I Got Recommended For TES 43 From 34 SSB Allahabad

It is said to learn from your failures but I say every day is a learning experience and enhancing yourself every day will mould you towards your best personality. Hello, everyone, this is Rakshit Bhatt and I have been recommended for TES-43 entry from 34-SSB Allahabad. Coming towards my SSB experience this was my first opportunity to showcase myself for an SSB interview. As usual, everyone was like Allahabad is a rejection centre and chances are less. To all those, I would like to clear every centre is the same in its testing, do not believe in any myths and never let your confidence down. About 252 candidates reported and I was given chest number 52 among them. We were divided into groups of 20 candidates each. As usual, there was a fish market on the group discussion but you need to find that void in between and speak your part. Again group length doesn’t matter since they further divide the group if not properly heard. 36 candidates got screened in and we were given new chest numbers. I was chest number 21, we all were given our beds and this was my all-new experience.

Never panic in such situations just stay calm and enjoy the beautiful environment. Coming to the 2nd day we had our psychology tests. Stay what you are as it shows your own personality so never try to be someone else. I followed this strategy and did my tests. I had my interview on the same day where I was asked questions about myself, general awareness, my views on political and social issues & current affairs. My interview went for 30-35 minutes and after that, I went to explore the city Allahabad with my friends.

The 3rd and 4th day we had GTO, I actively participated in all tasks and activities and completed all 10 individual obstacles. Again the number of times you participate does not matters what you speak matters so be clear, precise and confident with what you speak. The 5th day was conference where I was asked about my stay and my experience for the same. It went for 2-3 minutes.

After that, we had our results and it was the best day of my life when my chest number 21 was announced along with my name. 4 of us made it through and we all celebrated the best day of our lives. We were given new medical chest numbers and carried forward with the medical procedures.

I would like to conclude this by saying everyone is a leader and officer in yourself. So stay what you are as you’ll outshine much great then. And you’ll definitely get the best thing of your life if you sincerely work hard.

Jai Hind.

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