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30 Most Important History Questions For CDS, AFCAT and NDA

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Ancient History

  1. Which animal is found in maximum number in seals of Indus civilization – Rhinoceros
  2. Harrapan people had trade relations with which nation – Sumer
  3. Purushasukta is related to – Caste System
  4. The most important and ancient source of Indian philosophy is – Vedas
  5. Mahavira, the founder of Jainism, belongs to which royal family – Jantrika
  6. The famous scholar, Hemachandra was patronized by – Chandragupta Maurya
  7. According to the Buddhist philosophy, the theory of cause and effect is known as – Trishna
  8. “Sita” lands in Arthasastra are – Lands cultivated by The Tribes
  9. The script in which Kashmiri language was originally written was – Kharoshti
  10. Who were the first kings to issue gold coins in India – Kushanas


Medieval History

  1. Ibn Batutah visited India during the reign of – Muhammad bin Tughlaq
  2. Jeetal and Tanka are made of – Copper And Silver
  3. Who was the king of India during the Timur invasion – Sultan Muhammad
  4. The aim of establishing Vijaynagar kingdom was to – Safeguard Hindu Interest
  5. Social result of Bhakti movement was – Rise Of Status Of Women
  6. Babur came to India from – Ferghana
  7. Din Panah was established by –Humayun
  8. What was the duty of Mir- Bakshi under the Mughal administration – Keeping Accounts
  9. The basis of Mughal administration was – Military
  10. The Mughal emperor, who gave Surat to The East India Company was – Jahangir


Modern History

  1. The first peasant movement launched by Mahatma Gandhi was in – Champaran
  2. Who was regarded by Mahatma Gandhi as his ‘Political Guru’ – Gopal Krishna Gokhale
  3. Who led salt Satyagraha movement with Mahatma Gandhi – Sarojini Naidu
  4. Which European nationals came to India first – The Portuguese
  5. The Indian Independence League was set up by – Rash Behari Bose
  6. Who was the only Governor- General/ Viceroy to be assassinated in India – Lord Mayo
  7. The creation of Pakistan was first advocated by – Ali Brothers
  8. Ganapati festival in Maharashtra was started by – Bal Gangadhar Tilak
  9. Who was the leader of Assam revolt of 1857 – Diwan Mani Ram Dutta
  10. The proposal of partition of India and Pakistan was contained in – Mountbatten Plan Of 3rd June, 1947
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