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Meet Lt. Baba Danish Langer From Beating The Paralysis Attack To Army Officer

Baba Danish Langer suffered a paralytic attack in 2017 triggered by Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS). But he overcame the odds.


A Jammu man beat paralysis to realise his dream of joining the Indian Army. Here’s his story. Lt. Baba Danish Langer (21), of Jammu, had always dreamt of joining the Army. But a paralytic attack in 2017, triggered by Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS) — that is caused by viral or bacterial infection and is treated mainly by blood transfusions — almost buried his hopes. However, he was not the one to give up. On Saturday, among the many young cadets hooting and throwing their hats in the air as they graduated from the Indian Military Academy was Langer. He was an officer now.

Around 288 cadets graduated from the Indian Military Academy in Uttarakhand on Saturday, and one among them was this braveheart from Jammu, who beat paralysis to realise his Indian Army dream. Baba Danish Langer suffered a paralytic attack in 2017 triggered by Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS). But he overcame the odds.


“I am proud of my son. It’s admirable how he handled adversity at such a young age. Many people give up and consider other options, but in his mind, the only option was the Indian Army,” Rajesh Langer (59), father of Lt Baba Danish, told India Today.

Anju Langer, Lt Baba Danish Langer’s mother, said, “Since childhood, he had wanted to join the army and serve his country.”

“When Danish was in class 6, his grandmother refused to let him attend sainik school, but he has now fulfilled his dreams and made us all proud,” she added. When asked about his journey, Lt Danish said that medical science, discipline, and sticking to a routine all aided him. “With the help of God, elders, friends, mentors, and the Indian Army, I was able to fulfil my dreams,” he added.

Lt Danish, who overcame GBS-induced paralysis in six months, also encouraged aspirants to never give up on their dreams. “I urge all young people to give their all and never give up. Don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way of achieving the life goals you’ve set for yourself,” said Lt Danish.


GBS, the condition that Lt Danish suffered, is a rare autoimmune disorder in which the immune system attacks the nerves and can affect a person’s motor functioning for up to a year. It is usually treated with immunotherapy like plasma exchange.

Several of Langer’s batchmates said they salute his courage. One of them said, “Many in his place would have given up and blamed it all on fate. But Danish was always clear that he would someday don the uniform of an Indian Army officer. All of us are very happy for him.”

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