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5 Simple Rules To Write Better Responses In WAT

Don’t be under the impression that making all sentences related to defence or armed forces will fetch you credit.

Hello, Warriors! The Word Association Test or WAT is common method within psychology, which has been used to reveal the private world of an individual. The test reveals the candidate’s verbal memories, thought processes, emotional states and personalities.

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Through the process, psychologists examine the nature and probabilities of the response words and sometimes the amount of time it takes to respond. This test was devised by a famous psychologist to show the person’s reality and autonomy of unconscious complexes.

The test has 60 words shown one by one for 15 second each. Out of 60, at least 45 have to be attempted. Doing the math, you get 900 seconds or 15 minutes for at least 45 words.

Here are the tips or RULES that’ll help you in the right approach towards the WAT:

  1. TRY TO MAKE YOUR OWN SENTENCES. Please. Don’t write famous sayings or memorised sentences. Take, for example, your word is ‘Die’ (A negative word). Instead of writing the sentence as ‘Do or Die’, you could write that ‘I’m a die-hard fan of football’. It’s genuine, positive and it’s not a learned sentence. Plus, it reveals your personality to the assessor about what you like or dislike.
  2. Write logical, meaningful and grammatically correct sentences. It’s not that everyone there is a grammar nazi, but it’s just that it’ll give a good impression to the assessor and it makes the sentence more meaningful.
  3. Make sentences that are in reality, a possibility or has happened or is going to happen. Be grounded. Don’t be in a land of imagination. This shows how realistic a person you are.
  4. Don’t be under the impression that making all sentences related to defence or armed forces will fetch you credit. Instead they show that your responses are not natural and not spontaneous.

Talking roughly, you can write about 15% sentences related to defence, that too, which shows your knowledge regarding the defence field.

Taking the same example, instead of making a sentence “I’ll die to join the armed forces” for the word ‘die’, you could approach it as “33 soldiers died last year in Kashmir saving the nation from terrorists”.

  1. Finally, PRACTISE-PRACTISE-PRACTISE. Don’t stop practising even if you fail. Leonardo De Caprio didn’t stop making movies just because he didn’t get an Oscar!

The point is, failure should always be taken as climbing steps to success and not as something that you are wasting your time on.

At last believe in yourself, be confident and stay positive, always. Good Luck!

SSBCrackExams is a comprehensive online platform dedicated to assisting candidates in preparing for the Services Selection Board (SSB) interviews and various other defense-related examinations in India.
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