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Cut OffTGCTGC 139 Cut Off Marks

TGC 139 Cut Off Marks

For candidates who have cleared the cut off, the next step is the SSB interview process, which is a rigorous examination of a candidate's psychological, physical, and strategic abilities.

The Indian Army’s Technical Graduate Course (TGC) is a highly esteemed entry point for engineering graduates looking to join the force as commissioned officers. The cut off marks for the TGC 139 (July 2024) course have been officially released, setting the bar for candidates aspiring to be shortlisted for the Service Selection Board (SSB) interviews.

TGC 139 Cut Off Marks Overview

The cut off marks are pivotal in determining who progresses to the SSB interviews, and they vary across different engineering streams. These marks are calculated cumulatively up to a specific semester, depending on whether the candidate has completed their degree or is in the final year/semester.

TGC 139 Cut Off Marks
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Criteria for Passed Candidates

For candidates who have passed their degree courses, the cumulative marks percentage considered is up to the final semester or year.

Criteria for Final Year/Semester Candidates

Candidates who are appearing in their final year or semester of the degree course are evaluated differently:

  • Engineering degree candidates are assessed up to their 6th semester.
  • Architecture candidates are assessed up to their 8th semester.
  • M.Sc. candidates in notified streams are assessed up to their 2nd semester.

Cut Off Marks by Engineering Stream

The cut off percentages for SSB shortlisting for the TGC 139 course are as follows:

  • Civil Engineering: The cut off mark stands at 76%.
  • Computer Science and Engineering: Candidates in this stream need to have at least an 83% cumulative marks percentage.
  • Electrical Engineering: The cut off for this stream is set at 80%.
  • Electronics Engineering: Similar to electrical, electronics engineering also has a cut off of 80%.
  • Mechanical Engineering: Aspiring mechanical engineers require an 81% cut off mark.
  • **Miscellaneous Engineering

Streams**: This category encompasses various other engineering disciplines with a lower cut off mark of 72%.

Implications of the Cut Off Marks

The release of cut off marks for TGC 139 has profound implications for aspirants. These benchmarks not only filter out the pool of applicants but also set a standard of academic excellence required for consideration in the Indian Army’s officer cadre. Candidates who meet or exceed these marks will proceed to the next phase, which includes the grueling SSB interviews designed to assess a candidate’s fitness for military leadership roles.

Preparing for the SSB Interviews

For candidates who have cleared the cut off, the next step is the SSB interview process, which is a rigorous examination of a candidate’s psychological, physical, and strategic abilities. It’s crucial for shortlisted candidates to begin or continue their preparation earnestly. Many opt for professional coaching, and with the abundance of online resources and coaching centers, there’s no shortage of help available.

The announcement of the TGC 139 cut off marks is a decisive moment for engineering graduates who have set their sights on a career in the Indian Army. Those who have made the grade will now turn their focus to the SSB interview, where they will be tested on every aspect of their abilities. As always, the Indian Army seeks not just competent engineers, but leaders capable of thriving under pressure and adversity. The journey is challenging, but for the successful few, it will be the start of an honorable and rewarding career serving the nation.

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