Salary Comparison: New MNC Employee vs Young Military Officer

The Indian military provides its newly commissioned officers with the best salaries and allowances there is for a middle-class person. The following table providing a salary comparison between a newly joined MNC employee and a newly commissioned military officer is enough to satisfy you with this.

By comparing the salary we are not disrespecting any profession as every profession has its own importance in nation’s development. This information is just for knowledge purposes.
Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 10.02.30 PMAlthough the starting pay of a fresher in a company is hugely variable and negotiable, the salaries here provide the average starting pay of a fresher. This is a negative aspect for people joining MNCs as the officers in the forces have a fixed pay scale (greater than 90% of fresh interns in MNCs), and above that, they get various allowances and facilities.As you can conclude, the average salary of a newly commissioned Indian Military Officer is more than twice than that of a newly joined private employee.

Also, the salaries from the rank of Colonel and above in the military are also variable owing to the variable allowances and achievements earned by them. Even any other private company won’t allow as many allowances as the military does, except for some large MNCs. Plus, you get to have a lifetime experience of various adventures.

Satisfied much?

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