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Personal InterviewTipsPreparation and General Tips for Facing Interview in SSB

Preparation and General Tips for Facing Interview in SSB

There are several factors which help the candidates to tackle the SSB Interview and leave a good impression on the Interviewing Officer. Personal interview in SSB is very crucial, one must not go unprepared for SSB. There are certain things you must keep in mind, they are.


ssb personal interview
SSB Personal Interview
  • Preparation for the Interview: The candidate has to prepare himself to be able to answer basic questions regarding the service which he wishes to join. Before facing the Board, the candidate must try to acquire sufficient knowledge on the burning topics of the world and of the service which he wishes to join. Being not able to answer basic questions regarding army and telling the board that you wished to join army from your childhood will only put you in a awkward situation.
  • Increase your general awareness: The candidate must be able to answer questions on all the current events in the world. But one thing is to be noted that if you didn’t know about an event, be truthful and tell the interviewing officer that you don’t know it. Your wide store of knowledge will of course increase your confidence.
  • Relaxation: Tension causes nervousness which is really fatal in SSB Interviews. You should not worry about SSB Interviews. Early preparation will reduce your tension and if you feel nervousness, take 15 long breaths, It will surely restore your confidence.
  • Facial expression: It is said that face is the index of mind. So be natural in your facial expression.
  • Dress: The dress should be according to the place and climate. The dress should not be shabby and as far as possible, wear light colored shirts. The mustaches should be properly trimmed and cut your nails.
  • Manner of sitting in the Interview room: Always put your hands on your thighs and must not move it. Avoid use of unusual; gestures and speak truthfully to the Interviewing officer with a smiling face. The candidate should maintain eye contact with the Interviewing officer, should not look up, down, left or right.
  • Manner of talking : Talk politely to the Interviewing officer and if you ever want to disagree with the Interviewing officer, do it politely and be natural in your talks with the interviewing officer. Your voice should be pleasant and audible. Do not murmur or stammer. Maintain a normal speed while talking. On controversial topics, it is always better to talk both for and against it and try to provide a solution for it. It shows that you have a constructive approach. Sometimes the interviewing officer may put anger provoking questions. Do never lose your temper. Be cool in answering.
  • Leaving the Interview room: After the interview is over, you will be told to leave the room and never forget to thank the interviewing officer. Leave the room confidently as you came in the Interview room. Leave the room with a gentle smile and with your head held high. It shows that you are confident.
  • Preparation for SSB Interview: The candidate must be able to answer questions related to their educational back ground right from their 8th standard, Regarding your hobbies. Interests ,activities in which you participated , basic information regarding the service you wish to join ,why you want to join that particular service ,why were you screened out last time, some SRT’S LIKE THAT

If you have any other tip to share, do write it in the comment box below.

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  1. What if we dont have many extra curricular certificates from school time?? What can we do to compensate for that? What should be kept in mind while mentioning a hobby??


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