12 Brain Teaser Questions Asked In SSB Interview

The personality analysis in SSB is done using various tests and getting a perfect match for the Armed Forces is the ultimate need. The basic theory of Mansa, Vachna and Karma is used to get the correct personality frame of the candidate. Here, Vachna indicates the personal interview technique. The technique here is to find out the relation between what the candidates speak with what he thinks (psychology) and what he does (ground tasks). The variety of questions asked in personal interview is unexpected, but still some of the brain teasing questions are there that need intense mind involvement to reply. Some of them are mentioned below.


12 Brain Teaser Questions Asked In SSB Interview

  1. Being a repeater, why don’t you join army as OR and try for ACC and other entries for internal commission?
  2. You smoke and drink, even after being aware of its deadly effects. Why do you do that?
  3. What do you think, having a girlfriend is a wastage of time or a need for mental stability?
  4. If you are asked to choose one out of all three forces (army, navy and air force), which will be your choice?
  5. There are several legal cases surfaced related to Armed Forces and you still want to join it. Why?
  6. Don’t you think we are doing partiality by dividing freshers, repeaters and recommended candidates?
  7. Describe yourself in one sentence.
  8. Your girlfriend forces you to marry her, but your parents are not accepting her. What will you do?
  9. Tell me 5 -7 uses of this object (it can be a sharpener, pencil, glass, or other casually usable material).
  10. If you are given the choice to serve as an IAS officer or an Armed Forces officer, then what will you choose and why?
  11. Tell me 5 incidents when you lied to your parents.
  12. What was the worst mistake of your life?

Conclusion – The above questions were asked by candidates to check their mental activity in tough situations. The response to these questions depends on the personality and mentality of the candidate. Fabricated answers are easily busted and it is hard to bluff the interviewing officer. Stay relaxed and answer these in your own way.


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