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PsychologyWord Association TestLatest 120 WAT Words Asked In SSB Interview

Latest 120 WAT Words Asked In SSB Interview

TAT, WAT, SRT, and SDT are the psychological tests that confirm the OLQs in you.

The Service Selection Board has a variety of ways to first test and then confirm your OLQs. First of all, let’s revise what the OLQs are:

TAT, WAT, SRT, and SDT are the psychological tests that confirm the OLQs in you. These are further confirmed by the Interviewing officer and the GTO in their own ways. Therefore, one must inculcate the OLQs in their personality so they become a part of who they are.

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WAT is one such test where your simple yet correct sentences can work wonders. The trick is to practice as many words as you can.

Tips to be kept in mind:

  • Try not to make a factual sentence, for example, for the word wheel, “A wheel is round”. Instead, it can be written as “The invention of the wheel led to a transportation revolution”.
  • Attach negative words with other negative words to get a positive senence. For example the word hurt can be written as “Animals should not be hurt for the benefit of humans”.
  • Try to practice more of positive words because a negative sentence can be negated, but sometimes people get stuck with positive words.
  • Try to portray the OLQs in each of the words.

The following are 120 WAT words for practice. Ignore the example at first and try doing it yourself.

  1. Gap
    The communication gap between the government and the people leads to lesser development.
  2. Company
    Hindustan Aeronautical Limited is an Aerospace Manufacturing company.
  3. Trapped
    Children should not feel trapped by the education given to them.
  4. Hold
    The navy chiefs from all over the world hold meetings to discuss maritime security.
  5. Skill
    The government believes in skill training rather than rote learning,
  6. Strength
    The Indian Airforce showcased its strength in an air demonstration of its aircrafts.
  7. Rape
    Rape perpetrators are to be shown no mercy.
  8. Spot
    PV Sindhu holds the number 3 spot all over the world according to current rankings.
  9. Moon
    Tides occur due to the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun on the earth.
  10. Zero
    India has shown zero tolerance to terrorism.
  11. Guilty
    The terrorist was proven guilty after a strict and just judicial process.
  12. Ache
    She performed stretching exercises to prevent a muscle ache after exercising.
  13. Battle
    The school staged a play on the Battle of Plassey.
  14. Bath
    We should use only one bucket of water to take a bath and conserve water.
  15. Village
    Schools and colleges are now coming up in villages.
  16. Flood
    The navy provided ample relief to all the flood victims.
  17. Global
    Women rights issues are global in nature.
  18. Conflict
    She resolved the conflict between her friends by coming up with a better plan.
  19. Ban
    There should be a global ban on organized child labor.
  20. Vehicle
    The DRDO has developed unmanned aerial vehicles for Indian Army.

Following are some more words to practice on.

  1. Scene
  2. Impossible
  3. Society
  4. Choose
  5. Unjust
  6. Image
  7. Exam
  8. Drive
  9. Internet
  10. Communication
  11. Keys
  12. Murder
  13. Commit
  14. Flee
  15. Practice
  16. Organize
  17. Phone
  18. New
  19. Agency
  20. Security
  21. Since
  22. Peace
  23. Fall
  24. Hit
  25. Run
  26. Chase
  27. Enter
  28. Industry
  29. Limit
  30. Development
  31. Coach
  32. Food
  33. Special
  34. Biomass
  35. Release
  36. Head
  37. Launch
  38. Medal
  39. Play
  40. Department
  41. Under
  42. Curb
  43. Cooperate
  44. HIke
  45. War
  46. Normal
  47. Challenge
  48. Serving
  49. Bane
  50. Rapid
  51. Actress
  52. obstacles
  53. Strict
  54. Forceful
  55. Citizens
  56. Teams
  57. Anxious
  58. Knowledge
  59. Polite
  60. Integrity
  61. Serve
  62. Loyal
  63. Equality
  64. Justice
  65. Gratitude
  66. Rare
  67. Heavy
  68. Rude
  69. Explanation
  70. Pilot
  71. Pirate
  72. Ship
  73. Captain
  74. Camp
  75. Rights
  76. Ragging
  77. Rust
  78. Patriotism
  79. Primary
  80. Performance
  81. Pity
  82. Meeting
  83. Obedience
  84. Quick
  85. Quiet
  87. Question
  88. Try
  89. Unity
  90. Urge
  91. Friendship
  92. Close
  93. Migrate
  94. Decline
  95. Fly
  96. Highest
  97. Shallow
  98. Wipe
  99. Vegetables
  100. Sale
The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.

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