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PsychologyThematic Apperception TestHow To Write A Desirable Story In TAT Thematic Apperception Test

How To Write A Desirable Story In TAT Thematic Apperception Test

The best way to write a TAT Story is by carefully observing the picture first.

Thematic Apperception Test also known as TAT is one of the tests conducted at SSB during Psychological Tests. Candidates are required to write a story when they see a picture on the screen, what you will write will speak about you and it will be easy for the psychologist to assess you.


Though the TAT is a simple story writing test but most of the candidates make it complicated by thinking too much and writing something very irrelevant. In this article, we are going to learn the best way to write a TAT story in SSB.

Let’s see a picture and step by step make a story :

TAT sample picture
TAT sample picture

By the first look, it is very easy to say that the weather in this picture is harsh, it is cloudy, is on its full swing or it might rain. You can also see a young man is confronting the storm with a dash, it seems that he is ready to brave the risk and challenge the situation.

Observation of the Picture: (Heavy rains with the storm)

  • Windy
  • Weather
  • Village Environment
  • Lonely
  • Spot/Way
  • No human
  • settlement around

How is a Desirable Story to be Made?

  1. It was heavily raining in the month of June 2009, it became difficult to come out of the house.–Here the stress is created.
  2. At 11:30 p.m, Ajit heard a repetitive knock on his door to make immediate arrangements to hospitalize a patient of heart attack.–What led to the situation(Here the situation is responsible to originate the crisis)
  3. There was no one at the patient’s home except for two ladies and kids.–What led to the situation is grabbing the stress, as the degree of difficulty is being raised along with the surrounding and attending circumstances.
  4. Ajit immediately managed few medicines like life-saving drugs under the telephonic advice of a heart specialist, from a nearby medical store causing no delay. He advised the ladies to administer the doses and continue minute to minute respiration.–What is going on? This situation depicts the emergency and a crisis of an urgent nature.
  5. He left the place while facing the heavy cyclone with the heavy rain and within 45 min, he returned back with mobile van and a doctor, to be taken to hospital.–In this situation, the ‘Hero’ is combating the stress with the fighting spirit and resources available.
  6. And with efficient and quick medical aid, the patient became comfortable within 4 hours.–What is the outcome? (This is the outcome)

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Let’s seen another picture

TAT sample picture ssb
TAT Sample Picture


  • Young Boy
  • Running
  • Competition
  • Athlete
  • Winner
  • Practice
  • Dedication
  • Sports

Sample Story:

Athletics has occupied an important paradigm since the 19th century. Along with-it India has been occupying a prominent place when it comes to getting laureates at the international level. Inspired by many Indian athletes, Sukumar Kale, a 2nd year B. Com student from the Nagpur University has been practicing the 1500m and 10k runs since the 11th standard. Sukumar was mentored by Devraj Desai, a coach who has been a part of Sports Authority of India.

With consistent practice, Sukumar had represented Maharashtra at the Inter-University Sports Meet and qualified for the nationals. Apart from competitive sport,  Sukumar maintained a good track record in his academic career with zeal and enthusiasm for other co-curricular events which enabled him to develop his personality to represent him, his university and his state. He volunteered for many activities that involved him guiding other juniors in his state in subject of sports and balancing the academic career.

Inspired by his achievements the Maharashtra State Government recommended Sukumar Kale for the Indian Contingent representing a cross-country run in Pyongyang, South Korea for a friendly meet of all nations. Sukumar Kale made his university, state, and country proud at this international platform and carried the legacy of sports forward.

Hope this article has helped you to understand how to go about TAT stories in SSB, if you want to practice more you can download the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) Part 1 eBook [100+ Stories]

The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.

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  1. Lt kishore availing his first leave after his 6 monnth of training at gaya. It was 9 in the evening The weather was stormy n its raining heavily, he was enjoying the raining suddenly he was approached by a lady for her doughter who was about to reach station and none present at her home to receive her so he got permission from parents, collected necessary items for rain and reached his friend home motivate him for enjoying to station and in his car they with good amusement received the girl n ejoyed the company and rain, all were happy

  2. Fahaad is a brave young Indian soldier who serve for the Indian Air force.On a windy night he was visiting his home town to see his new born baby.When he reached home ,he got a call from his commanding officer .He told him that enemy had strike in the baramulla sector of jammu and kashmir ,due to heavy snowy condition it is difficult for the Indian armed forced to strike directly so it’s an Indian Air force call to take the situation under control by attacking enemy through fighter Aircraft.He realized the significance of the situation and decided to go back to border.But due to heavy rain he didn’t find any local transport ,so he decided to go by the forest route struggling against the rough weather through the difficult terrain.He finally reached the border and strike the enemy with full force and get the victory for his country.

  3. Gautam is a social worker besides teacher. He also takes interest in co-curricular activities like playing table tennis.Few younger kids of his society wants to play inter society TT match for which they approached Gautam. Gautam told them that he will conduct the match. He approach the local administration for the conduct of the match.He also invited the local MLA as a VIP. He also requested the local shopkeepers to raise funds for the prizes to boost the morale of the kids.The match was scheduled for Sunday. Unfortunately the climate got more worse and high speed rain started with speedy winds.It was not possible to conduct the match in the open play ground.Gautam immediately went out to take permission from the local sarpanch to conduct the same match in town community hall. He along with the kids shifted all the requisite material to the hall, and conveyed all the dignities regarding the shifting of the venue. Finally the match was played and kids enjoyed very much. VIP distributed the prizes among the winners.

  4. Ajit was returning home late night as he works in a call centre, but that particular day it starts to rain and for that he had to take shelter in a near by bus shed. After sometime he noticed that due to heavy storm a car lost its way and hits the street lamp post and the persons inside the car were injured, He rushed immediately towards the accident site and helped the injured persons to reach the hospital in time and then he informed the police and the victims family members about the accident. Doctors said that the injury is normal they will be fine soon.

  5. i am going to make my natural experince
    .. after exam bharat decided to visit his village.he took permission from parents ,next morning he took bus to his village bus stand which is 5 km far from its viallge… he get down there in evening there was bad weather,,,, heavy rain was occuring ,he ran in to near shop ,,he waited for rain stop after stop he took lift and reached is vilage his relative were happy and he got warm welcome and he enjoyed his holidays,and come back with happy memories 2 home

  6. Raju was a young college student.He was participate in all extracuricular activities in their college.He was participate in NCC also.One day NCC unit conduct a trecking camp.Raju participate in the camp and aslo a team leader in the camp.All NCC cadets are went to the trecking.After trecking all cadets are taking rest near Raju village unfortunetly weather was very bad and start heavy rain fall an strom all cadets are traped near village.Raju knew all the way to go village.Finallay Raju go alone to their village and tell about the critical situation.Village people realize the situation and help the NCC cadets to return to village.

  7. anil was a final year engineering student of graphic era university, dehradun. he went to mussorie to spent his winter vacations.
    at night , he heard repititive knock on his door, his neighbour got a heart attack, his wife was crying. anil consoles her and made a call to doctor , he immediately noted down the medicines and advices. he make understand her about advices and he left hotel. as he was going to medical store the stormy weather hindered his way ,he collects all the medicines and on returned he took lift from a person going to his way. he immediately provided the medicine and in the morning rajesh recovered well.

  8. Amit was a transport minister by taking leave from his office he go to his village and he was shocked to see transport facilities available there.He saw that there is no bus service, peoples used to go by there own private vehicle and roads were also damaged. He then immediately informed about this to the city authority and organise a hourly bus service from railway station to the village, he also appoint villagers as workers for a good two lane road.He also made special bus service for ladies. After three months when he came again he saw that all his work is going good.

  9. Vivek was stuydin B.Tech in city. He came to his village in his vacation. One evining while returning from his uncles home in his village a strong storm started and Vivek was not able to find a shelter. Suddenly the rain started and he stand under a big tree. Suddenly he saw one little girl laying uncouncies a few meter ahead. He took hold of the situation and covered the girl with his shirt and took the girl in a nearby hut.The girl got first aid and Vivek ran to Sarphanch house to told the matter.Later the girl was discoverd to be one of the village man daughter. His quick action was appraised by the village.

  10. ramesh, a college student participated in a marathon competition organised by the district sports organisation. during the last few stretch of the competition, wind broke out and it was accompanied by rain, inspite of the fact that it would be hard to complete the race in such conditions, ramesh kept his morale high and kept on running. at last he completed the race and was the medal winner. ramesh was happy with his effort.

  11. Akash is a young boy who studied in the city . He is coming home for his summer vaccations ,while coming he come across aheavy strom and see that the many huts of his village get destroyed. And after that he convinced the village surpanch fo the better ment of people and the sarpanch take this problem to govt. And govt has taken the measurable step and also provide the sudsidy to the affected people..

  12. Mahipa 21 yr young boy returing from the city library near by his village.he heard the warning that a voilent strom is goimg to hit his village area he immidiately rushed to his village and inform the sarpanch and asked him to evacuate the village to as soon as possible while evacuating the village he heard a voice asking for help he immidiately rush towards the destroyed hut and found a lil child under the debris and rescued him and immidately took him to the safe area and provided the medical aid and saved the people of village from voilent strom.

  13. Vishal was a student of final year who live in phulera village in jaipur district .He updowns jaipur for college regularly and rest of hours he works on the shop and at nights he teaches free tuition to village’s children .One night suddenly there was a thunder storm and heavy rainy water .He was going to his home after taking tuition. On the way he saw that the flow of water was continuously increasing . Many huts may be sink if there was no corrective actions are taken .He quickly goes to the Sarpanch who was the head of the village and told the current situation . Sarpanch and Vishal go to a big temple of village along with villagers . They stay whole night in the temple till the sky looks clear . Next morning in the bright light of the sun .Sarpanch and villagers thanked and appreciated to Vishal for his attentive action which saved many lives.

  14. Rohit is graduate from an engineering college. he is working in a company. on a day the weather is not good. there is heavy rain and strong wind. So he decides to stay at home. When he was watching TV, he got a call from his neighbour who was asking for help as his son had fallen from stairs and seriously wounded. Without wasting the time, he goes to find a doctor in that stormy rain and got the doctor as soon as possible. doctor gave the treatment to the boy and blessed him to get well soon. Boy’s mother thanked rohit for his help.

  15. Hello Admin., Kindly read my story and give me your valuable feed backs

    There is a fresh morning, almost all of the people near by the school surrounding has came and met the physics teacher mr.Alex and said their hearty wishes including his collegues those who were kidded him upto yesterday evening for his practical teaching method. The reason behind is that a boy from the alex’s class has saved 15 people’s life from the yesterday’s incident because yesterday was a heavy rainy day for that area with the thunder and bad lightining. While raining there are more than 20 people were stand arround the big neem tree to keeping their self safe from the rain at that time the alex’s class boy has came and advised those people as standing under the tree is not safe while lighting after his advice except two persons almost all the people were moved to the concrete building some far away from the tree. Within a few minute gap a heavy lightining attacked the neem tree also those two guys were not cared the boy’s advice lost thier life. Everyone seen this incident and said thanks to the school boy but the school boy simply smiled and said that i am not did anything special, just i conveyd the message of my physics teacher to all of you.

  16. Adil A boy from a poor Muslim Family.He lived in kailashpuri. All the villagers wanted them to leave the Village. Mainly sarpanch of their village because of their religion and That’s Villagers never allowed him to study in the village so he joined a school in far village.It was the day of August with very Heavy rain. He was coming from his school and he saw a baby crying in the way. he knew him and also knew that baby is the son of Sarpanch of their village. but he helped that baby instead of knowing about all the bad efforts of Sarpanch to took them out of the village and by doing this showed a great example of humanity to all villagers. After this all villagers appreciated him and allowed them to live in village.and then he joined the Village school.

  17. it was month of december,highly storm was available in the jalon village.suresh father’s did not return from the factory his father friends have come to home.already has done two hours,his mother was worried .he can see his mother anxiety he gave hope father will come. then he decided he will go ,nobody can go outside ,but he went to search his father ,he started from village gradually he has stopped many places when storm was getting heavy .he took one hours to reach in the factory and met his father.his father told him why did he late .when storm had stooped both went to home .

    please rate it and give me improvement tips on 24 oct is my ssb

  18. Ranjit, a young Farmer residing in his small village which was located very interior from the town, in the mid of forest.his wife meena, was a pregent and was waiting for her delivery. one day, it was raining heavily , meena got her delivery pain. ranjit dono wat to do and called upon his neighbours to look after her. he ran to town in the mids of heavy rain to call the ambulance from the town. it took an hour to bring the ambulance to his village.By the time he reached, his wife gave a birth to girl baby.

  19. Ajendra student of MA 2 year lived at nava-dhi village bhadhoi district vanarasi.while in night he was preparing for his civil services mains, he received call from his friend that his nephew of 8yrs has not returned home since evening and the weather is getting rough.Ajendra consoled him and ask him not to panic and told him to gather his neighbors as much as possible and that he is coming.he called his two friends to reach there on reaching he enquirer abt where dose his nephew generally go in evening.after understanding he shrinked area for search and divided people in 3 groups to look into 3 different areas but after 1 hour they didn’t found him .so he decided to look on the way for mela on search of abt 20min he found him crying under a tree all wet he immediately took out his rain coat and covered him and took him to his home where child’s mother thanked him.but he politely said it happened bcoz of the help of his friends, and returned home after storm stopped in dawn.


    sushil was a young government doctor posted in a village lalganj. at 1 am while he ws sleeping he got a call on his phone from hospital about a seriously ill lady. he saw the weather was stromy outside he put his clothes on , covered his head , carefully ran to hospital and reached.he cured the lady with few injections and glucose. the lady was safe. sushil was satisfied and return back to his house.

  21. mohan is a final year graduation student, of NC college in jajpur and he stays in the nearby village which is 5kms away from the college.he was at home when he received a call at 6pm from a person stating that his friend ram has met an accident near the college. mohan informed his mother and rushed out from home. it was a cloudy day and was raining. as he passed some meters from home he made a call at 108. the downpour increased tremendously giving signs of storm.he met a village person on bike heading towards the town so he took lift and within 5mins reached the place where accident took place and was pacifying ram who was bleeding and was in subconcious mode.in the next 2mins the ambulance arrived and ram was taken to the city hospital.mohan filled up the formalities and ram was being operated.mohan called up ram”s family and informed them and waited for the doctor’s consult.after operating ram by giving him some painkillers in injectable form the doctor asked mohan to bring the medicines and by their intake he would be fine.mohan hurried and bought them and by the time ram’s parents had reached,they thanked mohan and blessed him. mohan stayed there and took care of his friend and returned back to his home the next morning .

  22. July the month of heavy rain and hail storms .It was even not possible to walk because of heavy rain hailstorms and fast blowing wind .Ram a 21 year boy who lives in village ,his mother was ill and urgently needed some medical attention but hospital was quite a far away from home.Ram was a brave boy he did’t want his mother to be in pain ,so he decided to go and bring doctor or medicine for her .on the way heavy rain and fast blowing winds make ram way much difficult the he thought. half a way his strength gave up ,he fell down of his feet.then he saw a bird who was bringing food for his babies in this weather then ram thought if this little bird can save her babies in this weather why not he can .He stand up again and this time much harder then before he finally reaches the hospital and inform doctor about his mother’s condition doctor took his jeep and rush for his mother .ram’s mother was proud of her.he sat an example of bravery in his village for which he was awarded by village court.

  23. Hari had just come to his village on leave from the armed forces.just then word came around that there was an accident victim in the nearby village who required O+ blood.No one but Hari had O+ blood in his village, Hence he immediately decided to set off… but to his dismay his Bike would not start.Since it was a matter of a human life he decided to go on foot. On his way he was caught up in a storm in full force.Hari decided to push on and made it safely to the next village.At the village hospital he gave his blood and realized that he had made it in time as the doctors announced that the victim whose name was Vivek was safe.Hari returned to his village after the storm had subsided and was very happy as he had helped save a life.Next morning he got a call from Vivek’s mother, thanking him for taking the trouble to save her son’s life.

  24. Administrator plz rate the story….
    Parvez,an intermediate class student have to travel 8km to attend his school daily. He is very sincere in studies & never miss any class. One day he gets late while returning to school due to his NCC parade, which he has opted as extra curricular activity due to his deep interest in armed forces. While returning he faces cyclone & huge rain. He waits beneath tree till rain stops. Later he passed his intermediate exam and become a successful airforce officer after clearing UPSC exam. He is now successfully serving the nation with pride.


  25. Santosh,a young boy, hailed from a village named hatsa which was few kilometres away from city. Santosh had gone to city to meet his friends who lived in city. While returning fromhe city, suddenly weather drastically changedhe realised cyclone hit on his way. Having no other option he was heading towards his village.On his way he saw a kid crying under one tree . He got closer to kid and asked the reason of being alone like that in stormy weather.kid was unable to explain the reason so Santosh took that kid with him and returned to village and with the help of villagers he soon found the parents of kid. Parents of kid thanked Santosh and villagers for their help.

  26. Shubham of 24 years old, working in Indian coast guard as an Asstt. Commandant in the Coastal area. One day he got a new about heavy rain, so he run with his team mates to inform the villagers. He takes the villagers to a safer place. In that disaster of the houses was destroyed, after seeing that incident villager are in shock. And they thanks to Shubham and his team mates. Even after that Shubham wants to do something more for nation and peoples.

  27. Shubham of 24 years old, working in Indian coast guard as an Asstt. Commandant in the Coastal area. One day he got a new about heavy rain, so he run with his team mates to inform the villagers. He takes the villagers to a safer place. In that disaster of the houses was destroyed, after seeing that incident villager are in shock. And they thanks to Shubham and his team mates. Even after that Shubham wants to do something more for nation and peoples.

  28. shubham house is at the corner of the village ,one there was a heavy rain and strom due to witch there was no light in the village ,shubham was also not sleep at that time ,suddenly he hear some voice near to his home ,some dekot was there and were planing for robbery into the village in the midnight ,after hear this ,shubham decide to inform other villagers so he run into rain for informing the others ,and after geting this information they ready to catch these dekot ,and they also inform police ,shubham catch these dekot with the help of villagers .and save the village.

  29. Kishan is a owner of a poultry farm in Momasar village of Bikaner district. He has his farm at the outskirts of village. He works at his farm all day along with other workers but at night he comes back to his home. One day at night there is sudden thunder storm and lightning in the sky. This worries Kishan about the workers who stay at night at the farm. Also the animals might panic due thunder strom. Kishan as a responsible person dares to go at his farm braving the thunder storms. As he reaches at the farm all his workers are elated to see him come at this time of night. Kishan ask his workers to gather all animals in the common hall and locks themselves from inside. Everybody passed the night in the hall. As the morning light came there were no injuries to any worker and no animal was hurt.

    Please rate and comment on it.

  30. Aman was a young man studying in btech 1st year was living in paror village which was 4 km from town one day he find someone knocking his door when he saw it was her aunt in neighbor seeking crying about his child serious Condition he was suffering from high fever aman told her not to worry as he will do something he went outside and saw heavy wind and thunder in the clouds he told everyone that he will go to town and bring Docter with him he went there in the same windy weather and bring docter with him docter gave treatment to him and boy was put of danger now and now Aman is very happy with the way his friend and her child is out of danger and she is very happy now

  31. there was a man shyam in the village rampur in UP,he works in the medical store but his brothers were at big posts so the value of that person was not more one day the storm came in the village and immediately his father became ill no doctor was available at that time and his any brother not want to go outside the house so at last he decided to go towards the medical store and take out the necessary medicine he went and after an hour he come everyone was surprised in few hours his father’s health become good, and his father said,” he is feeling proud on you.”

  32. sir story you wrote i have a doubt that often it seen that during thunder storm or cyclone telephone doesn’t work so is it good to prescribe the telephone call in the story as you wrote.

    • Now the technology is advanced, normal cyclonic conditions won’t affect it much. But even though you can frame the story in your own way, but also keep that in mind that the action must be practically possible, your hero can not run or fly and do all the work in 1 hour.

      Remember you are required to do smart work rather than physical work, it is like when you have a vehicle why should you go in cyclone by walk .

  33. swarnim was a mechanical engineer. on his vacation he went to his village to meet his old friends. One day when he was returning home after meeting his friend in the evening, it started raining heavily,while he was running to his home, on his way he saw that one of the villager was trying to make a passage of water out of his field but he was not able to do it alone. so he went to that man and started helping him in the field, he also suggested him a better way of making the passage with the help of clay and stone nearby. After an hour of work, they both completed the work. he received a word of thanks from that man and returned home.
    ADMIN, please rate my story

    • Abhishek : You have to improve little bit more, though you story is very predictable, I didn’t not find it quite interesting, think of some other scenario rather than this , above few good stories are written by other go through them as well.

  34. Aarif,an electrical engineer in NTPC was newly posted for a site work in Sunderbans.During his week off he got a emeregency call from the client side for help.He rushed to the site which was 25 kms form his guest house.As he started moving to the site the heavy rain with strong winds started blowing.When he was just a t the distance of 5 kms from the site, two of the four tyre got flattend.So,he parked his car near the raodside and started running to reach the site in time.He faced the strom and rains and reached the site in time and helped the clients to solve the problem sucessfully.Later on he reliased that the heavy stroms were ususal there so he proposed the idea to generate the electricity using windmills to the authorities.His paln was recommended and implemented later on.

  35. @ADMIN

    Ajit was a young boy residing in a village Shivne maval, in maharashtra. This region received heavy rainfall every year in monsoon. One day while returning from his farm in late evening, he heard someone’s mourning from distance. It had started raining and also it was getting dark. When he heard the same voice again, he rushed in the direction of the voice. As he moved forward, it became darker, winds blew heavily and the rain became violent. Yet, he continued. After traveling around a kilometer, he found an unknown person had fallen into a ditch, along with his motorcycle and was brutally injured. He was unable to move as entire weight of the motorcycle was on him. Ajit quickly lifted the motorcycle as much as he could and released the man from it. Then, he applied dagadi pala (herbal medicine) to his wounds and ran to the village for help. Within no time, he came back with his friends in a jeep. He took the wounded man to nearby hospital.
    Ajit saved the man’s life and was very happy and satisfied to do so.

    • no issues will comeup with better ideas…thnx…and i have one more question…..i have cleared setember 2011 cds-2 examination{I.M.A} and i just want to know buy what time approximately i will get call letter for ssb…thnx

  36. Rakesh was a college student one evening he made a plan with his friends to go for trekking next day at kasauli{the nearest hill station} he convinced his 5-6 friends for this trip next day when they were to leave, one of his friend denied to come for the trip as his mother was ill due to sudden change in weather Rakesh immediately went to his friends home and called up a doctor who confirmed that there is nothing to worry and he prescribed some medicines rakesh immediately ran towards the market purchased medicine and all the friends went to kasauli enjoyed there and came back next day

  37. shashank who was teacher in govt school in his village. one night when he was preparing notes for his next day lecture.he got a call frm his friend sahil (who was frm same village but went out of town for some work) that his father had slipped frm stairs and broke his right leg.shashank quickly approached to his friend’s home and saw sahil’s father was laying helpless.he cautiously helped him to move to ryt place gave him pain killer and immediately approached to village doctor . it was raining heavly and stromy winds were blowing but he kept on moving . when he reached doctor’s home first he was refusing as it was late nite and weather conditions were very harsh .finally he convinced doctor to move alongwith him.doctor gave all necessary treatment and medicines to the patient .shashank thanked doctor and dropped him 2 his home :))

  38. ajay army officer in his village khera mp.At night 10pm received emergency call to report to his battallion in srinagar.immediately he planned to move.it was stormy outside.there was no mode of transport from his village to nearst bus stand.so he took his clear glass googles,small bag.moved out through shortest path to highway where he took lift frm truck driver and reach bus stand to railway station.frm there he boarded train to srinagar and reported to his battallion.

  39. Ramesh was a young and courages boy who was a farmer’s son and lived in haripur, the last village of india along the north west pakistan border. once while working in the fields at night he saw a huge activity of enemy tanks and soliders assembling near the loc. Seeing this he hide himself in the bushes and monitered the situation. suddenly weather became cloudy and it started raining hard. But ramesh decided to report the situation to the nearby army post and cracking through the weather by his strong will and courage he reached the post soon and reported the situation to the officer incharge. by his quick thinking indian army became alert beforehand of any unfriendly activity of the enemy due to which many lives were saved.

  40. HI ADMIN..
    PLEASE rate this,,,,
    Thanks in Advance.. 🙂
    Pramod was a NCC cadet. Once in the morning he was returning from the city near to his village after completing their daily NCC activities.They were on bicycles.All of sudden weather got changed. Initially wind was blowing at high speed. Pramod warned his fellow cadets and got together under a tree. Later on its converted into a heavy desert storm.As storm went away. He started moving towards his village along with fellows.He found that army vehicle got stuck in due to broken trees and soil shifting. They all realized their responsibility and joined hand to hand in rescue operation and helped to move army vehicles ahead.
    By the noon they return to their home.

  41. Ranjit is a young boy with a heart of courage. On a rainy day he heard some spies talking about their plan to destroy the only dam to stop heavy flood. He informed the police at once and tried to catch those spies, but he was not able to do so. Thee was not much time to wait for police to take appropriate action. So he ran towards the spies to catch them as they were going to commit their crime. He did not care about the heavy rainfall and was able to catch the spies and courageously make them retain there until the police arrived. Finally police catch them and thanks Ranjit for his act of bravery mankind. Ranjit managed to save the life of villagers.

  42. shainky was a 21 yaear old and he lived in village.once there was a huge thunderstorm in his village .his younger sister who went to terrace was faalen down from tht tarrace because of her carelessness .his mother was frightened by the incident and she seven refused him to go outside because of the cyclon.but shainky was aware of the incidend and he knew that he will have to go to doctors house and he cnt wait.so he asked his younger broher to ingage the mom for some time and in the meanwhile he went to doctors house and made him agree to come with him.finally doctor came and he medicted his
    sir pls rate this story

  43. Roshan is an army officer of age 24 years of age. he has been posted in the bastar area.due to inclement weather nearby ambikapur vilage has incurred aheavy loss. as soon as they receive this information from the patrolling party who is at the village. they have called for reinforcement and medicines. so he quickly gathered his team and tell them about location and what all they have to carry with them . and they dispatched to the village. with the sun set to dawn, heavy rain restricting the view to few meters and fallen trees turning the bad situation even worse but they still move facing adversary and reach the village after 3hrs. they with patrolling party distributed food and provide medication to the injured villagers.next morning when weather improved additional medical aid has been called and the work for construction of collapsed houses started.

  44. rahul was the captain in indian army posted in highlty area.one day there was the heavy cloud worst in the mid night .he was ordered to tackle this calmity.he immediatly went to the place with his vechcals full of food,cloths,medicenes and basics things and in contact with medical group team.he diveded his group into subgroup and sent them to differnt location to tackle with it,he took all the peoples to the safer place which he have already earmarked for these type of calmity.after 3 days he done the rehabilation camp.

  45. @Anupam

    Introduce Your central character ( Mahesh)first.
    Mahesh should also try to the reason for the mishap.

    ” ran towards his home then asked his father “

    first mention that Mahesh took him to a safe shelter under the tree and asked his address and other details.

    “he brought the person at his home and provide him primary first aid”

    First Aid is suppose to be happen at the initial stage when Mahesh saw the Injured person.

  46. Mahesh was returning alone from the farms after finishing the work. On the way the weather became bad as it was raining heavily and stormy winds were blowing but he kept on walking. Walking some metres he found a person lying on the road whose leg was badly bleeding. Mahesh checked that he was in conscious state or not ,he then gave him some water to drink from his bottle . Then Mahesh made the person make him rest on the tree and ran towards his home then asked his father to bring that wounded person to the home.With the help of his father he brought the person at his home and provide him primary first aid .When the rain stopped Mahesh took the person to the doctor for proper treatment and he also informed his family and after his family members arrived he returned to his home .

    Sir please comment on this story.

  47. manoj was a 20 years old college student.once he went to his grandfather village where he notice that electricity problem is very much and that area is such that heavy wind flow. and so he had plan why not to talk to the villagers and to govt. about making electicity by wind mills he firstly conviced the villigrs and then talk to concerd autorihty his plan was apprecited and wind mills are started there and he also give them knowledge about which type of crops they shoulad grow according to the enviroment through his friends from agriculture department.his work is apprecited by all and manuy problems of village get solvved

  48. @Mayank

    Yes its really odd 🙂

    but it will not work the reason is it lacks the practicality , how ?

    You have said about a cow how needs medical aid but is she pet or just a ordinary ??

    “Amar ran to his college. He informed the college staff about the cow” what is the aim of running back to college if ultimately you need to call any veterinary dodoc??

    Also do the doc n others ready to came in the bad weather just to help a stray cow according to you. Every thing happened according to your wish… 🙂

    Hope you understood..

  49. Amar was a 21 year old boy was a student of mechanical engineering in a college nearby his village.One evening, when he was returning to his home after his classes, the weather became bad and a storm started.But he did not stop and continued walking in his direction. On his way he saw that a cow was stuck between two trees which might have been fallen by the storm.The cow was bruised and required medical help. Amar ran to his college. He informed the college staff about the cow. A veterinary doctor was called by the staff and was rushed to the spot along with some persons. The doctor took the cow to his clinic and applied medicine on the bruises and admitted her until she regained her health fully and then she was referred to a nearby stray cow asylum.

  50. @RON It was full of tragedy and try to keep it simple and ” can happen ” theme…

    @Sid very short and incomplete story and not very attractive.

    @ Navaneeth Again something complex and confusing, but on the whole nice but again I would say picture is some what different if you see the keywords in the above post.

  51. Ajay was a final year degree student in Physics.Once he was coming to home late as he had to visit his freinds house for a party. It was evening and the weather was very bad with storm and thunder. On his way back he saw an electric post fell and lie on the road.The power was not cut off. He waited to see if anybody was approaching, then he quickly went to a house nearby and told the members about the incident. He asked for their help,and tried use of the telephone but it was not working.He asked the members of the house to help but they refused as the wetather was tough. He convinced them that it can be a danger to anyone and asked one of the members to stay nearby the post to alarm any body coming near to it.Then he went to the electricty office and told official about it. As nothing canbe doneatthat time they just cut the power to that line. Ajay returned to his home quickly.The next da the post was repaired .

  52. rajiv was a student in village bilaspur.everyday his sister who was 9 yrs old went to the field to play that was 1 km away from her home.one day during monsoon when her sister went to play ,there was situation of speedy winds and duststorms.rajiv saw the situation and immediately went to the field he went there and took her sister and her other friends to a house and thus later took his sister home when winds stopped.

  53. ashish was living in kataria village situated 10 km away from mussuri
    he was working as a guide in tourism department of mussori .
    As this was cold season so after heavy rainfall snow fall was occuring
    rapidly for the passed few days.As no of tourist were coming to mussorie
    for seeing first snowfall of season he was daily going to mussorie to escort them
    one day when he was returning after escorting touristin evening. he heard a loud cry for help
    from downside of the road he immediately went there and saw that a tree has fallen down
    on a wooden house and people need to be evacuated from there .he went in throgh broken gap
    and saw that two children and a adult member was stuck under he immediately evacuated them
    all were badly injured .he shouted and few passerby people came in for help.The injury were
    very serious as there were no transport facility due to snow fall.he immediately searched
    around and made emergency bad from bamboo sticks.and by
    the help of people he took them to hospital.The life of all the three villager was saved

  54. Sir, I have a couple of issues i hope to clear with you. I am 5 feet 10 inches and i weigh 80 kilos.Is there a chance I might be rejected because of being over weight.I feel I can overcome most obstacles,but try as i must,my weight seems to be a constant worry.Also another important issue is i have tattoo’s.will that also be a problem because some say that it will be a problem while others differ saying its not an issue.please help me with these queries.
    thank you

  55. suresh lived in a village of haryana and he represents haryana for U19 athelatics squard for 1600m and 2400m long distance events.
    suresh was an average boy in terms of sports abilities and had a childhood dream of representing his country in the CWG 2014.
    he was preparing himself for the national event which was taking place in end of the month.
    he use to practice extra apart from the team scheduel in the morning.
    one day he wokeup and saw heavy strom outside.he had no choice as he was at his prime and cannot miss a single day of practice as he ws getting improved results from his individual efforts apart rom the team practice.
    he decided to practice in the bad weather and set his stop watch and went out with determination.
    he had left a msg to his friend that if he dosent come in ro1hour than pleace check for him in case if the strom get worst.
    later he found he completed his practice easyly and his conficence increased for the upcoming event.

  56. sir i have been recommended twice but cud not make it finally … I m again trying my best to achieve success in ssb intrw,while going thru this website i found that this website is of immense help for candidates aspiring for defence forces… hats off for u sir….

  57. Akhilesh was an eighteen year old boy from a distant village in the vicinity of Eastern coast of India, pursuing his B.tech in civil engg from a near by city college. He was scheduled to go to the college on one not so fine morning . And a terrorizing scene awaited him. While he was waiting for bus, due to the bad weather and cyclonic conditions , the bus driver lost control and hit head on into a tree … This all happened in front of his eyes, and without losing any moment, he helped some people out of the bus and gave them first aid by using the first aid kit provided in the bus. Then he rushed in that rainy and windy environment, covering his face at times, to inform the nearest PHC in the village, and from there, brought an emergency van along with some villagers to help the accident affected people and thus saved the life of many people.

  58. Ram was a 30 years old farmer.He is coming back to his home from the fields as heavy winds started blowing.So he is going in a hurry suddenly he saw a a man met with an accident due to the very harsh road So quickly move towards him and he found that the person is unconscious he pick up with the motorcycle and quickly move towards his village where a pvt doctor is practicing he ask the doctors to come towards the site of accident and without wasting time doctor quickly moves to hte accident site he then give first aid to the man and hold him on the motocycle and take him to the hospital in the city wheere he is treated properly and by this way Ram saved a human life

  59. @harsh

    “Ramesh put his life at risk and brought the child back to her parents ” Ramesh instead of putting his life at risk should use some technique to get inside without hurting himself. Write how Ramesh get inside , was it so easy to get in??? Try to show some qualities, here Ramesh bravery act only visible but what is the use when he doing something without taking care and any precaution for self protection ???

    “ramesh run to the nearest town despite harsh conditions ” Ramesh ran towards village, is it necessarily to run ?? is there no vehicle or any other transport available to use ?? If he would have uses some vehicle then there must be chances of getting medical aid soon , Ramesh motive is to save the child but not to show unnecessarily bravery acts .

  60. Preeti acceptable story .

    Though it miss some more details about the main character, also irrigation department will never do something which harm villagers , so instead of that you can say because of the heavy rainfall it was difficult to control the water flow properly .

    7 out of 10

  61. Vinay, a 20 year old young man, who was in his bachelors lives in a village. Vinay’s father had lots of farms and the paddy crops were almost ready to be harvested. one day, it suddenly started raining very heavily and the irrigation department had suddenly left lots of water in the canal passing by the sides of his farms and there become a danger of overflow of water through canal which can destroy his whole crops. he was in his farms itself when he came to know about this news, he started running and collected his villagers to help him in making the water to flow in the some other direction where the water can’t harm anyone’s property by cutting the edges of canal and after one or two hour’s hard work, he was successful in saving his crops with the help of his villagers. he thanked all of them for helping him and went home back after the danger was over.

  62. Ramesh who study in govt.college and a ncc cadet, come to his village for summer vacation, It was summer season in rajasthan and night was full of thunderstrom..it was hardly to see anythng nearby..on that time the one of house of village got fire but due to thunder nobody dare to there and save the 5 year baby who are inside the house,ramesh put his life at risk and brought the child back to her parents but the child was severly burnt and there is no medical relief nearby but ramesh run to the nearest town despite harsh conditions and arrange medical relief and the baby came out of danger……….

  63. @ Niraj

    See your story again somewhat deviating from the picture, in the picture you can see only one character, but in your story it shows the whole village is evacuating …though it acceptable but not good..so make another theme…in which hero alone facing the difficulty…

  64. @ Vik

    For the first 1 minute I was thinking Anuj as a hero in this story, this gives wrong impression regarding you, though your hero was the farmer but according to your written parts it looks Anuj was your main character and the bad qualities of Anuj was not listening to his mother.. this may hamper your performance so never start with a introduction of side role character .

    Also your Introduction and role about the farmer was extremely less…you didn’t mention at all, it seems that you started your story without thinking of any thing, please think the whole story first and then start writing because you can’t erase whatever you are writing in SSB.

    below average

  65. Anuj is a 10 year boy.he lives in mandu village.The village is located near dence forest.On one fine day anuj was going to the school.The road to the school is very lonely and passes nearby from the forest.Anuj’s mother was asking her not to go to the school on that day as the weather was not proper and the wind was blowing with great speed but anuj refused to hear what his mother was saying and went to the school.A cyclone type situation was there. In the evening when anuj did’n return, her mother was in worry and she asked her neighbour Manoj, who is a farmer, to help her. Manoj quickly departed to find the lost Anuj. When passing by Lonely road near forest he found Anuj sitting near a Tree and crying. He took Anuj and safely came back to the Village.

  66. Rakesh was a shop owner in village sonpur which lied near the coast and lived with his mother.One day the emergency sunami warning has been isued to the villagers and were told to leave the village as soon as possible.everybody started the evacuation process.Half way rakesh found a woman was shouting for help outside her house.on enquiring he found that her two sons didn’t returned home from school.He told her to move on and went on to find the brothers. As he left weather started becoming bad and cyclonic.He reached the school and after searching found the two boys locked in a toilet.He brought the boys to the safe place through the cyclone and saved them before sunami.

  67. Manoj was serving in the army. During leave one day there was heavy gusty wind with rain flown. One of his neighbour came to his house stating that his daughter didn’t return home from fields. He took him along with and rush towards the fields. He searched here and there but all in vain. He continued with more affords and also consoled his neighbour. He re searched around the all nook and corners and finally he was able to trace out the girl near a heavy tree and she was crying continuously. He took her along and brought her to his house. He advised her parents not to allow their child to go alone in the fields. day there was heavy gusty wind with rain flown. One of his neighbour came to his house stating that his daughter didn’t return home from fields. He took him along with and rush towards the fields. He searched here and there but all in vain. He continued with more affords and also consoled his neighbour. He re searched around the all nook and corners and finally he was able to trace out the girl near a heavy tree and she was crying continuously. He took her along and brought her to his house. He advised her parents not to allow their child to go alone in the fields.

  68. Mahesh was manager in a reputed pvt bank in a city. During vacation he decided to spent time in his village Rampur. Around 20 km from his village there was one old fort over a hill. He sat to see the fort with his friends. After 10 km on the way, the weather became windy and rough. Despite that Mahesh encouraged his colleagues and continued with the journey. Around 11 am they reached the fort and it was very splendid and marvelous. It was rich of architect and sculpture. Mahesh took snaps around the fort and had lunch and returned back in the evening. It was memorable day of Mahesh’s life.


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