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Indian ArmyMeet Colonel Supriya Kaushal, New Commanding Officer of Counter Explosives Device Unit...

Meet Colonel Supriya Kaushal, New Commanding Officer of Counter Explosives Device Unit (CEDU)

The significance of Col Kaushal's new role is magnified by her being one of the few women to command at such a high level within the engineering corps.

Congratulations are in order as Colonel Supriya Kaushal steps into her new role as commander of the Counter Explosives Device Unit (CEDU) at the College of Military Engineering (CME) in Pune. This appointment marks a significant milestone not only for Col Kaushal but also for the Indian Army, as her husband, Colonel Dinesh Pophale, is simultaneously commanding another prestigious unit. Together, they embody the spirit of dedication and leadership within the Armed Forces.

Commanding Excellence

Colonel Supriya Kaushal’s ascension to this important position is a testament to her exceptional skill set and her unwavering commitment to the Indian Army. Her role at CEDU involves overseeing the training and development of engineering skills among army personnel, which is crucial for maintaining the technical prowess of the forces. Her expertise will undoubtedly enhance the operational capabilities of her unit.

Colonel Supriya Kaushal

Meanwhile, Colonel Dinesh Pophale, leading another unit, complements his wife’s achievements with his own professional excellence. His command responsibilities and his track record of successful leadership further highlight the couple’s contributions to the military.

Their joint service not only strengthens their individual units but also serves as an inspiration for dual-career military families across the nation.

This dual command scenario is rare and commendable, showcasing the progressive nature of the Indian Army in promoting capable leaders irrespective of gender. The fact that both a husband and wife are commanding officers at the same time speaks volumes about the evolving dynamics within the Armed Forces.

Colonel Dinesh Pophale

A Legacy of Leadership

The significance of Col Kaushal’s new role is magnified by her being one of the few women to command at such a high level within the engineering corps. This not only sets a powerful example for other women in the military but also paves the way for more inclusive leadership roles in the future. Her journey and success are crucial in inspiring young officers, especially women, to aspire to high ranks within the military’s technical and engineering branches.

The couple’s dedication to their respective roles and to the broader objectives of the Indian Army underscores their professionalism and commitment. As they continue to serve with distinction, their leadership will inevitably impact the effectiveness and readiness of their units.

The Armed Forces celebrate this power couple’s professional contributions, reflecting the dynamic and multifaceted nature of modern military leadership.

A Counter Explosives Device Unit (CEDU) specializes in identifying, deactivating, and preventing improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and other explosive hazards. The CEDU equips, trains, and supports military and law enforcement personnel with counter-IED resources.

Its primary mission is to safeguard personnel and infrastructure from IEDs and similar explosive dangers through the use of sophisticated technologies, tactics, and methods.

We wish both Colonel Supriya Kaushal and Colonel Dinesh Pophale continued success and achievements in their commendable careers. Their journey is a beacon of professional excellence and personal dedication in the service of the nation, reinforcing the core values of the Indian Army. As they move forward, their paths will undoubtedly inspire many more within the ranks, promoting a culture of excellence and integrity in the Armed Forces.

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