please give it a serious thought.

    • Mental and physical fitness for fighting war will not change on whims and fancies of few. The training regimen is constantly modified and improved. The training is not flawed but its a cadet who has spent more time on video games rather than physical sports. The fitness required for armed forces will remain and dropouts are not new to the system.

    • This is the crux of the problem. It has to be suitably modified to make the good officers and not try to mould them into a mans model. We’ll brought out , Sir.

    • Because if the officer in a war zone has to pick his men and run or take them to a safe place or carry him back to the base. He needs to be trained to lift some one and run. Everything is baseless and ridiculous when you sit and look at it from the outside. Not so much once you trained and you need to use it.

  22. Hey Ambika, It’s good to see you listening to your heart.
    Only disclaimer is that you should have taken this decision even before appearing for the SSB, as you can get to know about “Life at OTA” in Youtube or from any Army personnel. The way they train is different. They always say that they do not want you to be a genius, but looking for few qualities that fit to their job. You can always excel in other fields, if not fit for Armed forces. And training women for Combat operation is a welcome step, as you do not know, when you need that in a sudden War outbreak.
    Anyways, good luck for your future. Listen to your hearty and do what you like, does not matter, even if you switch profession multiple times, but do self-introspect and come up with whats best for you.

  23. Hey Ambika,
    You joined the academy out of your own free will and left it at your will. Well after reading your post I simply feel you were a wrong person for the right job. I know of lady officers in the defence who have been better than many male officers in their respective jobs. Like these 3 lady officers from the Indian Airforce who earned a name for themselves ( one of them was the first lady in the world to land an AN32 aircraft on DBO which is the world’s highest and dangerous airfield in India, the 2nd was the 1st lady officer in India to fly the IL76 and the 3rd was the first lady pilot from Himachal in the armed force). Well there are many more too who have excelled. All these strong ladies went to the same training academy as U did, underwent the same rigorus training U underwent but the difference was they continued and U quit . I belong to the defence family and yes the officers address me as Mam as a sign of respect, but then few of them call me by my name ( because I asked them to) so you have that liberty too.
    There are many lady officers I know who have married and have kids, irrespective of all the hardships they have faced during training at the academy. Before U, I havn’t heard even 1 lady officer ever complain or mention about the tough training at the academy. I know a lot of young girls wanting to join the academy and your post is misleading.
    If every lady cadet at the academy quit like U did for the reasons U mentioned, we would not have had some of the finest lady officers ( who have earned a name for themselves )in our armed forces.
    U have your own free will to decide for yourself, but just because U were not happy at the academy does not mean everyone else will feel the way U did.
    It was sad U had to quit but trust me I feel extremely proud to let U and others know that I personaly know some of the best and finest lady officers in the armed forces.
    Anyways good luck to U

    • Mam she said what she feel ok . ur jzz judging her bcoz ur frm defense background. Think secularly n den comment.

      • Brother what she felt , she has conveyed on social media platform so she would be judged because its not about her only now , her experience or views about academy and training are public and forma opinions which are not at all based on the facts…if its that she felt it she should have kept it to herself ..why to share it with everyone for her decision…everyone doesn’t feel the same way and I know you r not from forces background ,hence you don’t know the requirements of armed forces. So rather giving justification one must apply his/her mind that this organisation is not new and it very well understands the training standard requirements for war. Heroes like Capt vikram batra have passed out from these very academies who have made Country proud. So a person who has quit bfore even starting a career in army can’t tell what is right or wrong with the requirements of organisation. Yes she might not be apt for army and her decision is respected but only till then it is kept to herself not by announcing publicly.

    • maam,
      i think it’s all our passion to do anything which we feel is good or we are made for that place. According it needs a lot of courage join force and devote yourself completely to it.

  24. Was with you till you compared yourself with the officers wife. You will not be beneath them if you call them ‘maam’. This courteous behaviour is a part of being an officer. Respect for spouses of fellow officers. Simple. The problem is that females jump quickly into comparison with other females, officer or not. About time we end that.

  25. What she’s saying is rt for her…there r hardships…u know it…u may get kill…when u go for ssb u sign an NOC ie if u get any injury during ssb they aren’t responsible…so y didn’t she backoff that time…she must have known discipline n obedience r pillars of indian army…y did she join…she was a lawyer…she knew that there can be no law conceivable ie violative of fundamental rights accept for the security of our country ( Art. 13 )…army defends our nation…our constitution can snatch away FRs…Academy ne sakhti barti to kya galat…everybody has to undergo this training…there r plethora of lady officers out there who r doing great in their lives n inspiring other womens of our country to join the elite force…navy airforce have already announced to send their lady officers on combat front…army will join soon!
    I respect her views…she must protect her feminism❗

  26. Hi,
    I completely agree with you on some points and would like to say that being in army is not a job, it is called as a services in which you sacrifice alot of things( include ur intellectual skills as well as ur extraordinary skills some times, to maintain the discipline/culture of organisation which surely gonna be change overtime.Big changes take time to happen). But surely you will also get ample chances to show those skill while performing duty and will be appreciated for them too.

    I think lot of people do mistake considering an army service like a normal job.

    I really appreciated your decision, because working in army would have bring no good to you as well as organisation. Wish you all the best for you future!!


  27. Training is hard dear. It is deliberately made so. War will not give you time to acclimatized. And once you have gone through that hard training, you will have the confidence of facing all physical and mental hurdles of future. True, women may not be sent to combat deliberately, but so will a large percentage of male who forms the support staff. That does not mean they are any less important, or they can have less than excellent capabilities. That would be insulting to all these brave men and women.

    You were 23 and quit. Many of my friends were 26 and completed. Most of them held PG degrees, left employment which were paying better at that time. Some of them experienced pelvic problems, but all are married and have children now. My course is completing 17 years in service now and almost half my course mates (ladies) are still servicing with proud. I am proud of them.

    And you should marry your boyfriend (if he is in army). Then you will see that an officer gets the respect of an officer (lady or gent does not matter). And a lady wife gets the respect which she deserves. And by the way its not easy being wife of an officer. But that you will experience if you do marry an officer. So dont say that you did so much great and what did she do ? May be she left a career to be with her husband and support him. And I hope you wish your not so old bhabhis, elder cousins, sisters without considering their achievements. Or do they wish you first since you are so well educated ? Just food for thought.

  28. ok no problem its ur
    decision you can but something i would like to comment(forgive if wrong)
    mee to a ARMY aspirant my father(kargil 1999), my grand
    father(indo-pak 1971) my grandgrand father (1947) not even get his body
    at home

    1. every thing is not per as we want sometimes we need to bend as per situations.
    2 .now women officers are also being allowed in Infantry Armour Artillery(LADAKU DASTE)
    the harsh physical training there are several region bcz women officers
    in SIGNAL are also serving on SIACHINE hope u know it bcz its in
    4. training hard make u strong i don’t think its false.
    its ur decision i don’t think its a right one if u join ARMY by your die heart choice.
    kabhi PACHTANA mat apnne decision pe.

    i agree some of ur points
    1 PHOTO of Officers wife.
    2 body needs time to set.
    3 lady officer comment

    but one thing i wanna say GIVING UP is not a way
    if u was a true aspirant u will do this bcz after getting commission u will be a differnt lady.

    should wait get recommended and then write to COAS i think he will act
    on your letter and many like u will get benifit and u can retire later i
    think it will be good LT. or CAPT. before NAME.

  29. The facts you mentioned above are very disappointing for a lady cadet… Maam sorry to say however you are not holding ur patience… In war like situations we have to plan in such a way that our company would get less casulties.. If u loose ur patience while being the company commander in such a condition n took that decision which led our soldier die will be the highest loss of our army…
    Em not a judge not an IO not even having AIR 2nd but just only expressed my views… rest of all you are superior than everyone.. gud luck for ur future…

  30. I would suggest that U sed this mail to some concerned authority so they can reseacrh and bring changes in training of women cadets .. like they can visit some countires which are doing good in “”women in combat”” and try something out .. SO PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO CONCERNED PEOPLE IN Ministry Of Defence and in GOI..

    • The training is per requirement of a particular region which includes various factors. You cannot have a one frame fit for all. See how are the men you have to command. And is govt interested in spending money in training people who are not giving any monetary returns, c’mon you are grown up to understand this. Just that you have not been there and seen it, you will believe everyy word of the lady!!


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