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How To Safely Gain Weight Before SSB Interview Medical

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Being overweight can result in the candidate getting a Temporary Rejection in his medical exam. But getting a TR for being underweight is also a reality. To lose weight after getting a TR is not very difficult but to gain weight is a tedious and time-taking task.

Gaining weight is not as easy as losing it within 42 days of time. The best strategy for this is to start gaining weight as soon as you are confident of getting a call for SSB. In this article, we will show you how you can safely gain weight before your SSB medicals. But weight gaining tips are only for the candidates who are underweight and for other candidates it is not required to gain access weight if they are just lacking few kgs as per the standard chart.

But first, we need to understand why a person gains weight.

The Reasons for Weight-Gain

There are many reasons why a person gains weight – consuming high calorie-diet, unhealthy lifestyle, genetic influence, and what not?

While there are many reasons for the same, the process behind all of it is the same – high-calorie intake than you burn. When you consume more calorie than you burn, you gain weight. It’s as simple as that.

Our body needs macronutrients in the form of Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats which are essential in our daily lives. The most calories in our daily lives among these come from sugars in carbohydrates. If you take more carbohydrates, you’ll gain more energy and it is this energy that, when left unconsumed, translates to weight gain. Not particular to carbohydrates, if you take any energy and do not consume it, you gain weight.

Tips to Gain Weight

Now, as simple as it sounds, the process of weight gain is not an overnight thing. That makes it as difficult as losing weight.

In a common misconception, being inactive does promote weight gain but also carries a multitude of diseases with it. So, it is out of the question.

What you need to focus on is that you take in more energy than you consume. While carbohydrates provide rapid weight gain, it is equally unhealthy. The best way to gain weight is to take more Proteins and Fats for muscle growth and energy and to cut the carbohydrate intake.

When you take in more proteins than carbs, you promote muscle growth, which is healthier than gaining weight from carbs which translates to fat storage.

A healthy man requires 2400 Calories per day and a woman, 2000 Calories. Start watching your packaged foods for how much calories it packs and proceed accordingly.

Also, focus more on strength training than on cardio.

Apart from this, a perfect diet plan, routine and most importantly, a determination is what it takes to get what you want here.


  • Avoid weight gainers which are being advertised in TVs and promos, they are not the healthy way to gain weight. These are just high calories supplements.
  • If you really want to gain weight by building muscles, you need to focus on Weight Lifting/Exercise – Proper Protein Intake – Healthy and Clean Balanced Diet.
  • Daily workout at the gym lifting weight is necessary to gain muscles, the more intense your workout with time, the more you stress and burn your muscles, it will repair back and repair back bigger with time. This is how fitness models and bodybuilders gain big muscles. But with the workout you also need to focus on your diet, your protein intake must come from supplements + natural food. 
  • If you are working out every day, make sure you are consuming a good weight protein supplement and also taking protein from natural sources like eggs, chicken, mutton, fish etc. 
  • To gain weight you need to go in bulking mode where you gain a good amount of muscles and some fat. Then if you want to get ripped, you can start cutting by taking low calories diet and burning more at the gym. But you have to workout at the gym all your life to stay that way.
  • Remember, workout and lifting weight is must if you want to gain muscles. Also, proper protein source and a well-balanced diet are equally important. The result depends on your body type, your body mass index, Basal metabolic rate etc. If you see someone is getting muscles faster than you or losing weight faster than you then they might have god gifted metabolism. Make sure you focus on your goal and not to lose mind looking at other’s success, if you see someone in a good shape, it never happened overnight and there is a lot of hard work behind it.
  • The result would not be quick, but if you are consistent, you can see a good change in your body within 6 months. 

Muscles Are Torn In The Gym (workout) Fed In Kitchen (diet) And Built In Bed (rest to recover)

The Diet Plan

Of course, you have to eat more, but your diet must include high protein. Protein helps your muscles to grow and muscles weigh more than the fat. So, the more muscles you have, the more you weigh.

You must also drink plenty of water in order to increase your weight. An increased sodium content in the diet increases water retention in the body. This means your body will retain more water if you eat more salt and hence will weigh more temporarily. Drink at least 3 to 4 liters of water per day.

  • You must eat six times a day. It is important for your body to be supplied with energy and nutrition throughout the day. You can eat meat, peanut butter, milk (whole fat), fruits like mango, banana, papaya etc., whole wheat bread, butter, nuts, cheese, potatoes, etc. But make sure your portions are small.
  • Include milkshakes, peanut butter, bananas, mangoes, dry fruits in your diet.
  • Snack on healthy items such as energy bars, fruit juices, vegetable sandwiches, pasta, etc. Invest in protein supplements that provide pure proteins.
  • Cheese and paneer is a good source of nutrition for the vegetarians. While red meat, fish and eggs are an excellent and fecund source of calories for the carnivorous people.
  • You should be eating something every 2 to 2.5 hours.
  • For a rapid increase in weight gain, you can increase your sugar and salt intake. Start drinking more cold drinks. But make sure after a certain time, you must equally work hard to burn all these calories.

The Diet Routine

Here we give you recommended diet routine for gaining weight. You can replace anything with something equally nutritious.

  • EARLY MORNING (6.00 – 7.00 AM): – 1 glass warm water + half lime, 5 almonds (soaked overnight). You may have tea or coffee after 15 minutes.
  • BREAKFAST (9.00- 10.00 AM): – Egg Frankie with cheese or tofu/thepla/paratha (assorted)/Poha with peanuts/ cheese sandwich/ 2 eggs (boiled) with brown bread/ upma with nuts/idli + coconut chutney + sambhar/ breakfast cereal with nuts + glucose powder. Any one of these combinations + 1 glass of milk with any malt based supplement.
  • MID MORNING (11.30 AM): – Milkshake/fruit juice/coconut water/thick lassi
  • LUNCH (1.00-2.00PM): – Stuffed paratha/roti/bhakri + rice/pulav with raita/biriyani + vegetables + salad + paneer/dal/sprouts/curd/egg/fish/chicken. Sweets can also be taken but are optional.
  • EVENING (4.30-6.00 PM): – Fruit/Marie biscuit with tea or coffee/snacks from breakfast.
  • DINNER (7.30-8.30 PM): – The combinations can be same as lunch. You may avoid eating non-veg at dinner.

Workout Plan

  • Mondy: Chest and Triceps workout
  • Tuesday: Back and Biceps workout
  • Wednesday: Legs Calves and Shoulder workout
  • Thursday: Chest and Triceps workout
  • Friday: Back and Biceps workout
  • Saturday: Legs Calves and Shoulder workout
  • Sunday: Rest Day

Start with lower weight and gradually increase weight by building up stamina. Make sure you take help of your gym trainer to execute the exercise correctly for each part.


Gaining weight might sound easy but it is also as difficult as losing weight and also requires determination. One might also think that by eating a lot of food can make you gain weight but it is unhealthy. Follow these tips to safely gain weight before your next SSB.

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