Dear Twinkle Khanna Our Soldier’s Uniform Is Not For SALE

So Mrs. Twinkle Khanna, wife of star actor Akshay Kumar wants to sell the “ORIGINAL NAVAL UNIFORM” from her husband’s movie called Rustom based on Indian Navy. As per the tweet from Mr. Akshay Kumar, the “ORIGINAL NAVAL UNIFORM” is up for auction and any tom dick and harry can BID & WIN the so-called “ORIGINAL NAVAL UNIFORM”. The money will be used by her NGO for animal welfare !! Wish it was that easy for defence aspirants to WIN the uniform by paying money. Anyway, the reply has come from Lt. Col. Sandeep Ahlawat, a serving officer in the Indian army. Hope the reply from the soldier will open the blocked minds of these so-called reel life charity people.


Dear Twinkle Khanna,

I am not on Instagram so giving you a rebuttal on Facebook. Your idea of auctioning the costume that your husband donned in movie Rustom for raising money for your NGO is as sick as your funnybones jokes/books/blog. Your Instagram post about the nauseating idea is flawed on following grounds:-

1. What your husband wore in movie Rustom was a piece of costume and not uniform.

2. Indian Armed forces wives (Army, Navy, and Airforce) do not auction their husband’s uniforms.

3. Uniform is not a piece of cloth that a producer hands over to cine stars for enacting roles and make some quick bucks. The permission to wear Uniform comes from the office of the President of India. Uniform is earned with your blood, toil, and sweat which is placed on the mortal remains of soldiers along with the tricolor.

4. If you even make a feeble attempt to auction this piece of costume in the garb of “UNIFORM” then I will drag you to the court. You may like to check my credentials. You touch our honor and we will give you a bloody nose.

Warm regards.
An enraged citizen!!


After the reply from Lt. Col. Sandeep Ahlawat, Twinkle Khanna played the woman victim card to gain sympathy stating that she was threatened with bodily harm because the word used by Lt. Col. Sandeep Ahlawat ” bloody nose”. Twinkle Khanna the so-called author, writer, funnybones and what not don’t even know the idiom ” bloody nose” ? STRANGE. What was more schoking that some hi-fi paid media has published the news in favour of Twinkle Khanna showing Lt. Col Ahlawat as a troll. Money Works every time!!

bloody nose idiom

Enjoy the Bollywood drama by reel life people.



This is high time these REEL life celebs stop playing soldier’s card everytime to promote their charity and movies. And for people to stop being emotional fools in the name of soldiers and our armed forces.

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