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SSB Board Conference

SSB Board Conference

Board conference is the last part of testing at SSB. It happens on the last day of your stay there, i.e. the sixth day. Let us see in detail what the conference is. What is Board Conference: In a room all the members of that SSB board are seated in a U shape format; the members include psychologists, GTOs, interviewers and the board president. The candidates are called in one by one inside the room, asked few general questions and then asked to leave.

Purpose: The purposes of the board conference are many. Since there are many members in the board and you get to meet only three of them mainly, i.e. psychologist, GTO, and the interviewer, so in the board conference you get a chance to meet all the members of the board, you get a chance to see all of them in the uniform. The three assessors who access you in different techniques of testing discuss their result in the board conference, as they can’t discuss their result before that. In case of any doubtful case few additional questions might be asked to clarify the doubts. One more purpose of the conference is to present you in front of the board.

SSB Board Conference
Importance: This is the last task of the SSB process. It is important because you are appearing in front of the whole board so you have to be cautious and careful of your dress and conduct. In some doubtful cases the recommendation depends on the conference, so they are asked more number of questions, hence conference becomes important.
Your Conduct: Wear formal clothes in the conference just like the interview. Walk smartly and confidently. Answer everything you are asked you in simple way. Sit straight and when you enter wish the board. While leaving say Thank You and leave. Maintain the smile on your face. Look for who is asking the question and answer looking to that person. Generally a small Indian Flag crossed with the flag of the service you have gone for is kept infront of the person who asks you the question.

Sample Questions:
  • How was your stay?
  • How were the facilities of food, lodging etc?
  • Any suggestions you want to give to the board?
  • In which of the testing you think you performed best?
  • Rank your performance in the three testing’s.
  • Rank your performance in your group.
  • Who do you think performed the best in your group apart from you?
  • Tell any two people who can be recommended from your group.
  • What did you learn in the past few days at SSB?
  • What qualities of yourself did you discover in SSB?
*Any other question which was asked in the interview and you couldn’t answer.

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  1. hi…can you plz guide what should be answered for the question-“where do u rank urself in ur group?” its because when i gave an honest answer then the IO started questioning why do i underestimate myself or feel less capable than others? and if I answer i outscore others then he’ll say, “u r over confident”.

    • The questions in ssb have no specific answers… Be honest in our answers…. If we are honest in our answers we also have answers for their counter questions…. Faking infront of them will be a foolish act because they are very much experienced persons and in a moment they can identify that whether we are lying or not…


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