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Travelling Allowance (TA) for SSB and AFSB Interview

Travelling Allowance (TA) for SSB

If you are going for a SSB Interview, you will get Travelling allowance(TA) from Indian government not only that your accommodation and food will be free of cost once you enter the SSB Centre. But there have been few changes in the travelling allowance(TA) scheme lately.

All candidates do get free accommodation and food, but, all are not eligible for traveling allowance. According to the new policy, one is eligible for TA only twice i.e Permanent commission (PC) entry and short service commission (SSC) entry, irrespective to the type of service ( Army, Navy and Airforce).

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Who is eligible for SSB Interview Travelling Allowance (TA)

  • All freshers attending SSB interview first time.
  • All candidates attending PC or SSC entry first time.
  • Candidates attended PC entries but attending SSC entry first time and vice versa.

How much travelling allowance you can claim

  • You will be given TA upto AC-3 tier for both side.
  • If you have spent 1500 rs in traveling, you will get 3000 rs*

* if your fare is exceeding AC-3 tier fare (in case of by air or private transport), you will only get upto current AC-3 tier fare from your nearest station to selection centre.

Who is ineligible for TA

  • Candidate who has attended both PC and SSC entry for any Army, Navy and Airforce.

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  1. I attended navy SSB at Vizag (short service )and I got my TA since it is my first time. Next time I attended navy ssb at banglore. Next month I have to attend Army SSB(SSC tech entry), can I apply for TA since it is my first Army SSB???

  2. my hometown is varanasi and my ssb is also at varanasi.i study at delhi .will i get the travelling allowence for delhi to varanasi??

  3. hi please help me, i am in ahmedabad, and my ssb is in coimbatore, no availibility of tickets, if i choose to travel by bus from ahmd to banglore in volvo and then banglore to coimbatore by train , then will they give me TA?

  4. Hello, I have SSB first time. Army only pays for express train only? Do I have to show both going and return ticket to get refund or only one way ticket is fine and they multiply by 2. Is e-ticket ok?

  5. Hi my ssb interview is on 19 july 2014 at coimbatore . I am coming form Pune by train 3 AC.Could I get both side amount i.e To & From

  6. how
    much Travelling Allowance (TA) they paid means sleeper class as they say
    in the general instruction or they pay for AC-3 tier….can anyone say
    where i get the updated general instruction ?

  7. this is my first attempt ssb in afcat.but afcat is for both permanant & short comission means after this attempt i will not get TA in 2,3,4…. attempts.
    is it right?


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