Cracked SSB Interview In 11th Attempt

Hello,  defence aspirants, I am Nitin Kumar and I got recommended for Indian Navy through SSC Observer entry from Bangalore.  I am writing this for everyone who is dreaming for the uniform but right now struggling to get through ssb and have many attempts on the list ( and mostly screenouts), for those who have given up on their dreams and also for those who need some motivation to start their journey. I have given 11 attempts out which 8 screenouts,  2 conference outs and one recommendation. I just want to say don’t lose hope. A few days back I too was sitting at home and seeking motivation through repeater’s story from SSBCRACK blogs. 
I started my journey in Sept 2015 with a screenout and my last attempt before getting recommended was also a screenout, so don’t let the past decide your next ssb.  Start reading a lot because knowing things give you the confidence to speak and listen more it will provide you patience throughout your ssb procedure may it be PPDT, GTO or your interview. Know yourself and be yourself inside out.  Give your attempts like there is nothing to lose.  Just hang on till you achieve your goal because the uniform is waiting for you.

In my last attempt,  55 reported at 2:30 and next day we had screening, OIR was easy as I did practice well for that and for ppdt logical story and confident narration will get you screened in. Day 2 was the psych test and it’s better if you let your thoughts flow in TAT,  WAT, and SRT… Prepare SD by analysing before going there Day 3 and day 4 was GTO and I would individual performance as well as the batch performance will help you to do well GTO so cooperate.  On day 4 only I had my interview and since it’s about you and your knowledge so it’s your show and expresses your every answer in a perfect manner. Finally day 5, it was our conference.  I could feel every heartbeat when the results were being announced and I heard my name. I had goosebumps for the next 5 mins.  It was finally a dream come true. 

At last, I would like to say my parents and friends were my pillars of strength and didn’t let me fall in my toughest phase too and my best friend Harshit Singh didn’t let me quit throughout my journey.  

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