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Example Set for Word Association Test WAT


In Word Association Test, the candidates are shown 60 words one after the other and are expected to make a short sentence using the given word. The usage of the word can be in any form. One should avoid negative sentences and idioms and phrases which lack originality.

Here Are Some Examples For WAT:

  • Choice: Choosing a correct profession leads to happiness.
  • Co-Education: Co-Education teaches adaptability with the opposite gender.
  • Champion: India won the World Cup.
  • Deteriorate: Indo-Pak relations are deteriorating with time.
  • Cure: Ayurveda cures without any side effects.
  • Cooperate: Team work is all about cooperating with each other.
  • Clever: Being extra clever will annoy friends.
  • Disease: Hygiene prevents spread of diseases.
    Example Set for Word Association Test WAT
  • Demand: People of Telangana are demanding a separate state.
  • Friend: Company of friends gives immense joy.
  • Compel:  Indian students are compelled to chose Engineering or Medical professions.
  • Doctor: Doctor is like a God in human form.
  • Forest: Deforestration is causing Global Warming.
  • Home: Home is a heaven on earth.
  • Crowd: Cricket attracts the crowd in India.
  • Earn: Earning money through hard work is very satisfying.
  • Instruction: It is important to read instruction before starting the exam.
  • Lie: Telling lie is a bad habit.
  • Exercise: Regular exercise is good for health.
  • Patriotism: Soldiers inspire patriotism in every Indian.
  • Live: World Cup Football will be telecasted live on Sony Pix.
  • Fearful: Nothing is Fearful for a brave person.
  • Progress: Hard work leads to progress in life.
  • Respect: Indian Children respect their elders.
  • Bank: Central Bank of the country issues the currency notes.
  • Rude: rude behavior is never liked by anyone.
  • Team: Team’s aim is more important than an individual’s aim.
  • Future: Children are the future of a country.
  • Book: Book is the best friend.
  • Get: Working hard is important to get success.
Basically, one should make positive and factual sentences based on recent happenings. Each word will appear for 30 seconds in which you have to see the word and write the sentence. There are a total of 60 words. Hence, practice is necessary.
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