CDS 2 2019 OTA SSB Interview Dates

Many Officers Training Academy, OTA Chennai aspirants who have cleared the CDS 2 2019 written exam are waiting for the OTA SSB Dates. Many candidates are not aware and SSBCrack would like to inform them about the OTA SSB Date. Many aspirants are thinking that OTA SSB Dates are delayed but the OTA SSB dates will be coming after IMA, AFA and INA for the simple reason that the training date for IMA, AFA and INA is before OTA training date. So the candidates for these three academies will be facing SSB interview before OTA aspirants.


After a long time, Indian army has published the SSB interview dates for CDS 2 2019 OTA. Male and female candidates who have cleared the CDS 2 2019 examination for the OTA Chennai can select their SSB interview date for SSC-112 and SSC-26 non-tech entry. The date selection is available on the official website of the Indian army i.e. Candidates are also informed via an email and SMS regarding the OTA SSB dates for CDS 2 2019. In case you are not able to get the SSB dates, you must contact the official website for further actions. Below we have mentioned the details on how to check the CDS 2 2019 SSB Interview dates for OTA Chennai.

Preparation for CDS SSB Interview

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  • Candidates who qualified in the written exam and given their first choice as Army (IMA/OTA) are required to register themselves on the recruiting directorate website in order to enable them to receive call up information for SSB interview. Those candidates who have already registered on the recruiting directorate website are advised not to register again.
  • IMA candidates will get the CDS 2 2019 SSB dates first. OTA SSB dates take time as it happens after IMA SSB interview.
  • As mentioned above, you need to register online and all details regarding IMA CDS 2 2019 SSB dates will be put on the official website of the Indian Army. IMA SSB may start from Dec-Jan onwards and candidates are required to select the SSB dates as an when it is live.

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