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AFCAT 2 2021 Question Paper and Answer Keys [All Sets] 28 August 2021

Check AFCAT 2 2021 Questions and Answer keys from 28 August 2021 Shift 1 and Shift 2.


Many aspirants are appearing for the AFCAT 2 2021 online examination today across the country, SSBCrackExams will publish the AFCAT 2 2021 Answer Keys from 28th August 202 1along with AFCAT 2 2021 Question Paper just after the exam. Candidates who are looking for AFCAT 2 2021 answer keys for Shift-1 and Shift-2 from 28 August 2021 paper can find the complete AFCAT 2021 answer keys on SSBCrackExams. You can also check our AFCAT 2 2021 answer keys video lectures on our YouTube Channel “SSBCrackExams”. Candidates can also download the AFCAT 2 2021 answer keys from the links given below once we update them.

Today AFCAT 2 2021 online exam is being conducted by Indian Air Force across the country. Many Indian Air force aspirants are attempting the AFCAT exam online on 28th, 29th, and 30th August 2021 in two different shifts. Candidates are to report to the exam centre in batches from 07:30 AM onwards (for 1st Shift) and 12:30 PM onwards (for 2nd Shift) as per the time slot mentioned in the admit card. In this article, we will publish the AFCAT 2 2021 answer keys for all sets based on the memory-based question-answer discussion.

They are to strictly adhere to the time of reporting in order to complete the entry formalities (including frisking) and verification process (biometrics, identification and inspection of admit card, ID proof, photograph, signature etc) before proceeding to the exam hall. The candidates are requested to locate the exam centre on the previous day so as to reach the venue in time on the day of their exam. Request for change of venue (exam centre) or date will not be entertained.

AFCAT 2 2021 Answer Key28 August – Shift 1Updating

SSBCrackExams will be updating the AFCAT 2 2021 28 August memory-based shift-1 questions and answer keys soon after the exam ends. You can also watch the AFCAT 2 2021 questions and answers keys on our YouTube channel SSBCrackExams.

  • Floating national park is in which state?
  • Greenland which ocean?
  • Keibul Lamjao National Park is in which state?
  • Scalp missile used in which fighter jet?
  • Lion:prowl, bear-?
  • Aseel : poultry, solomon : ?
  • World first amateur billiard tittle?
  • Which of the following were present in the Akbar’s Navratnas?
  • Venn : root vegetables, carrot
  • Venn: truck, ship, goods
  • When was the first FIFA World Cup inaugurated ? July 13, 1930
  • Castle term is related to which sport? Chess 
  • Synonyms: Garner,
  • Antonnyms of- wrath, erratic, felicitous
  • Archery is national sport of which country?
  • When was Planning Commission of India formed?
  • Hematology? the study of blood and blood disorders
  • Land of morning calms?
  • Which of the following is known as the Black lead?
  • Who was the first Indian to win the World Amateur Billiards title?
  • Who among the following built the Red Fort in Delhi?
  • Idiom: Walking on thin ice
  • Idiom: a square peg in a round hole
  • What is the capital of Laos?
  • Largest fresh water lake in Asia?
  • What is the largest riverine island in India?
  • The Kalahari desert is located in which among the following continents?
  • The first man-made polymer is? Bakelite
  • Thumri a style of Indian music originated in which state? Uttar Pradesh
  • Which among the following is not in the list of Maharatna? Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
  • What is a graticule? – The network of intersecting parallels and meridians on a map.
  • When was the first fiveyear plan of India started?
  • Who is known as “the las vegas kid”? Andre Agassi, American tennis player
  • Where is IRENA International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) Headquarters? Abu Dhabi
  • What are the 14 moon of Neptune? Question asked on Neptune’s moon.

AFCAT 2 2021 Answer Key 28 August – Shift 2Updating

SSBCrackExams will be updating the AFCAT 2 2021 28 August memory-based shift-2 questions and answer keys soon after the exam ends. You can also watch the AFCAT 2 2021 questions and answers keys on our YouTube channel SSBCrackExams.

  • What is the Capital of Slovakia? Bratislava
  • Jab is associated with which sport? Boxing
  • Participation of women in olympics started in which year? 1900
  • Total no. of languages in the 8th schedule of Indian Constitution? 22 Languages
  • Maximum gold in olympics is won by which female athlete? Larisa Latynina, gymnastics (URS, 1956-1964) 18 medals in gymnastics, nine of which were gold.
  • Who is the author of ‘Animal Farm‘? George Orwell
  • Who is the First chairman of financial commission? Kshitish Chandra Neogy
  • Which of the following is a fatsoluble vitamin? Vit B and Vit C
  • Capital of Shivaji Maharaj in Mediaeval? Raigad Fort
  • Which one is different 1. Brass 2. Aluminum 3. Copper 4. Silver Ans: BRASS
  • First Indian woman sportsperson to win gold at Table tennis in commonwealth games? Manika Batra
  • Sardar Sarovar dam is on which river? Narmada
  • Dhuandhar waterfall is located at which river? Narmada
  • What is the correct order of arrivals of Europeans to India? order are Portuguese, Dutch, British, Danes and finally French.
  • When Jan Gan Man adopted by the constituent assembly? January 24, 1950
  • Founder of haryanka dynasty? Bimbisara
  • America’s Cup asscoated with wich sports? Sailing
  • Nick Names of Australia, Rome and Jerusalem are given, Find the wrong one.
  • Who is sitar maestro of India? Pandit Ravi Shankar KBE LH
  • Who was the first female judge to appoint the Supreme Court? M Fathima Beevi in 1989
  • Which planet is known as Green Planet? Uranus
  • Which one is Light Combat/Utility Helicopter (LCH)? HAL Dhruv
  • Akbarnama was written originally in which among the following languages? Persian
  • Who was the first indian woman to win an olympic medal in a sport? Karnam Malleswari Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
  • Children are delight ______ the house. a) with b) of c) for d) by
  • How many languages are there in 8th schedule?  22 languages
  • Argentina : Brazil :: ______ : Iran Ans: Iraq
  • Ram and sham live in city A while govind lives in city B they plan to eat at a restaurant which lies somewhere in between the cities A and B.the distance between the cities is 1080.ram is traveling 60 km/hr and govind travels 120 km/hr they leave at same time 6 am.after some time sham shame also leaves all meet at the same time.whts the time?
  • The first Prime Minister of Kenya? Jomo Kenyatta
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AFCAT 2 2021 28 August Answer Key Shift – 1 by SSBCrackLink
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AFCAT 2 2021 28 August Answer Key Shift – 1 by SSBCrackExamsLink
AFCAT 2 2021 28 August Answer Key Shift – 2 by SSBCrackExamsLink

AFCAT Exam Study Material 2022

AFCAT 2021 Paper Pattern, Total Marks, Subjects, Duration, And Negative Marking

Exam NameAFCAT – Air Force Common Admission TestEKT Engineering Knowledge Test
Exam ModeComputer-Based (Online)Computer-Based (Online)
Total Questions10050
Maximum Marks300150
Exam Duration2 hours (120 minutes)45 minutes
SubjectsGeneral Awareness, Verbal Ability in English, Numerical Ability and Reasoning and Military Aptitude TestMechanical, Computer Science and Electrical & Electronics
Negative Marking1 mark1 mark

AFCAT 2 2021 Selection Procedure

  • Indian airforce will conduct the AFCAT online exam across the country at different test centers. AFCAT 2 2021 online exam will be conducted in 28th, 29th and 30th August 2021.
  • IAF will publish the results of AFCAT 2 2021 in September 2021 and candidates will be able to check their marks, cut off marks etc on the official portal i.e. afcat.cdac.in
  • Selected candidates have to choose their AFSB interview venue and date on the same portal.
  • The screening test is the first stage of the interview, which consists of verbal, nonverbal tests and a PPDT test. The selected candidates will stay at the centres for further selection tests and those who could not qualify it, would be set free on the same day.
  • The next stage consists of a personal interview, Psychology and GTO tests, PABT (for flying only), on the last day conference will be conducted after which, the final result is announced. The selected candidates are sent for medical examination.

Syllabus of the AFCAT 2 2021

  • English: Comprehension, Error Detection, Sentence Completion/Filling in of correct word, Synonyms, Antonyms and Testing of Vocabulary, Idioms and Phrases
  • General Awareness: History, Geography, Civics, Politics, Current Affairs, Environment, Basic Science, Defence, Art, Culture, Sports, etc
  • Numerical Ability: Decimal Fraction, Time and Work, Average, Profit & Loss, Percentage, Ratio & Proportion and Simple Interest, Time & Distance (Trains/Boats & Streams)
  • Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test: Verbal Skills and Spatial Ability

(a) General Awareness

  • History
  • Sports
  • Geography
  • Environment
  • Civics
  • Basic Science
  • Defence
  • Art
  • Culture
  • Current Affairs
  • Politics

(b) Verbal Ability in English

  • Comprehension
  • Error Detection
  • Sentence Completion
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Testing of Vocabulary

(c) Numerical Ability  

  • Decimal Fraction
  • Simplification
  • Average
  • Profit & loss
  • Percentage
  • Ratio & Proportion
  • Simple Interest

(d) Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test 

  • Verbal Skills
  • Spatial Ability
AFCAT Syllabus 2018 2019

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