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Fighter Movie gets legal notice from IAF officer over kissing scene

The notice further critiques the film for "normalizing inappropriate behavior in uniform.

The Bollywood film “Fighter,” featuring Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone, is currently facing legal scrutiny over a scene that depicts the actors sharing a kiss while in Indian Air Force (IAF) uniforms. Wing Commander Saumya Deep Das of the IAF has issued a legal notice to the makers of the film, as reported by India TV.

The notice emphasizes that the IAF uniform is a significant symbol representing the officers’ unwavering commitment to duty, national security, and selfless service, rather than merely an article of clothing.

Titled “Legal Notice for Defamation, Insult and Negative Impact of Indian Air Force and its Officers,” the document asserts that the film’s scene misuses the IAF uniform, a symbol of sacrifice, discipline, and dedication, for depicting a personal romantic scenario.

It argues that such portrayal not only misrepresents the dignity of the uniform but also diminishes the sacrifices of countless officers who have served the nation.

The notice further critiques the film for “normalizing inappropriate behavior in uniform,” suggesting that it sets a perilous standard that could erode the moral and ethical expectations placed on those charged with the country’s defense.

Specifically, it labels the act of kissing in uniform, especially on a runway within a technical area, as grossly inappropriate and unbecoming of an IAF officer, violating the strict discipline and decorum required in the armed forces.

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