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Merit ListCDS ExamCDS 2 2023 Merit List - 197 Candidates Recommended

CDS 2 2023 Merit List – 197 Candidates Recommended

IMA AIR-1 goes to Rajat Kumar, while INA AIR-1 is claimed by Pawar Tanmay Gangadhar. AFA AIR-1 is secured by Mayank Singh.

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has announced the merit list for the Combined Defence Services Examination (CDS) II, 2023, featuring 197 candidates recommended for various defense academies. These candidates have qualified based on the results of the CDS II 2023 conducted in September 2023 and the SSB interviews by the Services Selection Board of the Ministry of Defence. The successful candidates will be admitted to the 157th (DE) Course of the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun; the Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala, Kerala; and the Air Force Academy, Hyderabad (Pre-Flying Training Course), also known as the No. 216 F(P) Course.

In total, 143 candidates have been recommended for the Indian Military Academy (IMA), 39 for the Indian Naval Academy (INA), and 15 for the Air Force Academy (AFA). Notably, there are common candidates across the three lists for different courses.

CDS 2 2023 Toppers

The top candidates for each academy are as follows:

Indian Military Academy (IMA):

  1. Rajat Kumar
  2. Gaurav Singh
  3. Piyush Parashar
  4. Varun
  5. Mayank Singh
  6. Vikas Singh Samant
  7. Pawar Tanmay Gangadhar
  8. Hitesh
  9. Vishal Shahi
  10. Sajal Sharma

Indian Naval Academy (INA):

  1. Pawar Tanmay Gangadhar
  2. Nikhil Choudhary
  3. Ayan Kumar Dey
  4. Kunal Dhingra
  5. Solanki Himalay Harjivan
  6. Sourav Singh
  7. Prateek Kumar
  8. Ajay Singh
  9. Debayan Ghosh
  10. Yogesh Kumar

Air Force Academy (AFA):

  1. Mayank Singh
  2. Ankit Singh Bisht
  3. Amar Singh
  4. Solanki Himalay Harjivan
  5. Debayan Ghosh
  6. Ayush Kumar Gadhwal
  7. Syed Haider Husain
  8. Lucky Jindal
  9. Shubham Rawat
  10. Sudhanshu Nath Tiwari

The government has indicated that the total number of vacancies is 100 for the Indian Military Academy, including 13 vacancies reserved for NCC ‘C’ Certificates (Army Wing) holders, 32 for the Indian Naval Academy, including 6 vacancies for NCC ‘C’ Certificates (Naval Wing through NCC Special Entry), and 32 for the Air Force Academy, with 3 vacancies reserved for NCC ‘C’ Certificates (Air Wing) holders through NCC Special Entry.

The initial written test resulted in 2,675 candidates qualifying for the Indian Military Academy, 970 for the Indian Naval Academy, and 622 for the Air Force Academy. However, the final list reflects the candidates who successfully completed the SSB test conducted by Army Headquarters.

It’s important to note that the merit list does not take into account the results of the medical examination. Additionally, verification of date of birth and educational qualifications is ongoing, rendering all candidates’ status provisional until these checks are completed. Candidates must forward their original certificates, along with attested photocopies, to the respective Army Headquarters, Naval Headquarters, or Air Headquarters, depending on their first choice.

Candidates should also inform the respective headquarters of any change in address to ensure smooth communication. The results are available on the UPSC website, with candidate marks to be published after the final result for the Officers’ Training Academy (OTA) is declared.

For additional information, candidates can contact the Facilitation Counter near Gate ‘C’ of the UPSC Office, either in person or via telephone at 011-23385271, 011-23381125, or 011-23098543 between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on any working day.

These candidates represent the best among those who participated in the rigorous selection process and have the honor of joining the prestigious Indian defense academies.

The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.

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