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6 Steps To Clear SSB Interview

6 Steps To Clear SSB Interview

The service selection board interviews are said to be the trickiest interview in this world. The reason being that you never get to know why you got selected and you never get to know why you were rejected as well. But certainly once you clear the SSB interview you have a great chance of becoming the part of the elites, i.e. part of the defence forces of India. So all in all there is no mantra in particular which can make you success in SSB. Success in SSB means performing well in all the tests, being consistent and being confident. Here we try to give you tips and solutions which may help you in your interview.


Anything in this world can be achieved if you are sincere enough in your efforts. So given below are some steps which will help you in getting selected in the interview.

  • Consistency: Being consistent is very important in SSB. You can’t get selected if you are good in one test and bad in other tests. So consistency is very important. Perform equally good in all the tests, this will certainly increase your chances of success in the interview.
  • Will Power: If you have failed in your previous attempts then you definitely need the will power. Trust me the more you have been to SSB the more your chances increase. Because you get to know the whole process. Keep up your will power and be certain that you’ll achieve your goal with your determination.
    SSB Interview
  • Introspection: Self introspection is very important for SSB. Mostly without even realizing you are reflecting your personality in every test their. You need to know your personality well in order to project yourself clearly. So self-introspection is important for both freshers and repeaters. If you know yourself well you’ll know your strengths weaknesses and thus you can polish your strengths and abolish your weaknesses.
  • Confidence: An ingredient which plays the role of salt in success. If you low confidence you are not likely to succeed. If you are over confident you’ll never succeed, so confidence is just like salt, it is very important to have the correct amount. A confident person leaves a mark in the crowd. So develop confidence, and it’ll develop only with thorough preparation.
  • Work Hard: Success comes by working hard. Hard work always pays, so work hard and do whatever it takes you to get success. Prepare well, do lots of practice, brush up your GK, your knowledge about the force you are going for the interview. In short leave no stone unturned to get your aim.
  • Keep your eye and mind open: You need to receptive and adaptive. This point is especially for the repeaters. You need to open your eyes and brain and analyze what mistake you did in your previous attempts. If you are not receptive to your mistakes then you’ll keep on going and coming back without recommendation. So open your eyes and mind and analyse and improve your mistakes.
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Tashi+profile+pic Tashi Mishra, Editorial Team

She is a defense aspirant from Varanasi completed her BCA. She has attended SSB Interview at 1 AFSB Dehradoon and has more SSB coming up. She is confident about joining Defence Forces one day. Here, she is sharing her views and experience. Join us now.
Tashi Mishra
Tashi Mishrahttps://www.ssbcrack.com/
An ardent follower of Military, football. Loves to read. Writer by choice, computer professional by chance! And Dil toh fauji hai jee!!
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