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50 Basic SSB Interview Questions That Every Aspirant Must Know


Hello Aspirants, to pursue your dream ou need to work hard , do so so you need to start from the bottom make a firm base and then proceed to the top. We help you to build the base, check out some of the basic questions that every aspirant must know before taking on the interview for the armed forces. The questions are spread across the 3 forces of the nation, check out how many you can answer :


  1. What are the ranks of officers in the Indian army/ navy / airforce ?
  2.  How many commands are there in the Indian army ? where are they ?
  3.  What are the arms of the Indian army, name at least 3?
  4.  which is the primary weapon of the Indian army?
  5.  name the chief of staff of the 3 forces?
  6.  how does an aircraft fly? what are the forces acting on it?
  7.  What type of tanks does the army have ?
  8.  Tell us about the nuclear submarine of India?
  9.  What are the frontline aircraft of the Indian airforce?
  10.  How does a ship float? what are the principles involved?
  11.  what are the latest procurements for the airforce from the US?
  12.  Give the ranks of airforce and its equivalent in the army/ Navy?
  13.  what are some of the important operations of the Indian army?
  14.  what is AFSPA?
  15.  Tell us about the Indo-Pak Wars?
  16.  When is the Indian army / navy / airforce day celebrated ?
  17.  Tell about the AGNI missile
  18.  what is meant by IOR?
  19. what is G-force? what is its significance to a pilot?
  20. What are some of the mountain ranges in India?
  21. Tell us about Siachen glacier.
  22. what are the farthest places in India in the 4 directions?
  23. State Bernoulli’s equation?
  24. What types of aircraft are used by the airforce?
  25. State Archimedes’s principle and its significance to the navy.
  26. What type of ships does the navy use?
  27. how many commands does the navy have and where are they?
  28. Do you know about article 370?
  29. what is the supersonic missile of India? tell about it
  30. Describe India’s physical features
  31. State law of motions with daily life example
  32. What is DRDO?
  33. Can you tell about IGMDP?
  34. Name at least 5 regiments of the Indian army.
  35.  Explain resistance, current, voltage? what is the relation?
  36.  Give few Indigenously made equipment name
  37.  What is DAC ? who is the chairperson?
  38.  Can  you name some PSU which assists defence production?
  39.  What is AWACS?
  40.  Which countries border India, tell from west to east?
  41.  What are the water bodies around India?
  42.  Name the states along the coastline of India from west to east?
  43.  Tell About ISRO
  44.  What is ISRO significance to the armed forces
  45. Do you know about gallantry awards?
  46.  What is  primary weapon used by Indian soldiers?
  47.  what is honorary rank army /navy/airforce? who got it?
  48.  What are the river sources of India? name some west flowing and east flowing rivers?
  49.  What are the layers of the atmosphere ? relate its use  to armed forces.
  50. Tell about the special forces of the Indian armed forces

To crack the AFSB and SSB interview, we recommend you to get “Let’s Crack SSB Interview” book from Amazon.

These are few question that every aspirant must be able to answer,  Knowing these will give a fair amount of basic knowledge relating the armed forces of India. In the coming posts, we will share more question. So, how many were you able to answer in the 50? mention them in the comment section!

Vignesh Krishnan
Vignesh Krishnan
A Happy go lucky engineering grad currently working as a freelancer and preparing for defense exams. Apart from that am an avid trekker, marathon runner and a patriot.



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