PSB In Indian Coast Guard

Friends this time I want to share my experience about PSB of Indian Coast Guard. Actually it is similar to the screening process of SSB to which many of us are familiar. But in coast guard it is little bit different as it has two elimination rounds, so it is also beneficial for a candidate if one wants to know where he is lacking to get screen in, in SSB. As I mentioned it is a two phase process i.e. one OIR test and one PPDT. It takes 2 to 3 days depending upon number of candidates present there.

OIR Test in Indian Coast Guards

Let me tell you friends near 40 to 50 % candidates get back to home after this test, so it is very crucial for us. Also it is tougher than the SSB OIR test and reason for the toughness is its nature and method of conducting. Test booklet is not given means no test booklet will be there, they show us a powerpoint presentation with 7 sections of questions. Last section consist 20 questions and rest have 10 questions. So a total of 80 questions will be there. Each section and each question has its own time constraints. Only key to success is be quick and be correct while attempting questions.

psb interview of indian coast guard

The OMR sheet is given to candidates and while solving you need to put your responses into that each question have 5 options, and only one is correct. No extra time is given to fill omr sheet.

  • In section 1st: 5 series completion questions and 5 blood relation questions are there. You are provided 60 seconds for each questions means after 60 seconds, the next question will be on screen and you will not be able to get back to it if you are not quick enough. Same thing applies throughout the test.
  • In section 2nd: 5 synonym and 5 antonym questions. Number of questions10 and each question is given 5 seconds.
  • In section 3rd: spelling mistakes or to find correct word .10 questions each given 8 seconds.
  • In section 4th : memory test- in this a no. or word is shown to you for 4 seconds and it will disappear and in next 4 seconds options will be shown you need to mark  what you have seen. 10 questions and 8 seconds are given for each. Length   of number or word increases as test moves further.
  • In section 5th: question on how many words can be formed using alphabets of a given word with some given constraints. 10 questions are there and 60 seconds for each question.
  • In section 6th: rotation (clockwise/anticlockwise by a specific angle) +mirror image, 10 questions are there and 20 seconds for each question.
  • In section 7th: there will be 20 in total.12 questions on counting the occurrence of a digit or an alphabet in a given array of digits or alphabets. And for these 10 seconds are given to each question. Example:”BJDGWERYERYTTTJSTTDFGRZASERT”. In the above series, find the number of “T” in that. The answer is “6”
  • For remaining 8 questions are puzzle type questions in which a object like tomato or cat is in pieces and you need to identify what the object is? For these questions you are given only 3 seconds for each.
After each section you will be told about the next section and you will also get examples to make you adjust for the test. The timings and type of questions will be briefed to you by officer there.

Note: this is not exact timing but approximately this is how the test is conducted and in some sections you will get more or less seconds than that of I mentioned here. But the pattern of questions is followed in this way.

Result of OIR Test

After 2 or 3 hours wait they declare   the result and who got selected move for PPDT at the next day. I observed that a average candidate can crack it easily if he is quick in attending questions will advice you, to try to  do 60 corrects  out of negative marking is there so attend all of them but try to attend   correctly and fill OMR sheet fast and meticulously. One more thing I would like to suggest that OMR have rectangles instead of ovals so it also takes more time to fill it.

PPDT and Final Result

This PPDT is similar to that of SSB screening, but usually clear picture is shown instead of hazy picture. You will get time of 4 minutes to write a story and then groups will move to discussion .with a strength varying from 15 to 20. And after discussion results are out in 10 minutes. And those who get selected will be screened in. and when psbs are over selected candidates will be called to attend FSB.

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