A Summary Of Doklam Standoff

The India China Standoff in disputed tri-junction between India China and Bhutan is a fresh topic of current affairs. All SSB aspirants must know the overview of the issue as it can be a part of the interview or can be used to strengthen your point in group discussion or lecturatte.

Stand off – The standoff between the armies of India and China was one of the fresh points of concern between both the nations. The videos of army personals of both the armies were released showing a standoff in Doklam. Bhutan, which doesn’t have any diplomatic ties with China is requesting India to provide the support of the border issue.

Where? – Doklam is a tri-junction between India, China, and Bhutan, where the road construction activities of China were strongly deterred by the Indian armed forces. As per the mutual understanding of India and Bhutan, both the nations consider this area as a Bhutanese territory. But China claims that the tri junction between the three nations should be on the south side of the plateaus.

Why? As per the Chinese authorities, the actual tri junction is located at Mount Gipmochi, which is far south from the actual tri junction marked by India and Bhutan. It is also considered as one of the 4 points of contention between China and Bhutan.  The construction of the road in that area will increase the security threat in the disputed area.

What ahead – The final conclusion of the issue is expected to bring the leaders of both the nation. In response to the issue, India has suspended the annual Kailash Mansarovar yatra. The step to reopen Nathula in 2015 was a positive gesture from both the nations and the Nathula route of the yatra takes 2 days less than the normal old route from Lipulekh in Uttarakhand. The on-ground flag meets and the diplomatic phase of talks will resolve the issues effectively.

Why Bhutan want India to interfere?

Bhutan doesn’t have any diplomatic relation with China and has been facing the bully China from a long time. There are already 7 places in Bhutan where disputes between China and Bhutan is going on. Out of them, the prominent are Jakarlung, Pasamlung, Doklam plateau. China has been eyeing the Doklam part as it is the junction for targeting India.

China is interfering in the national border areas of India from a long time and luring the close neighbours of India. Along with this, Nepal has given the contract to a Chinese from for construction of largest hydroelectric power plant which will reduce the electricity shortage. Nepal is also expected to the internet through optical fibers from the China reducing India’s monopoly. The constant involvement of China with Himalayan nation Nepal has been seen as a strategic movement of spreading its tentacle of one belt one road and countering India’s monopoly in Nepal. China is also moving swiftly to complete CPEC in Pakistan.

CPEC– China Pakistan economic corridor is the initiative of China. The initiative is to connect the Kashgar of the China to the Gwadar of the Pakistan. The aim behind is to modernize and enhance the infrastructure and economic facilities of Pakistan. Originally marked with $46 billion, the project has used more than $64 billion. The project will develop rail and road networks, energy productions special economic zones and mass transit.

Conclusion – The international forums and the consistent efforts of nations have solved several issues in a calm way. Induction of India in SCO and domination in many other crucial initiatives like SARRC satellite, space cooperation pacts etc. have taken India to a more stable and strong position. The issue of Doklam could be checked by interference of top military officials and diplomats. Earlier China has intruded in Dolat Beg Odi sector and later left its position. Same stepping back is expected in this issue.


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