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Where and How To Demonstrate Leadership In SSB

Leadership quality in ssb interview

Leadership is an important Officer Like Quality (OLQ). An officer is expected to be good leader as the responsibility of many people is on him/her and moreover as an officer you are expected to take decisions and execute them at the spur of the moment. In SSB out of the various qualities which are checked leadership hold great importance. So you have to project yourself as a true leader. Gone are the days when leaders were born not made, each one of you is a leader, it’s just the matter of projection. In this article I am penning down a few situations where you can project your leadership. Before you read that, keep one thing in mind always, there is difference between being a leader and being bossy, a leader leads by example, a leader cares for his subordinates.

  1. Progressive Group Task: Here you have a good chance to project yourself as a leader only if you do the things rightly. As a leader you are required to give ideas and not only give but execute them practically. Leadership here doesn’t means that you have to keep dictating your ideas and expecting people to follow you, you have to practically execute it. Now if you don’t have ideas then help the idea which is being executed. Many times candidates fight for the helping material, shout at each other, which is not expected out of a good leader. Thus in PGT you can demonstrate leadership by giving logical and worthy ideas, helping practically, when the group is struck without any idea then trying and thinking for a solution, being calm and cool with your group mates. Remember NEVER SHOUT on your group mates. Divide the work, assign work to your groupmates.
  2. Group Discussion: You can demonstrate your leadership in GD by speaking only relevant points. Be receptive to others views as well and respect their views. If you disagree with somebody’s points then mention it politely. It is a discussion and is expected to be carried out in a gentlemanly and lady-like manner. Don’t speak when other are shouting on the top of their voice. Remember quality takes over quantity, hence speak less but speak solid things.
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  3. Military Planning Exercise: Planning is very important part of services. A good leader is responsible enough to take his group in the direction of solution. When you plan keep in mind that none of your resources are idea, that you are following the rules etc. Don’t give foolish or childlike plans.
  4. Command Task: As a commander you get the golden opportunity to demonstrate leadership. Never leave any resource ideal, i.e. keep a track that all your subordinates are doing something. Give clear instructions to them, explain them your plan of action and take care of your subordinates that they have a way to cross the bridge you made. Take risk go ahead and show how the work is to be done.
  5. Snake Race: In this keep motivating your group, help the weaker members to cross the obstacle, pay attention to the rules and make sure your group follows it.
  6. PIQ Form: Fill it very carefully, there is a section of ‘Position of responsibility held’. This section is your leadership section. You must fill it nicely, and remember it for your interview.
  7. Psychological Tests: Make stories where the hero is doing something worthwhile for the society. The hero must have a purpose in life. In your SRT write the reactions which demonstrate leadership.
  8. Interview: Be clear and confident. Have you views and knowledge on aspects and express them clearly.

As a leader you are expected to follow every rule and take care that your group mates are also following. If any rule is violated then politely remind your group mate to correct his/her mistake.

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