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Group Planning Exercise 8

Group Planning Exercise 8

Group planning exercise is the first task of the GTO, and also a very sound opportunity for making an impression on the GTO. Group planning exercise contains a set of problems which brings out all “officers’ like qualities” in a candidate which encompasses quality to lead (the lads), organizing, courage, team work, spontaneity, and effective intelligence, etc.  

GPE Comprises of 5 Stages

  1. Explanation of the Model
  2. Narrative by the GTO .
  3. Self-reading for 5 minutes by candidates.
  4. 10 minutes for writing the solution for the problem.
  5. 10 minutes for discussing the solution.
  6. Conclusion 

Important Tips for Group Planning Exercise 

  1. First and foremost see the map and scale up the distance.
  2. The second important thing is to locate your position using the direction mentioned in the map.
  3. When a GTO narrates a story, listen to it very carefully and count the no. of problems. It will help you to remember the no. of problems and set the priority accordingly.
  4. Use the resources efficiently.
  5. Prioritize your solution; help the person who needs it utmost.
  6. Never engage yourself in a fight with the “terrorists” till the time you don’t have any other options. Try to maintain a safe distance and keep an eye on them.
  7. Divide the group according to requirement. Send more people where the situation is more vulnerable.

Group Planning Exercise 8

You are a group of 8 friends from Delhi went to Udham Nagar for expedition. You are staying in a small lodge at Market. You decide to visit the Guest House which is in nearby locality. You book an auto and reach to the Guest house. You were entering the Guest house when you see a person lying on the floor and he is bleeding. He tells you that he is a RAW agent and he was after some terrorists who intruded from the border area and he was shot on his leg. He managed to escape from there. He tells you, the terrorist has planted a bomb at the railway track and it will go off as soon as a train passes it. You know that a train passes the track at 3.00 pm. After planting the bomb one of the groups will attack on the convoy of the Chief Minister which will pass the market at 3.30 pm. The other group will attack the Army cantt at 3.30pm. There is a Police station and a hospital near the Market. It is now 2.00 pm. You being young and brave, what will you do?

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  1. Answer for GTO task –
    3 of us will go 4km North and then 7Km west to the Army Cantt. to inform them of the situation. In the meantime the rest 5 will take care of the agent and call and ambulance and wait with him there. We all decide to meet at the market after both the groups have completed their tasks successfully. If either of the group reaches there first they will call the other to inform them.


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