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What Questions You Might Be Asked in AFSB Personal Interview?


Once you clear all the obstacles that you face in the 3 days of SSB process, you come up to be interviewed on the 4th day of SSB. Personal interview plays the most important part in SSB in which IO might grill you by triggering some questions to check your OLQs and it usually lasts for an hour or more. Generally, what IO asks you depends on what you have written on your PIQ form, so don’t bluff to IO. Apart from that, they might ask you some GK questions to know your knowledge and fire up some questions giving you situations to check how adaptable you’re to all the situations, so your answers should be optimistic and devoid of extremism. You will find the whole process a cake walk; all you need is just be yourself, be confident and be honest with your answers as they are expert to catch lies easily.

Given below is a list of some questions that were recently asked in 4 AFSB Varanasi:

  1. Tell about yourself.
  2. Tell 10th onwards percentage.
  3. Which is your favorite subject and reason?
  4. Who is your best friend, his/her 2 good qualities and 2 improvements?
  5. Who is your favorite teacher and reason?
  6. Teacher whom you didn’t like and why?
  7. What are your strength and weakness?
  8. About sports and extracurricular activities you’ve done?
  9. Any adventurous thing you’ve done?
    What Questions You Might Be Asked in Personal Interview?
  10. About your family and how do you spend time with your family?
  11. Any example of when you helped someone and got helped?
  12. What are you most afraid of?
  13. What are your other career options?
  14. Why you do want to join Indian Air Force?
  15. Basic GK questions related to country and neighboring countries of India.
  16. If you are from engineering, they might trigger some basic questions related to your subjects.
  17. You might be asked some questions from current affairs, so you must be well aware of it.
  18. If you’re a repeater, you might be asked the reason for your failure in last attempts.
  19. You might be asked about your relationship status, about your gf/bf if you’ve any?

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