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List of Wings Worn By Indian Air Force Pilots

The wings of the Pilot’s Badge must be vertically aligned with the centre of the badge, above the left chest pocket.

The Indian Air Force was established on October 8th, 1932, and is currently the world’s third most destructive air force. Air Force Day is observed on this day across India to remember the founding of the Indian Air Force.

Since its foundation, the Indian Air Force has fought in five wars and has proven to be valuable in preserving our nation’s clear skies. Operation “Cactus,” “Meghdoot,” and “Vijay” are only a few of the significant operations carried out by the Indian Air Force.

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There are three primary parts to the Air Force wings or badges. The state emblem is put on top of the monogram, the wreath encircling the monogram, and the monogram IAF, which is in the centre. The embroidery’s colours, as shown in the IAF badges, are as follows:

  • White wings and letters
  • Brown laurel wreath
  • At the bottom of the state emblem, the shading, lions’ eyes, and the wheel are all black.
  • Scarlet, “Tongue of the Lions”
  • White remains of the state emblem

Various Wings Worn By The IAF Pilot Are

Standard Wings

The Indian Air Force pilots don these wings on their winter coats and work uniforms in the summer. The 4-inch long wings brevet is adorned with the typical IAF monogram. The IAF monogram is positioned over the Ashoka Emblem.

Indian air force pilot badge 1

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Gold Bullion IAF Wings

Only three inches wide, these wings. On white mess dinner jackets, the gold bullion wings are worn alongside small medals.

Indian air force pilot golden badge

Suede IAF Wings

Pilots put these wings on their flying overalls. For many pilots, these are the preferred wings above standard silk wings.

IAF pilot flying badge

The Indian Air Force’s officers and airmen crew wear aircrew badges, often known as WINGS, on their uniforms as a sign of qualification for those who work as crew members on aircraft. They stand for their knowledge in that particular sector. Aircrew emblems are often worn on the left breast. The wings of the insignia for pilots must be shown vertically above the left breast pocket. When a badge has half wings, the letter is located in the middle of the badge, vertically above the button on the left breast pocket.

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Aircrew Emblems Should Be Worn On The Left Chest In The Following Manner.

The wings of the Pilot’s Badge must be vertically aligned with the centre of the badge, above the left chest pocket. For badges with half wings, the letter must be vertical, with the centre of the letter directly over the button on the left chest pocket. The bottom line of the badge should be directly above the top of the left breast pocket if no ribbons or decorations are worn. The bottom line of the emblem should be 6 mm above the row or top row of any worn ribbons, decorations, or medals.

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IAF Pilot’s Badge

A whole wing with the monogram “IAF” in the centre, a laurel wreath around it, and the state emblem on top are the components of this badge. They are all stitched in cotton thread and placed on a dark blue superfine woollen cloth that extends 3.2 mm beyond the embroidery’s boundaries.

Indian air force pilot badge

IAF Navigator’s Badge

This consists of a laurel wreath surrounding an outspread wing with the capital letter “N.” The State Emblem is placed in the middle of the letter “N.” The mounting and embroidery are the same colour as the ones on the pilot’s badge.

IAF Navigator Badge

Badge For IAF Signaler (Air)

The only difference between this and the Navigator’s emblem is the letter stitched on it: “S.”

IAF Signaler Air Badge
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Badge For IAF Flight Engineers

The letter embroidered on the emblem is an “E,” rather than the letter “N” like on the Navigator’s badge.

IAF Flight Engineers Badge

Badge For IAF Flight Gunners

The emblem is identical to the Navigator’s Badge, with the exception that the letter embroidered is “G.”

IAF Flight Gunners Badge

IAF Instructors Of Parachute Jumping Badge

The emblem is similar to the Navigator’s badge in appearance, with the exception that the word “N” has been substituted by a tiny parachute embroidered in white cotton thread.

IAF Parachute Jump Instructors Badge

FC (Aircrew) IAF Badge

The emblem is identical to the Navigator’s badge in the description except that the stitched letter is “FC.” The Adm/FC branch officers are eligible to wear the badge.

IAF FC Aircrew Badge

Aircrew IAF Electronic System Operators Badge

The only difference between the emblem and the Navigator’s badge is the letter embroidered on it: “L.” The officers of the AE (L) branch are eligible for the badge.

Electronic System Operators Aircrew Badge

Badge For IAF Controllers

The emblem illustrates a flying eagle holding a metaphorical radar wave in its claws. It will be mounted on a black superfine woollen cloth that extends past the stitching, and it will be embroidered with silk white thread. Red silk thread will be stitched on the flying eagle’s beak, eye, and legs.

Controllers Badge

IAF SAGW Insignia

The emblem features a depiction of a flying eagle holding a metaphorical missile in its claws. Red silk thread will be used to embroider the soaring eagle’s beak, eye, and legs.

SAGW Badge

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