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PsychologySituation Reaction TestSituation Reaction Test - Commonly Confused Situations

Situation Reaction Test – Commonly Confused Situations

Situation Reaction Test also known as SRT is one of the tests the candidates will face during the Psychological Tests at SSB. The SSB procedure is same for all no matter if you are going for Army, Air Force or Navy. SRT is a set of 60 situations written in a booklet,  you are required to write the response to each situation on your answer sheet under 30 mins, so basically, you get 30 secs for each situation. The time limit is the not the only thing which makes the Situation Reaction Test complicated, it is also our brain which might think of too many responses at the same time and try to find the best response by manipulating things. This is the reason most of the candidates are not able to attempt more than 30-40 SRTs. 


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Situations in SRT: ” A set of situations which are very common and can happen to anyone but never happen frequently”

We are posting few situations from SRT which confuse us a lot and actually come in SSB Psychology Tests, note that there is no wrong or right answer in SRT, but the quality of answer matters, answers or reactions depend on the individual’s personality, surrounding, learnings and other things. There are different ways to tackle a situation in real life but a person with OLQs always choose the correct and efficient way to do it, again there may be 10 efficient ways to solve a particular situation.  

What you have to do here? 
There will be few SRTs ( confusing one) mentioned below, you are required to answer them in the comment box below, you can answer as many as reactions to one particular situation. Make sure you keep the correct number in front of your reactions with respect to the SRT mentioned below. CONFUSING SRT SITUATIONS

Tips -How to give a reaction ??  

  • You are not a Superman: Defence does not want supermen, so try to be normal and write something which you ( a common man, not a superman) can do in real life. 
  • Keep it short, the psychologist has a lot of others things to do: Keep the reactions short and too the point, even if you think you are missing some actions, never exceed your lines.
  • Write what is possible, in short, and easy manner. Don’t make others get bored reading your reactions. 
  • Be fast: Think fast, write to the point, attempt all 60 SRTs.
  • Think first:  Read the situation first and think what you could do in such a situation, responses will come automatically.  

Few most confusing Situations in Situation Reaction Test

  • He receives conflicting orders from his two superior officers. He ..
  • He was going to attend SSB interview. On reaching the Railway Station he noticed that his suitcase has been stolen with his original certificates needed at SSB. He …
  • While he was traveling on his scooter, someone at gunpoint demanded his purse. He ..
  • He was going on a bicycle in thick jungle. It was already dark and his destination was 10 Km away. His cycle got punctured. He ..
  • He is new in the city. Suddenly he noticed that all his items were stolen . He had no money in his pocket. He..
  • He observed a Cobra was approaching his brother who was sleeping in a room at night. He..
  • He was in a NCC Camp. While on guard duty at mid night , he observed a person crossing the fence and getting in. He…
  • While negotiating a forest with his friend, his friend lost consciousness due to exhaustion. He..
  • He was caught alone at night by thugs who demanded all valuables on him while he was unarmed. He…
  • While crossing a jungle, he observed that a tiger was standing just 10 yards from him. He..
  • While going through a jungle, he noticed that someone was following him with a rifle. He..
  • He was on leave in his village. Once at night he got up due to firing sound and cries of the villagers. He noticed that village was attacked by dacoits. He..
  • He and his friend were arguing over a topic later he found that his friend was correct. He…
  • While going through a forest with his brother, he lost the way and it had become dark. He…
  • While coming back from late night movie show he saw 5 men are harassing a girl. He..

Note: The above Situations are enough to check your ability in SRT. 

Don’t forget to download SRT ebooks from shop.ssbcrack.com, these are original situations with sample responses.

Provide your reactions in the comment box below.

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  1. 1. sorted out the confusion sitting with officers and followed the common order.
    2. searched in the bearth and found it under the seat.Took it and went to attend ssb.
    3. pretended to give.Hit his hand with helmet to drop the gun.Overpowered and gave to police.
    4. came out of jungle.Repaired the cycle on nearby shop and enjoyed the night journey on cycle and reached home.
    5. lodged an FIR in nearby police station.Used the money kept in pocket (for emergency) and went home.After a week got his all items.
    6. threw a blanket at cobra.Took brother out of room and then kill cobra with a danda.
    7. informed the others secretly and caught the suspect with good planning.He was their incharge to check their alertness.
    8. pumped air in through mouth to make him conscious.Gave water and take him out safely.
    9. cried for help.Passerbies reached to help and then thugs ran away.
    10. silently climbed over a tree and waited tiger to leave.Then he went home safely.
    11. was his sub-ordinate gaurding from back.Both of them crossed the jungle safely.
    12. took his father and charged at dacoits alongwith motivating villagers.This worked and dacoits ran away.
    13. appreciated his knowledge and discussed on more topics later.
    14. followed the marks he made during journey.This brought them out of jungle and then they went home.
    15. with the help of passerbies made them afraid and rescued the girl.


    1) discuss the matter with his respective seniors.
    2) report at MCO and the authorities at the center..
    3)reach the person, swiftly overpower him & take his gun and call police.
    4) move on to his destination and got repaired the cycle at nearest mechanic shop.
    5)report to the police and ask them for help.
    6)shout and ask his brother to move away, throw blanket over cobra and kill him by rod.
    7) alert his mates immediately and go towards him for inquiry
    8)give him water and take him in open place
    9) gave them all valuables, report to police and tell about incident.
    10)immediately climb a tree, wait for tiger to go and continue his journey.
    11) continue his journey with him as the man was an forest guard on duty.
    12) immediately call police , till gathered the villagers and handle the dacoits.
    13)would accept that his friend was correct.
    14)use mobile navigation, find a way to road, reach there immediately and continue their journey.
    15)would persuade them not to do so and tactfully distact them and save the girl. OR shout loudly to alert people and save the girl.

  3. 1)he did what he felt was right

    he registered FIR at RPF station and called up home to send scanned copies.

    3)handed over the purse and explained the situation to the police.

    4) climbed up the tree and waited untill dawn and then started moving by foot carrying the cycle.

    called up home,explained what happen,ask for money through atm.

    threw blanket on cobra,rescued brother out of room,callled up forest deaprtment.

    7) raised alarm and enquired.

    8) spilled water on him,made him rest and then walk

    9)handed over some and informed police about theft

    10)he kept walking slowly away from him.

    11)hide himself and waited till he passes.

    12)he hide himself


    14)climbed a tree with his brother,waited till morning

    15)called up police and endulged them in conversation till police arrives

  4. 1. Discussed the ideas with both of them, continued with the concluded orders.
    2. Lodged the FIR, attended the SSB by showing FIR Copy
    3. Attacked with a jerk on his hand, overpowered him, handed him over to the police.
    4. Used the torch, dragged the cycle to the repairing shop, get it repaired, reached the destination.
    5. Withdrew the money through ATM/ nearby branch of his bank.
    6. Threw a big cloth on the mouth of cobra, took out his brother, killed the cobra.
    7. Blew the whistle, alerted other cadets, overpowered the person.
    8. Washed his face, made his conscious, gave him food to eat, continued the journey.
    9. Told them he has no valuables, handed them over whatever was with him, informed the police.
    10. Made some distance silently keeping an eye on the tiger, Diverted his path, crossed the jungle
    11. Became alert, crossed the jungle.
    12. Gathered the villagers with the available weapons & arms, countered the dacoits, meanwhile informed the police.
    13. Accepted his ideas.
    14. Waited till the morning, crossed the jungle, reached the destination.
    15. Confused them that police patrolling is coming from behind, meanwhile gathered other co passenger & released the girl.

  5. 1.would tactfully obey to both of them.

    2.would inform the railway authorities and mco about it.

    3.would give it.

    4.would lodge an FIR and take help from someone.

    5.slowly move towards it with a stick and throw it out silently.

    6. enquire into the reason and politely ask him to go .

    7. try to bring him back to consciousness by searching source of water nearby. if possible take him on shoulders.

    8.give it to them and then act accordingly.

    10.would remain still and then act accordingly

    11.would stop and enquire him and then act accordingly.

    12.call 911 or police in the meanwhile with the help of villagers try to overcome them.

    13.accept it.

    14.rest during night and continue the next day.

    15.gather some people and save the girl from them.

  6. 1.Follows the order.
    2.Reports to GRP,files an FIR,arrange duplicate certificates from University/Board and attends Absentee batch.
    3.Purse do not have more cash,put out DL,Voter id and gives away the purse.
    4.Continued his journey on walk
    5.Borrowed some money from his neighbor and filed an FIR at nearest police station.
    6.There was enough distance between Cobra and his brother,he alerts his brother,later called a serpent.
    7.Blew his whistle.
    8.Immediately sprinkled water on his face,gave some water to drink and continued the journey.
    9.Poured mud on one of the thugs eyes,hit hard on others head with stone and ran away.
    10.the tiger was wounded,he continued his journey from safer direction.
    11.Thanked the rifle man for accompanying his in such a jungle.
    12.Immediately dialed 100 and asked the villagers to act for surrender by the time police arrives.
    13.Appreciated his friend.
    14.Used the compass and torch available with him.
    15.Although girls are smarter enough to protect themselves now a days,still he went there with friends and helped the girl.

  7. anyone can reply these srt’s……………….

    Ram was member of his college trekking team. While negotiating a jungle, a tiger attacked the team. So Ram…………..

    He went to lodge an FIR. The police persons refused to do so. So he

    He gets an information about some terrorists but his commander doesn’t agree in spite of his repeated reminders. So he…………

    Your sister’s marriage and annual inspection are scheduled on the same day. So you…………

    His brother has decided to marry a girl, whose nature is not good. So he

    You want to marry with an intelligent & educated girl who belongs to your neighbouring village. But your village has very strained relations with that village. So you

    During his leave his wife commits a serious crime but his leave is about to be over soon. So he…………

    The cook is not preparing tasty food. He is the Mess Cdr. So he

    while returning at late night he found one person is lying in the mid of the highway road he….

    • with the fellow member climb the nearest tree and wait till the tiger passes
      went to the headquaters
      follow the commanders order
      attend both one after another which ever finishes first
      introduced facts about the girl to his brother
      arrange meeting of the sarpanch of both village and convinced them and marry

  8. u are sitting in the movie hall suddenly u find a snake infront of ur legs
    what u will do…………….

    u find a snake hanging in the ceiling of the bathroom u will…………

    can anyone give reply about this srt

  9. Dear Admin please give me desirable solution for these SRT’s I have my own solution but not satisfied.

    1)He was to carry some valuables from one place to another and there was danger of dacoits on the way. He
    2)He has been served with a challenge from the college bully because he had reported against him when the latter was trying to beat his friend. He…………………
    3)His elder brother wanted to celebrate the death of their very old father but he felt otherwise. He…………
    4)He was threatened by the rival group in the college because he had reported against him when the latter was trying to beat his friend. He……

  10. 1. he obeyed the both.
    2. He reported a fir at RPF and take the fir copy with him and reached the ssb centre.
    3. He gave the purse to him and follow him and inform the police.
    4. He started running wid his cycle.
    5. He made a fir and call his relative in the city from police station.
    6. He wahe up his bro slowely and took him away.
    7. He ran towards him wid his gun and said to knee down.
    8. He sprinkled some water on his face and took some rest.
    9. He gave whatever he had and after this he folloed thm and informs the police.
    10. He silently took shelter behind the tree.
    11. He ran and took shelter behind a tree.
    12. He called the police and took villagers to control the fire.
    13. He said sorry.
    14. He returned back to some known place.
    15. He opposed thm and said that police is coming.

  11. sir please my response and give your suggestion………….
    1 he’ll obey cleverly to satisfy both.
    2 he’ll register his complain with railway police,and with photocopy of fir go to ssb.
    3 he’ll engage him in talks snatch his pistol and hand him to police.
    4 he’ll continue on punchered cycle to reach his destination.
    5 he’ll file an fir and call will go to bank to withraw money from his account.

    6 he’ll throw some mattress on cobra and save his brother.
    7 he’ll ask his colligue to wake others and then over power him and hand him to police.
    8 he’ll bring his friend back to consious by giving him water and then give him chocolate to eat and will continue the journey.
    9 he dint had a single rupee in his pocket so he,ll ask them to check and
    will easily escape.

  12. sir please my response and give your suggestion………….
    1 he’ll obey cleverly to satisfy both.
    2 he’ll register his complain with railway police,and with photocopy of fir go to ssb.
    3 he’ll engage him in talks snatch his pistol and hand him to police.
    4 he’ll continue on punchered cycle to reach his destination.
    5 he’ll file an fir and call will go to bank to withraw money from his account.

    6 he’ll throw some mattress on cobra and save his brother.
    7 he’ll ask his colligue to wake others and then over power him and hand him to police.
    8 he’ll bring his friend back to consious by giving him water and then give him chocolate to eat and will continue the journey.
    9 he dint had a single rupee in his pocket so he,ll ask them to check and
    will easily escape.

  13. Sir, plz see my responses and kindly correct them if needed.
    Answers of Srt’s 1:
    1) After bringing in notice about senior most official order to his superior, he will obey most senior orders.
    2)Lodged FIR,briefed the whole incident to SSB officials and waited for orders.
    3)He showed as if he is giving purse,Quickly snatched pistol from him and handed him over to police.
    4)Continued journey,repaired his cycle after reaching there.
    5)lODGED FIR, withdrew money from bank.
    6)immidiately pulled his brother towards himself, took some heavy object or broom and killed the cobra.
    7)Catched the person,Reported him to commander.
    8)poured water on his face,gave water for drinking,took some rest and continued journey.
    9)He ran and concelaed himself to some place , When dacoits go, reported matter to police.
    10)He hide himself under a tree or bush,waited for tiger to go,took out knive and Crossed the jungle.
    11)He kept going with same pace, on being asked by the person,He recognised his identity.
    12)He called the nearest police station,hepled in sending women and kids to some safe place by distracted the decoits by making a small group of people till police arrives.
    13)He gracefully accepted his friend’s point.
    14)He continued journey till he find main road or some help.
    15)With his friends,saved her and escorted to her home, reported the matter to police.

    )He took his frnd to shadow,poured water on his face and pressed his heart gently till he retain consciousness.


  14. answer these srt

    1) His captain was injured before a crucial match, he was asked to lead the team? He. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    2) He was on his way to home and suddenly it started raining heavily. He. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    3) You are an officer posted at the border & suddenly shelling happens from the other side, you. . . . . . . . . . . . .
    4) You are at unknown city and lost your purse. You need money. As a stranger how will u manage? . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    5) Your brother wants to get admission in a medical college but his marks falls short by 1% for admission. u
    6) You have to go to a city with cash for work but the way is dangerous as dacoits…… how will u manage to go?
    7) He was travelling by a train & suddenly a person snatches purse from lady & jumps out of train. . . .
    8) You are going to sign a contract suddenly u got news that one of your friend who had helped you once met an accident and is in ICU. you. . . . . . . . . .
    9) He had boarded a wrong train and came to know only when he was asked to pay money to TT. He……
    10) He saw his girlfriend walking with another person on his way. He…
    11) He was on his way to railway station to catch a train; suddenly a car passes by and throws a person out of
    the running car. He………………..
    12) He was driving the bike without helmet and the traffic police caught him. He……….
    13) He was asked to organize the farewell party. He…..
    14) He was ironing his clothes when suddenly he received an electric shock and he noticed the wire burning.
    15) He was in charge of wireless board in a sailing ship which lost its communication with the coast. He. . . . .
    16) In a discussion with your colleagues, you find your losing ground, you…….
    17) He was to appear for an exam and all of a sudden the curfew was imposed in that area, he………
    18) He went for the picnic with his friends and on the way he had hot arguments with them. He…..
    19) There is a person who sells smuggled goods. You too, like many others, have purchased a wristwatch from
    him. But it doesn’t work. You……..
    20)Just two days before the semi‐finals of the bridge tournament, his partner was called by his parents and had to go out of station for an urgent work. He……..
    21) He was rather young when his father was killed in the war and later mother kidnapped by the rival group. He had no other relative. He………….
    22) You are on the way to your home suddenly your bicycle got punctured. You…..
    23) He urgently needed of money. He…
    24) During d exams his teacher threatened him to fail in examination. He…….
    25) You are getting late in reaching meeting. You would…
    26) You find your hostel roommate not very friendly with you. You…..
    27) Your mom is seriously ill and your boss doesn’t grant u leave. You………

    • @Admin: Sir,please look into my responses and guide me further
      1)He took responsibility,made plan and describe it to team,executed it in match and won
      2)He took shelter nearby,waited for rain to slowdown and went home
      3)Quickly analysed enemy position and numbers,Made a quick plan and responded well
      4)Took out money by cash voucher from his account
      5)Admitted him to best coaching institute and helped him for giving improvement test for % increase
      6)He reached the destination by taking police’s help
      7)Pulled the alarm chain, ran before him and call the police immidiately
      8)Called the other friends to rush to hospital,signed the contract and reached hospital asap
      9)He described the matter to TT, gave fine, took ticket of other train at next station
      10)He continued his work
      11)Noted down car’s number,Gave 1st aid with his hankerchief and rushed him to hospital asap.Lodged FIR
      12)Apolagised,gave fine and never did it in future
      13)He made definate plan,Appointed Staff and assigned tasks to them,ensured work is completed well before time
      14)Took out main plug,repaired wire by applying insulation over it.
      15)He studied the system fault,corrected it and reestablishes communication asap
      16)He came back strongly by putting more logical practical points.
      17)He reached the exam hall in time by taking help of army personals
      18)concluded the arguement and enjoyed the time.
      19)Reported the information to police and alerted all knowns .
      20)Made sure his availability by calling him ,arranged substitute for emergency.
      21)Registered case in police station,cooperated while investigation,Join some work
      22)He continued walking with cycle and repaired puncture at home
      23)Took money from parents
      24)He requested him not to do so and promised him his improvements,worked hard thereafter
      25)Complete work on priority basis and reach meeting asap
      26)I will make myself more friendly to remove his hesitation

    • 1.take the lead, encopurage the team, practice well and win
      2.will wait sometime till the rain is over.
      3.Analyse th eenemy position, made a strategy, and act accordingly
      4.Call freinds and family from police stn & ask them if they know someone in that town and take help from them..
      5.encouraged him to prepare well in the entrance exam well nxt year and get through
      6.go by train
      7.pull the chain and infrom GPF
      8.after signing the contract rush to the hospital
      9. convince the TT abou the problem, get down on the nxt stn and board on the right train
      10.wave a hand to her
      11.Gie the person firt aid inform the police take him to the hospital and go to station to catchthe train
      12.Being in emergeny to hospital site the problem and go to destination
      13.accept the responsibiliy, paln well with help of frieinds and arrange a nice party.
      14.switch off the iron plug it off and take it to mechanic and iron the clothes in laundry store.
      15.Being an engineer check the instruments properly and repair it.
      16.Reconcile with them
      17.By help of local police went to appear before the exam.
      18.calm dowm and convince his friends by telling facts and enjoy the picnic.
      19.will forget about it and tell freinds not to buy any things from him
      20.will take another his freinds as partner pratice well and win the compettetion.
      21.Took help of neighbours and freinds parents and police.
      22.made the punture on the way in mechanic shop and go to home.
      23.ask help to his freinds.
      24.appear the exam sincerely and do well.
      25.hurry to reach there,
      26.Try to make him your friends by going out with him and playing with him.
      27.ask my sister to stay with mom and meet boss and convince him to grant me leave.

  15. 1. U r a horse rider. Once the horswe went out of control. You..
    2.as a cricket match was on, a fight suddenly started b/w sympathizers of the rival team. As d captain.he…
    3.u r in second year of engg. But now u find it hard to complete ur degree. You..
    4.a stocky built ruffian snatched d wife of a soldier. U r passing by what u’ll do..person is stronger than u, u r empty handed, no 3 person is dere n no mobile.
    5.while watching movie u see a snake in front of ur legs..
    6.in free periods u wanted to study but ur frens wr continously disturbing u..
    7.u opposed strike in colg and beaten up by strikers
    8.you are given a job u are not interested in
    9.his boss reprimanded him in presence of others…what will b his reaction
    10.he is a student of final year and his father expires. Uncle throws him out of the house.
    11.he was incharge of wireless board in a sailing ship which lost its contact with coast
    12.you find your hostel roommate not very friendly with you.
    13.your mom is seriously ill and ur boss doesnt grant u leave

    • Please analyse my responses:
      1. Try to get the horse back in control and hold strongly.
      2. Urged his team supporters to stop the fight
      3. Put in extra efforts and develop d interest in d subjects
      4. Chase him for his location and later inform d police
      5. Take out my jacket and slowly put it over d snake.alert my neighbour and then go out n inform theatre staff.
      6.go to library to study
      7. Complaint to the college authorities.
      8. Find a job of his choice
      9. Never give him a chance again to do it and also request him to personally tell him his mistakes, not in front of others.
      10. Take a flat on rent from his savings and do sm part time job
      11. Try to find d root cause, fix d problem and reestablish d contact
      12. I’ll try to be friendly with him and make him comfortable
      13. Ask my sister to attend to my mother and reach home in d evening quickly.


  17. @ADMIN sir boys are giving back to back reactions until they land in a safe situation,i have given the imediate and the first reaction only. is there a scope to assume somthing if it is not given.like in question 8 it is not stated that if we have water with us or not? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

  18. 1 followed the instruction of his immediate senior.

    2 look around in the train,registered the case with GRP and presented FIR copy at ssb centre in lieu of certificates.

    3 gave hime the purse and followed him later to inform polic about the location

    4 started walking with cycle

    5 went to police station ,register the fir and contacted his family

    6 raised the voice to wake up his brothr and tamed the cobra with stick to go out

    7 spot the torch light on him and told him to stop at his place

    8 offer him water to drink,wait for some time and help him to walk out of that place

    9 gave the valuables and followed them later to inform police about their location

    10 stay quite and wait til tiger moved away from that place

    11 keep on walking and became alert

    12 informed the police and asked his family members to stay hidden

    13 accepted his mistake and asked his friend more about that topic

    14 keep on walking with his brother and crossed the forest

    15 asked them to stop and threatened that police already informed

  19. i have one questin to all, specially to admin.
    If we are not able to understand certain Situations in SSB, is it mandatiry to write reaction in that or we can leave them and move on to next.. some says dont leave any SRTs in between, if u leave it shows you were not able to think, react and decide in that situation. if that situations come in practical life..
    Help me

    • the situations given to you during SSB will always have meaning
      they test your capability to understand a situation and your immediate reaction towards that situation.
      so i think if you get such a situation which you find difficulty in understanding(i think most of candidates will find difficulty in that situation) just respond according to “what you understand from it”
      those are the situations in which the SSB wants to know about how you think about the material they have given.


    • You can understand the situation but you may get confuse in what to write or what not to write, if you leave it blank it shows that you are unable to think properly in that situation. So avoid leaving any situation.

  20. answer these confusing srts
    1. He was to carry some valuables from one place to another and there was danger of dacoits on the way. He……..
    2. He found his parents quarreling over his future. He….
    3. He has been served with a challenge from the college bully because he had reported against him when the latter was trying to beat his friend. He……
    4.During winter he was once returning alone from a late night show when suddenly it started raining heavily. He
    5.He was doing private tuitions in order to finance his higher studies as his father was a poor man. When the exam drew near, he found he was not fully prepared. Therefore he………………………………………………..
    6. He was going from his house to the exam hall and on the way he was surrounded by two policemen. He………
    7.He had recently joined an active unit he felt that he is given too such work. He
    8. Drought conditions were prevailing in his village. He

    • 1. Carries on the valuables with a good number of security peoples and police and reaches his destination.

      2.Stops both of them. Give them a glass of water and tells them about his future plans and his goals and how he is going to achieve them.

      3. Accepts the challenge and win the challenge using his wit and presence of mind.

      4.I SUPPOSE IT DOESNT RAIN IN WINTER STILL….. he takes shelter at a nearby place and waits for a autorickshaw. And by auto he reaches his home.

      5. He studied more hard and in a planned way as still there was time left and passed the exam with average marks.

      6. Politely tells them that he is going to have a exam within a hour and shows them the admit card.

      7.accepts the hard work and later shines in it with his proper management plan.

      8. Ask for help from government. Makes his village aware of how to tackle the drought. Himself manages to bring water tank to his village for water.

      Please tell how I did Janendra. And please tell what are my mistakes and how to rectify them.

    • @JANENDRA: Here r my responses

      1)He reaches his destination by taking help from ploice
      2)He Told them not to worry and told them his plans,worked hard thereafter.
      3)He informed college authorities about the matter
      4)He took shelter nearby,waited fr rain to slow down,reached home
      5)He made proper strategy,prepared very hard by giving more time to study.
      6)He cooperated with them,told them he is going for exam ,reached hall in time
      7)He took it as a challege and managed his work efficiently
      8)With sarpanch, went to DC,urged for help,ensured water tanks reaches asap.

    • 1.he informed the police and chanfed his way to destination.
      2.he interfered them and said he has an interview on Navy he must get it for u.. dint do like this.
      3.accept the challenge and fight as much as possible if his friend also take that as a game.
      4.he tried to set a shelter nearby and waits for some taxi to get hom
      5.he take some more time on his studies and get max marks.
      6.ask them the reason and inform aboutthe exam and went for exam.
      7.he did whatever he can and he got rewards for his work.
      8.he tried lots of ways to prevent.

  21. 1:make the immediate officer know about the orders of senior officer and follow the senior officer’s order.

    2:filled FIR,arrange duplicate certificate and attend SSB in absente batch.

    3:dominate over the criminal and with the help of others take them to police station.

    4:continue his journey and punchere repaired.

    5:filled FIR n arrange money using ATM card.

    6:awaken to his brother and kill the snake with a stick.

    7:inquired the person and knowing he has lost,tell him the right path.

    8:give hi water,make him conscious n continue journey.

    9:convice them that he has no money n rescue from there,make police know about the incident.

    10:stayed hidden.

    11:inquired him and enjoy the journey with him to the destination.

    12:call the police station and with the help of villagers,dominate over the dacoits.

    13:apologize his friend and agree to his point.

    14:enjoy the journey with his brother to the destination.

    15:with his friends dominate over those people and rescue the girl.

  22. 1.suggest the demand of time and follow next instructions.
    2.inform station master,RPF,for seek help of MCO.go to ssb.(u will get next date if documents not found)
    3.pretend for mercy,to provoke his emotions initially.
    4.he continues walking with bicycle in moon light towards his destination.
    5.make use of his ATM card.lodge an FIR.
    6.skillfully capture snake in pillow cover n dispose of out f locality.
    7.he inquires his identity n intergotates him.
    8.takes him in shade,loosens his clothes n makes him drink water,rest him till he regains n continue.
    9.kicks one btwn legs,punches the other n runs away.
    10.turn right or left calmly n crosses tiger(if u have camera do take a pic silently)
    11.he breaks the ice by starting a conversation n make journey company full.
    12.call in police,by the tym make a team of capable boys with available matterial overpower dacoits.
    13.he appreciates him for telling right thing.
    14.clean the ground,cover it with leaves n branches rest safely till morning n look for correct way.
    15.become some her known one for that moment n move away with her.

    • gentleman baloedalone its shahid khan actually.do try to unerstand psychology in my responses.i suggest dn make things twisted by urself write down first simple reaction in ur mind n admin plz rate my responses.

  23. 1. Follows the order which he think is after after thinking about both.

    2. He lodge a complaint at the station Railway police and go to the SSB centre telling the Station master and the police.

    3. Gives his purse and goes to a police station and lodge a complaint.

    4.Waits for someone to cross by for help. If no one is there he walks across the Jungle with his cycle.

    5. Calls his parents and his friends in the city. His friends help him out.

    6. He hold of his brother as fast as he can and awakes him. And later shoo away the snake.

    7. Triggers a Alarm, chase that person and catch a hold of him.

    8. Dial for help. And gives his friend First Aid.

    9. Fights them back and then shouts for help.

    10. Run and climbs the nearest tree as high as he can. And wait till the animal goes away.

    11. Slips through some bushes and hide away from the rifelman. As soon as rifleman crosses he punches him and take away his rifle.

    12. Rushes to the nearest Police checkpoint and comes with their backup.And charges away the dacoits.

    13. Tells his friend that his friend is correct and apologies for his mistake.

    14. Shouts his brother name aloud and keep on walking till he find a person or house.

    15. Shouts at them and takes help from nearby bystanders and catches those harasser and hand over them to police.

    K. DAS

  24. 1. He will take his decision and convince his officers about his stand.
    2. File a complaint with RPF and reach SSB centre with a copy of that and attend the interview.
    3. Grab maximum personal identification details from them, hand over his purse, file FIR and nab the culprits.
    4. Walk with his cycle, got it repaired and reach his home.
    5. Explain his situation with a stranger,get some money,file an FIR and reach his destination.
    6. Will divert it to the nearby bushes with the help of a stick.
    7. Question him and send him back, if needed collect his details.
    8. rest him under a tree, give some water and then continue the journey.
    9. Give away valuables and report to police immediately and nab the thugs.
    10. Hide behind a tree and then start his journey.
    11. He will aquaint himself with the forest guard and continue his journey.
    12. united the villagers,made the dacoits to flee because of fear.
    13. will inform his friend and appreciate him
    14. will sing the commom song or else reach the common gathering point and then start their journey.
    15. Get interfered, refer the girl as his sister, warn them and take the girl to her home.

  25. 1.will meet the seniors seeking clarification
    2.will go to the nearest RPF station and lodge an FIR.
    3.will give his purse.
    4.will continue barefoot carrying his cycle.
    5.will call any relative (if any)and go to police to lodge an FIR.
    6.will shout and try to get his brother alert and then look for any mean to get the kobra out.
    7.will shout and ask for identity of that person.
    8.will search for water nearby.
    9.willgive them valuable.
    10.will look for if the tiger has seen him or not.
    11.try to cover the jungal as fast as possible.
    12.will confront with dacoits along with villagers.
    13.will go to the friend and accept his fault.
    14.will pass the night on tree and search the way in morning.
    15.wii call the police as well as try to engage them.

  26. please any one answer these SRTs.
    1. your uncle is harasing a girl, u saw him doin that den u?
    2. u were walkin throw a bridge, u saw a dead body is lyin under bridge and is eaten by eagles and dogs. u?
    in a book the answer of these both SRTs is given as “i will do nothing” but i think book answer is wrong.. what are ur reactions

    • my reactions as per the situations will be-
      1.first i will try to stop the uncle from doing that and try to take the girl away from that place.and after that i will hear the girls side and then go to the uncle for sorting out the matter if i can. or if it goes out of hand then with the help of elders.
      2.Call the police.

  27. 1. follow the order of senior of them.
    2. he will inform the railway police authority, go ssb center intimate about the incident, postpone his ssb.
    3. memorise his face, gave purse and inform to police.
    4. call his frnds 4m his mobile phone and ride his punctured cycle to nearest end of forest
    5. lodge a complaint in nearset police station and go to nearset bank meet manager told him his account detail and get money.
    6. quickly grabbed nearest object to kill him and also shout to awake his brother.
    7. get attentive and orderd that man to reveal and proove his identity.
    8. get water from nearest water body, sprinkled on his face and gave ti drink.
    9. gave them, memorise their identy and face and lodge a cpmplain in police. got his valuables.
    10. silently moved back without leting it know.
    11. run out of the jungle very fast then with the help of common street people asked him to tell him his motives.
    12. he gathered nearby youths of village, all picked up sticks and bamboos, made plan and attackd dacoits instantly without leting them know.
    13. apolize from his frnd.
    14. take the help of forest milestones and help of his brother. crossed the forest.
    15. with the help of his friends who came with him for a movie. stoped those.

  28. 1. followed the orders of both tactfully.
    2. informed railway master and polce, informed s.s.b board and followed whatever they say.
    3.he overpowered that man seeing right opportunity , caught him and handover him to police.
    4.he walked and continued his journey along with his cycle.
    5.filed a report, arrange money somehow and inform his family members.
    6.he picked a stick and killed snake .
    7.he approached the person and stopped him entering the camp site.Told him that it’s restricted area.
    8.he throws some water on his face made him conscious, picked him up , crossed jungle ,dropped him to his house.
    9. gave belongings to thugs, report to police
    10.he changed his path and crossed the jungle.
    11.he continued his journey
    12.he gathered young people,picked gun and fought with dacoits
    13. he accepted his mistake and analysed his mistake
    14. he studied the map, find way and reached home
    15. he asked people to stop,if they don’t understand gather other people and help the girl

  29. 1-obeyed them tactfully
    2-lodge an fir,rachd ssb centre,informd the officer,showd the copy of fir,gave the ssb
    3-gave the purse,report to police
    4-took help of map,took the shortest distance,reachd home,got cycle repaired later
    5-report the matter to the police,took the part time job
    6-wake up his brother,with the help of latthi killed the snake
    7-caught the person,informed the commander,handover him to police
    8-gave him water,gave him medicine
    9-engaged them in talk,escape in the jungle,report it to police
    10-slowly move aside,let d tiger passed first,then went his way
    11-stopped and tell the person that he is not a tresspasser,just lost the way.askd for help from the person to find out the way
    12-gather the villagers,make a plan to attack dacoits,attack d dacoits,overpowered them,handed them to police
    13-accepted his mistake gracefully
    14-consulted the route map,took the shortest route,reachd home
    15-intervened in between,took the girl from there referring her as sister,report the matter to police,drop her home

  30. 1.he should clarify with seniors and apply his inteligence.
    2.report to railway police take copy of fir and should attend ssb and tel them the situation.
    3.pass the purse if got time resist or report to police.
    4.leave the cycle at some place memorise the place and move ahead.
    5.report to police arrange to make call to his relatives for sending money.
    6.on the light try to move his brother at safe place call for help.
    7.blow the whistle to inform other gaurds run to catch the person.
    8.arrange for water and some food for frnd take rest and then move ahead together.
    9.misguide the thugs,fight with them, try to come out and call for help
    10. climb on the nearest tree .
    11.give doss and try catch him from back.
    12.read the situation gather peoples and arms if have and fight.
    13. appreciate the frnd for his knowledge.
    14.find a safe shelter burn some fire so that his brother can see the fire.
    15.intrupt them and call for help.

  31. 1. HE accept the order of his commanding officer, try to know about the point for confliction.
    2.he tell the condition to station master and rpf and after that contacted to jco office for taking some time for new docs.
    3.he gave his purse, and b/w this time he suddenly grab the thug and call the police.
    4.he ride on punctured cycle with full weight on opposite tyre,reach home and repaired cycle.
    5.he reported to police station and make a call from police station to home for money,and arrange some money from neighbor till help.
    (6).he throw the cobra outside the home with the help of bomboo or cloth.
    (7).first ho confirmed that the person is known or unknown,if unknown then take action against him.
    (8).he arranged some water pour some drop on his face give him water for drinking,and wait for some time.
    (9).he gave all things,report to police station for loot and search for thugs with cops.
    (10).he changed his way if looking uncomfortable then light the fire and cross the way.
    (11).he was hidden behind a tree or jhadi wait for a bit if feeling dangerous then quickly reached to home.
    (12).he gathered some villagers , collect some arms ,fire upon daciots with full zeal…
    (13). he satisfactorily listen to his friend and appreciate him for knowledge.
    (14).he soughted the name of his brother ,search him and went to home early.
    (15).he gathered some other people on way and tell to those men not tease the girl and make a call to police.

  32. 6)he distracts the cobra and in meantime he awakes his brother and till then if cobra is not run away then kill him.
    7)he send the other guard friend to report to the camp comm. and till then go to face the men who is climbing in.
    8)he immediately provide him the ors solution and waits till he get back his consciouness.
    9)he gives his items n then immediately call police and get capture them
    10) he immediately climbs to the tree at its highest point & calls forest department officials.

  33. 1) he immediately reports to his immediate senior officer & tell him about the situation & finally obeys the superior officers orders
    2) He immediately files a report to the grp station & describe all the situation to the MCO.
    3)He stammer for a moment & at right situation snatches the gun from him & hand over him & his gun to nearest police station.
    4)one of his good friend was at the destination. he calls him and tell him to come with a motorcycle to receive him . Till then he moves towards his destination with his cycle.
    5) he calls his aunt who stays in same city to receive him & describe his situation.

  34. 1.he does what he feels is write
    2.lodges an fir,calls ssb centre and ask them to postpone his ssb
    3.gave his purse
    4.left his cycle at the same place and reached his destination as soon as he could
    5.seeks police help
    6.awakes his brother and get rid of that snake-killing it or throwing it away from house
    7.rings the alarm bells and alert everyone about the intruder
    8.sprinkle water on his face till he gains consciousness
    9.gave all valueables(though i dont want to write this but this is whats best for him)
    10.stood there silently behaving as he was just a non living thing
    11.he kept on moving till they reached a place with some crowd and then confronted him
    12.called the police and asked the villagers not to panic
    13.went to him and apologised
    14.kept on moving till they reached a secured place
    15.warned them that he had called the police and they may arrive any time,so it would be better for them to leave as soon as possible…

  35. 1. uses his own judgement out of the two orders and goes with his instincts / Obeys the orders of more superior of the two officers.
    2. informs the station master as soon as possible and then informs the receiving officer about the incident and follows whatever he says.
    3. gives his purse away and goes off. From a distance he calls the police and follows the thief and catches him with the help of police.
    4. determines that by which way he can get out of the jungle sooner, forward or backward. Then whichever end was near, he follows that path.
    5. goes to the police and reports the incident and using the phone from the police station, he calls up his parents and narrate the incident and asks for monetary and other help.
    6. distracts the cobra by throwing something other way. The cobra follows the thing and he wakes his brother up and goes out for help.
    7.rings up his seniors and reports it and then goes to the man pointing his gun towards him and asks for his identification.
    8. gives his friend water and glucose/ banana. He waits till his friend is fully conscious and is able and confident to cross the forest.
    9. He gives all the things and goes away. Then follows the thugs from a distance and calls the police and then catches them and gets his things back.
    10. Doesn’t looses his cool and slowly moves towards the nearest tree and climbs it up and calls the forest department or any other help from there using his phone and waits till help comes.
    11. Tries to walk as fast as he could and tries to hide in some dense area. He either waits there till the man is gone or calls for help using his phone from there.
    12. Calls up the police and gets his gun and tries to shoot the dacoits from a distance so that they can’t see him and keeps them distracted till help comes.
    13. Goes up to his friend and admits that during the argument he thought he was right but later when he analyzed it, he came to know that he was wrong. He apologises for the incident.
    14. They climb up a tree and rests there for the night / They follow the north star and finds their way out of the jungle.
    15. first calls up the police, gathers some people from the movie hall and goes up to the girl and the molesters and tries to save the girl.

  36. tried my best and came with these solution..please rectify if am wrong.thanks.

    1) obey both orders.

    2)postpone interview,file an FIR in GRP,arrange duplicates and attend the absente batch.

    3)tell him he had no money ..he was allowed to leave

    4)continue travelling and the puncture repaired on his way to his destination.

    5)Filed an FIR ,use the spare money he had.

    6)killed the cobra with stick/bat.

    7)asked the man to prove his identity and knowing he was lost helped him to get out of the jungle.

    8)gave him him water ..bought him back to consiousness,continued journey

    9)tell him he had no money ..he was allowed to leave

    10) stayed hidden ,let the tiger pass by..

    11)finding him to be loacalite ..asked his help to get out of the jungle.

    12) attacked the dacoits with sticks and stone with help of vilagers and made them flea.

    13) apologized his friend and agreed to his point of view .

    14)continue travelling and find their way out to main road .

    15)being with friends he overpowered them ..made them flea..escorted lady to her home safly.


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