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Meet Major Digvijay Singh Rawat 21 Para SF Kirti Chakra

Major Rawat's legacy is not just in the medals he wears but in the peace he has helped secure through his valor and tactical acumen.

In the challenging terrains of Manipur, where insurgency has been a long-standing issue, heroes are born out of necessity and sheer courage. One such hero is Major Digvijay Singh Rawat of the 21 PARA (Special Forces), whose commendable actions in the face of danger have not only thwarted potential threats but also exemplified unparalleled bravery and tactical acumen.

This article delves into the remarkable achievements of Major Rawat, whose dedication and valor have earned him the prestigious Kirti Chakra.

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Upon his insertion in Manipur, Major Rawat was quick to recognize the importance of accurate intelligence in combating the Valley Based Insurgent Groups (VBIGs). With a clear vision and a strategic approach, he established an innovative intelligence network that meticulously mapped the activities and plans of these insurgent groups.

Through painstaking efforts, his network penetrated the veil of secrecy that these groups operate under, providing crucial information that would prove to be a linchpin in their subsequent engagements.

In one notable operation, Major Rawat’s intelligence network uncovered plans by the VBIGs to target a VIP visiting Manipur. Acting on this intelligence, he masterfully orchestrated a counter-operation by misleading the insurgents into an ambush laid by his own forces.

When the insurgents, armed with automatic weapons, walked into the trap and opened fire, Major Rawat, undaunted by the hostile fire, tactically maneuvered his party to engage the terrorists. Demonstrating superlative skills and raw courage, he himself crawled to a flank, eliminating a Self-Styled Captain and injuring another, both of whom were masterminds behind an ambush on the Assam Rifles.

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Major Rawat’s understanding of the insurgent landscape in Manipur was not just limited to strategic intelligence and ambush tactics. In another display of his multifaceted combat skills, he received intelligence about the infiltration of VBIG cadres.

Utilizing his deep knowledge of the area, he established a close-knit surveillance grid. In a thrilling episode of close-quarter combat, he successfully apprehended three senior cadres, physically overpowering them with his martial prowess.

For his unwavering dedication to duty, unmatched valor, and tactical genius in navigating challenging combat conditions, Major Digvijay Singh Rawat was awarded the Kirti Chakra. This decoration is a testament to his bravery, raw courage, and the significant impact of his actions on the security operations in Manipur.

His achievements not only underscore the critical role of intelligence and tactical planning in modern warfare but also highlight the personal bravery and commitment of soldiers like Major Rawat in ensuring the safety and security of the nation.

Major Digvijay Singh Rawat’s story is a vivid reminder of the sacrifices and relentless efforts of the Indian Army’s special forces in combating insurgency and maintaining peace in volatile regions.

His actions in Manipur stand as a beacon of heroism, strategic finesse, and an indomitable spirit, inspiring future generations of soldiers to serve with honor, bravery, and a commitment to excellence. Major Rawat’s legacy is not just in the medals he wears but in the peace he has helped secure through his valor and tactical acumen.

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