Situation Reaction Test Original 180 Situations in SSB

Download the pack of 180 situations comes in Situation Reaction Test which is one of the test in psychological testing. Situation reaction test is also know as SRT is a series of 60 situations, candidates are required to answer as many as they can in 30 mins.


DOWNLOAD: ” Situation Reaction Test Solved Part 1 eBook

About: Situation Reaction Test eBook Part 1 consists of solved100 original situations candidates will face in SSB/AFSB/NSB/ICG psychological test SRT. This eBook contains 200 responses and 2 unique responses for every SRT situation. Candidates can also find the qualities/OLQs mentioned in front of every single SRT response which will help them to understand OLQs and how to show them in word association test.


Tips to Tackle SRT

  1. Keep the response short.
  2. Write the solution to the point.
  3. Do not write multiple actions.
  4. Write clean.
  5. Avoiding skipping any situation in between.
  6. Do not contradict your response for similar type of situations.
  7. Write practical and logical solutions.

Sample Situations in the Pack

  1. His captain was injured before a crucial match, he was asked to lead the team? He….
  2. He was on his way to home and suddenly it started raining heavily? He. . . . . . .
  3. You are an officer posted at the border & suddenly shelling happens from the other side, you. .
  4. You find your hostel roommate not very friendly with you. You…..
  5. Your mom is seriously ill and your boss doesn’t grant u leave. You………
  6. He was wondering why most of the officers in India were corrupt and he………
  7. During a trekking trip, he was left alone in the jungle.He………………
  8. Your brother is facing charges for the murder which he received he really committed. You…….
  9. He went for the picnic with his friends and on the way he had hot arguments with them. He….

Download the full set of SRTs

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  1. · Permalink

    1. Lead the team.
    2. Took shelter under a roof.
    3. will inform my commanding officer and wait for the orders.
    4. Sit with him and talk about the reason of being so.
    5. will inform my boss seriousness of the matter and commit to complete work within time after i get back to work.
    6. supported campaign of India Against Corruption.
    7. With the help of compass and making note of directions, tries to get out the jungle.
    8. Will go with the criminal proceedings and look after my family.
    9. Calmly discussed the issue and got it solved.

  2. · Permalink

    sir i would like to ask one question like in second situation it is written like that can we imagine that we are driving car or scooter ??
    or we have to imagine that we are walking ?

  3. sudheer

    · Permalink

    1. take the opportunity, prove as good captain and win the match
    2. take shelter nearby till rain stopped.
    3. order the troops to give reply.

  4. Harpal Singh

    · Permalink

    please react to this SRT . He was on a boat and he noticed mid stream water entering in the boat. He..

    • Vattikuti Nageswara Rao

      · Permalink

      He can continue in the boat up to a last minute and then he can start swimming..

    • pawan negi

      · Permalink

      started boating towards nearest bank of the river, took another boat and continue his journy

  5. Anil Rai

    · Permalink

    1. Made immediate strategy lead the team and won the match
    2. took the shelter till rain stop and then return home
    3. alert all the jawans and took cover and reply them hard
    4. talk with him and ask his problem and try to resolve it
    5. Convince for some hours leave to took mom to the hospital and report back to the office

  6. UpEndra SiNha

    · Permalink

    you cant imagine new things in situation, by doing this you are avoiding the situation.

    • Nikhil Kenny

      · Permalink

      so brother in that case having an umbrella is also a manipulation to the situation

  7. Nikhil Kenny

    · Permalink

    i have an serious srt: a women starts becoming naked in front of u..then u….

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