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PsychologyWord Association TestWord Association Test Examples With Sample Answers #2

Word Association Test Examples With Sample Answers #2

Aspirants we are now publishing word association test example series for your practice, below you can find actual words from word association test of psychological test conducted during stage 2 of SSB interview. All the responses are just for sample purpose and may differ from one another. Please do not take these responses for granted.

Word Association Test Examples With Sample Answers #2

WAT Examples With Sample Answers

  •  Nothing: Nothing is fearful to a brave person.
  • Sale: Advertisement increases sale of a product.
  • Untouchability: Untouchability has been eradicated from India.
  • Rank: Ranks are matter of honor in defense.
  • Employee: BPO’s are the highest employers these days.
  • Precious: Character is the most precious thing.
  • Manual: Manuals act as instructors for appliances.
  • Drive: Caution while driving avoids mishap.
  • Honor: Honor is to serve the country.
  • Cooperation: Law enforcement needs public’s co-operation.
  • Friendship: Friendship is to be cherished.
  • Honesty: Honesty is the virtue of a noble man.
  • Class: Defense services have a class of their own.
  • Holiday: Holidays are to be spent productively.
  • Example: A good leader leads by example.
  • Sure: Surety of thoughts makes a person firm.
  • Superstition: Knowledge removes superstition.
  • Excellence: Good preparations bring excellence.
  • Curiosity: Curiosity is responsible for new discoveries.
  • Problem: Dealing with problems makes us a strong person.

Practice WAT

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