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SSBCrackHow To Pass CDSE 2013

How To Pass CDSE 2013

how to pass CDSE 2013
To all Indian defence aspirants applied for CDSE [Combined Defence Services Examination] 2013, time has come, your ladder to success is not so far , you must be prepared for all future challenges, your journey begins with passing the written exam of CDSE 2013, but it is not that easy, like you many other aspirants are fighting and they are well prepared. So start your preparation for CDSE 2013 written exam now.

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This post will help you to understand about CDSE exam and how to prepare for it, some of the very basic information about CDSE syllabus, test paper structure, cut off marks and so on. CDSE is conducted by UPSC twice every year for the recruitment of young men and women in army, air force and navy.
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Syllabus of CDSE 2013:

  1. English 
  2. General Knowledge 
  3. Mathematics [ Not for OTA ]

Check the detailed structure of CDSE 2013 Syllabus here   

CDSE 2013 has following phases: 

  1. Apply for CDSE [ Online only]
  2. Clear written test of CDSE
  3. Attend SSB, AFSB [ Air force selection board], NSB interview.
  4. Get recommend.
  5. Clear your medical examination. 
  6. Get in all India merit list.
  7. Join IMA, AFA or NA.

Marks Division in CDSE 2013:

  • English: 100 Marks. 
  • General Knowledge: 100 Marks.
  • Elementary Mathematics: 100 Marks.

Sectional Cut Off in CDSE 2013: 

  • There is no sectional cut off, try to get as many as marks you can score in your stronger section.

Cut Off Marks in CDSE 2013:

Tips for CDSE 2013:

  • Try to grab more marks in your stronger section.
  • Negative marking scheme can do much damage, avoid guessing much, try to grab marks from stronger side and avoid loosing them from -ve marking scheme. 
  • Don’t worry about sectional cut off marks, keep a target on overall high score. 
  • Start preparation, buy a good CDSE preparation material

How to Prepare:

  • English paper is a cake for you are good at this language, it checks your basic grammar and usage.
  • GK is little tougher, you can get idea by referring previous question papers.
  • Mathematics is easy, just need experienced hands, make sure you take care of time. 
  • Start preparing by solving CDSE previous question papers.
  • Improve your speed by practicing similar questions.
  • Solve 10 questions daily from each section. 
  • Buy a good preparation material

Best CDSE Preparation Book:

1: Pathfinder CDS: Combined Defence Services Entrance Examination :This book is well designed for CDSE and section wise questions are given as per the CDSE 2013 format.

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