What Are The Economic/Social Securities To Families/NoK Of Martyrs?

All of us have our own opinion about what constitutes “social status”. However, it is an undisputed fact that the status of a ‘warrior’ has stood the test of time. History, society and most importantly, the families of these warriors have held the soldier in esteem and offered him a unique status in society. However, considering the known risk to life, there are various securities provided by the government to the martyr’s families.

Securities To Your Family:

The following are the economic/social securities provided by the Government it the families/Next of Kins (NoKs) of Martyrs:

(1) Financial Assistance provided to the families / NoKs of the Martyrs:
  • Death-cum-Retirement Gratuity.
  • Liberalized Family Pension
  • Ex-gratia lump sum compensation.
  • Disability/War injury element of pension.
(2) Welfare schemes provided through the Directorate General Resettlement / Government:
  • Allotment of Eligibility Certificates for Oil Product Agencies under 8% Quota.
  • Reservation in Public Sector Undertakings and Public Sector Banks.
  • Tipper Attachment Scheme.
  • Allotment of SAFAL outlets for dependents.
  • Allotment of Army surplus Class V ‘B’ Vehicles.
(3) Welfare Schemes provided through Kendriya Sainik Board (under Raksha Mantri’s Discretionary Fund / Armed Forces Flag Day Fund (AFFDF) to Ex-servicemen/families, including families of Martyrs as per their eligibility on making application):
  • Education Grant
  • Penury Grant
  • Officer Cadet Grant
  • Disabled Children Grant
  • House Repair Grant
  • Daughter’s Marriage Grant/Widow Re-Marriage Grant
  • Funeral Grant
  • Medical Grant
  • Orphan Grant
  • Vocational Training Grant for Widows
  • Grant for treatment of serious diseases (Armed Forces Flag Day Fund).
(4) Facilities provided to the families / NoKs of the Martyrs:
  • Travel Concession
  • Children Education Concession
  • Rail Concession
  • Air Travel Concession
  • Telephone Concession
(5) Financial Assistance provided under various Funds:
  • Army Group Insurance Maturity
  • Army Group Insurance Fund
  • Army Wives Welfare Association Fund
  • Army Officers’ Benevolent Fund
  • Army Central Welfare Fund.


By joining the Army, not only the ‘warrior’ but his family/dependents also become members of an exclusive and elite brotherhood, which is the envy of one and all. This is a job which offers you challenge, adventure, excitement, honour, prestige, self-respect, wholesome family life, safety and security for the family – even after you.Top of FormBottom of Form


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