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50 PPDT and TAT Original Pictures 2023

Check the latest TAT and PPDT original sample pictures collected from all SSB that you may face in your SSB Psychological tests.

PPDT and TAT are two different tests where candidates need to write a story based on the picture shown. PPDT pictures are sometimes hazy and it has only one picture, PPDT picture stories need action and identification of number of characters, their mood and age.

ssb psychological tests practice book

In case of TAT, which has around 11 pictures including blank pictures, candidates are required to write the story only. Many candidates are asking for sample PPDT and TAT pictures, so here we are posting some TAT and PPDT pictures which you might face in SSB during TAT and PPDT tests. Although most of the pictures are not exactly the same but with matching themes.

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What is PPDT?

PPDT stands for picture perception and discussion test, as the name suggests, you need to write a story on the picture shown, narrate it and then discuss it among group members to make a common story.

TAT and PPDT Pictures

What is TAT?

Thematic Apperception Test or TAT is the first test in SSB Psychological test series. It is the most effective way of getting the personality of a person. The pictures shown to candidates stimulate their thought process and he may reveal many of his hidden qualities. The real intention of this test is to give an appreciation of you without being conscious of it.


PPDT and TAT Original Pictures

If you are going for SSB interview, you will find most of the pictures during TAT and PPDT are with the similar theme as above pictures. Keep practicing by writing PPDT and TAT stories on these picture. You could also write your story below in the comment box.

ssb psychological tests practice book

If you have any TAT or PPDT picture you would like to share with us, you can directly post it in the comment box below. Wish you more success !!

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  1. Pic – 1
    Male, positive,

    Amit, 25 was doing his degree in B.A (photography) from Chandigarh University. He have a keen interest in photography. He planned a trip towards leg. firstly he checked whether,booked plan ticket and take all essential items to survive in leh. He also take his camera and full charged spare Battery. At leh, he takes several photos of mountains and send them to the official page of Nikon India. His pics got many likes and comments and Shared by the many people. At last, he received a call up letter from Nikon. He was very happy

  2. Story is for the last picture, where there is stranger trying to invade the house

    Aman 10years old enjoying the society’s function near his house, he along with friend went to the house for washroom, while going towards the house he saw stranger invading his house with some bag and mask! He without disturbing the situation went straight to his parents and other people and told them , he meanwhile told his friend to inform security guard to shut the main gate and called police , all the people gathered together surrounded the house, and closed the door from outside and then police came and caught the stranger

    • In this story you are acting just as an informer , as the boy is the hero and a friend is with him and even if we consider the picture the invader seems unarmed , so we will do every action required like attacking him from behind , catching him and all…

  3. PIC 10
    – FEMALE 45

  4. pict.12
    age,1.30 yrs 2. 18 yrs
    gaurav and rahul ar two brothers,and they study in the same clss of 6.they both are good and hardworking guy.one day teacher take a surprise test in the class and the result was declared at the same day.the principle of the school called two students in his office one who secured highest and another who secured lowest position in the exam.both gaurav and rahul went to the office gaurav secure highest position while rahul secure lowest position.principle was shouting at rahul and told him not to good in study what u will do whole day look ur brother is the toppr of the class and u stand in the lowest position.as rahul was determined and hard working guy he took promise to the principle to be the 1 rank in the whole school.and final exam was over rahul topped in the whole school.his hrdworking and determination helps to keep his promises..thanku

  5. Pic 1
    Male -kumar (27)
    Female -supreeta(25)
    Kumar is working in Indian army as a lieutenant, Recently in a shoot out by a Terrorist near loC he Got injured and admitted in hospital,supreeta came to see him , but she can’t able to resist herself not to cry,but she know if she cry before him means he become weak,that’s why she went outside and crying ,after sometime she went inside and motivate him both mentally and physically . And helping hime to feel better.

  6. Pic 1
    Male -kumar (27)
    Female -supreeta(25)
    Kumar is working in Indian army as a lieutenant, Recently in a shoot out by a Terrorist near loC he Got injured and admitted in hospital,supreeta came to see him , but she can’t able to resist herself not to cry,but she know if she cry before him means he become weak,that’s why she went outside and crying ,after sometime she went inside and motivate him both mentally and physically . And helping hime to feel better.

  7. Ramesh and suresha is a student age between 12and 13years one day teacher come in the class take test all student teacher call that student get maximam number in test come two student Ramesh and suresh both student of send district collage big competition was in district collage both student vinner of competition and return his collage

  8. Pic.1
    No. Of characters- 2
    Male 42 years, jignesh. female- 39 yrs, sudha .
    Sudha is a homemaker and her husband, jignesh is a business man. One day jignesh met an accident in which he fractured his leg. Sudha was heartbroken when doctor broke the news that he needs bedrest for atleast a month or two.but sudha never gave up. She took care of jignesh, fed hime and gave all the medications required. She also visited office everyday when jignesh took rest, to keep an eye on the business. She guided and kept business up while jignesh recovered, she kept informing him about new developments and jignesh was in aww of her potential. After 2 months Jignesh fully recovered and asked sudha to come office with him from then.

  9. Ramesh is a student of bsc. He used to work with an ngo which helps municipal department to get clear the environment, one day when ramesh came to know about a nearby bank river which get dirty by people, he along with his team meet with the parshad of that area get the permission and also get some helping material. On the next weekend he went to the bank of river collect all the wet and dry waste separate called the municipal department to get it away from there then made posters on the imp of river water and importance of river banks stick them, and also made an announcement by telling people the importance of it, seeing that parshad ji appreciated there performance and then they laid down on the river bank to take some rest..

    • It was a good story brother.
      The points like: 1. ngo help mc
      2. permission and helping material
      3. on next weekend
      4. seperated wet and dry waste
      5. calling mc to collect waste
      6. public announcement
      7. laid and rest
      were good.

  10. Pic.16
    No.of character 03
    Age 01.- 35 M and two- 20 year M
    Robin and jhon are good student class 12 th . They are studying in govt. H. S. School bhopal.one day in school programme is social competition fo awareness rheir students .so teacher is given to task them . they are completed and shown the teachers about the social addiction for student life is impact and result good and bad . Teacher will cheked and said to them it will shown the all student and awaerness spread by all students that what is responsinility of student in social places

  11. Pic 04
    No. Of characters -03
    Mood positive
    Sita came from an avg farmer family, she wants to become doctor her father helped her till cls 12 and then sita start preparing for neet exam and also a scholarship exam to get financial help in her mbbs, she somehow managed to clr the scholarship exam but not neet, she started preparing with more determination and after 2 unsuccessful attempt.she is going for her exam which I have seen in the image and managed to get good rank, and then she started giving private coaching to students to help her father alongside mbbs and completed and become a good doctor

  12. picture 15
    man age 40
    2 men age 30-35
    kartik is a police comissioner newly posted to the city of ramgarh. he is and honest and dedicated office towards his duty. being new to the town, he analysed the situations of increasing crimes, unhealthy politics situation, control of the bahubali, chain snachers and many more. he then decided to take a strong step to reduce these cases and called two of his best juniors to assist him and eradicate the evil aspects of the society. the police force arrested many criminals and thecrime rate reduced in the city. the police was appreciated for their efforts to reduce crime , by the media.

  13. picture 15
    5-6 man
    rahul is a upsc aspirant preparing for civil services for past 2 years. he didnt pass the last time but instead decided to prepare with full potential and and give the next exam. he studied day and night, managed his schedule to increase his study time, did yoga and exercise to stay fit, meditaion for staying focused and concentrated.
    he gave the exam this time and awaited for the results, he with his fellow batchmates went to see th scoreboard at the universitys notice board and was surprised he cracked the exam finally. he was extremely happy

  14. pic 12
    boy 17
    rahul is a teenager aspiring for a futere in defence field. he appeared for ssb interview last month and despite of his determined hardwork, he wasnt recommended. then he returned he was shattered into a thousand pieces and thought it as the end of his world. but anyhow he decided to overcome his failure, tried to recapitulate his errors during the interview process and correct his errors for the next ssb. he prepared more well this time. luckily he got recommended this time and was extremely happy for him as he fulfilled his passion to join the armed forces

  15. picture 11
    women 25-30
    the story revolves around a rich household and picture depicts a maid. while working in the kitchen she heard glass shattering in the adjacent room where the owner of the house has fell from the stairs and the sound was of breaking of a glass vase. she went to him and saw an injury on his head and blood wounding out. she took a clean cloth and tied his head to prevent blood flow. she called the neighbour to get him to the hospital . the injury was minor and he was safe. he thanked the maid for her help and raised her salary too.

  16. picture 10
    2 women(18 &40)
    1 man
    riya used to live in and old orthodoxy household. she wanted to study and complete her higher education but in her town education fo the women was considered to be a waste of time. her father was against it. she told her mother to request him to allow her study . her mother requested him about the matter and told that in todays generation it is equally important for girls to be educated same as the boys. also not to follow orthodoxy thoughts and adapt to the changing modern world.

  17. picture 9
    man 35
    women 30
    anil and amita are a couple living in bangalore. both having jobs used to live a stressful and busy life. a few days earlier then their marriage anniversary amita decided to arrange a surprise party for him with their relatives and society members. she arranged for the decoration, food they liked and music dj, invited her relatives and anils close friends to attend the occassion. on the final day when anila arrived home,he was shocked to seeher wife efforts and thanked he from his heart. he was happy to see his loved ones after so long a. the party rellaxed his stressful routine.

  18. imli moved to a new town with her family, as a kid she missed her old friends and was afraid in making new friends. her mother onfronted her and encouraged her to try making new frinds instead of sitting alone in the house all day, play outside with them.she told her about her school time friends about she still misses them and you can meet them later anytime. imli went out and made many friends with the neighbourhood kids and was happy again. soon she became a popular kid in the society.

  19. picture 6
    man 30
    man 60
    ramesh and his father were from a rich family. one day a business instructor from his company came and informed thenm about the growing future of mutual funds and stock market.ramesh being naive about these thought of them as a fraud thing and rejected to start stock marketing. his father whispered in his ears that its not fraud but has a great potential for profits in the near future. they decided to know more about stock marketing and mutual funds and decided to invest in these funds. they received a huge profit from the market .

  20. picture 5
    man 15 yrs
    man 35 yrs
    ramesh and his son rahul used to live alone at their house, one day ramesh got a sudden cardiac arrest and tripped down. rahulwas terrified by this but he called an ambulance and neighbours to help him. suggested a neighbout to give him cpr until the ambulance copmes. the ambulance came and ramesh was taken to the hospital on time. the doctors were able to rescue him and apreciated the boy for his presence of mind even in tragic situations. ramesh got well soon and was discharged within a few days.

  21. picture 4
    women 25
    rekha used to live in a small town of ramgarh and went to study agriculture to bangalore. after completing her graduation she decided to come back to her home town. she reached there and saw the poor agriculture technique and irrigation facilities of the people there, she took a step and decided to educate them about modern farming, use of fertilisers, proper war of irrigation and also coil composition with manure and adequate amount of fertilizers, farmers took her help and started to farm as she instructed. as a result their production incereased and started earning more from their fields also. they thanked rekha for her bright brains and help.

  22. picture 3
    man 25-30 years
    ramesh used to wark in a glass factory in dark and dangerous environment without safety equipment. one day while working a piece of glass cut his eye lids. he came out of his chamber and was lucky that the glass just touched his eyes. understanding about the situation of his cowerkers in the factory and long working hours, risky working conditions, he and his cowerkers decided to request the BABU of the factory for lesser work hours, and safety gear for their protection . they pleased the babu and got the help from him. then the worker with equipments increased the rate of production and the number of accidents also styarted to decrease in the factory,

  23. picture 2
    4 men of age group 30-35
    ramesh aand his college friends went to different places for work and jobs after graduation.after some years ramesh decided to plan a reunion party with his friends to bring alive his old memories. ramesh booked a lawn for it, sent invitations to his friends and took care of arrangements, suggested the food menu as liked by their friends and music too. his friends arrived on the day and they talked about college days, laughed alot, had fun , ate food and drinks,and were tired so they laid down on the grass together. it was a lovely evening for them

    • It is suggested that story in ssb should have a problem and a solution but their is nothing in your story it is only myth that story should have problem and solution

  24. picture 1
    women 25-30
    man 30-35
    rahul and amita lived as a couple in mumbai. rahul was a drunkard and smoker and involved in such activities the whole day. because of this he suffered from lung cancer and lost his life in the hospital. amita then decided to spread awareness about the ill effects of smoking and drinking, joined a group and organisedmeetings to discuss the problem and encourage people to stop this bad habbit and live a healthier and happy life.
    she later joined an NGO which worked side by side with a rehabilitation centre and helped many people live healthy.

  25. M- 24 mood – +
    Yash was a crpf officer. He posted in Himachal pradesh. During June -July a lot of tourists came there from India to enjoy & explore here. Unfortunately there was a landslide in kinnaur district & a bridge was damaged badly some people stuck on the bridge. Then yash with his group went there and through a mission rakha rescue them and whom got injured sent near by hospital.

  26. In 1st image
    Seema is 26 year old she got Marry with Rohan in last year her husband Rohan is an employer in IT sector both are young in their age they went hill station for their honeymoon to enjoys marital life Rohan and seema was very cute couple and collage mates in their collage life and also did love marriage against family in a vacations suddenly Rohan got die in accident while he was going mall to bought a special gifts to her wife and some of few people taken him to hospital after that seema heard this bad news of her husband she got shocked and gone to hospital earlier and Rohan admitted in the bed. Seema asked to doctor for his condition but Rohan was no more she entered the room and seeing her husband last and cry a lot her tear are not stoping to see her husband in died condition

  27. picture 1

    trying to solve the problem

    saba and aamir is couple having two children .Aamir used to do a job in factory and earn the enough money for their familyy needs.one day he feel dezziness in factory while he was working .after sometime he fainted on floor .he was taken to the hospital where doctor inform the saba that he was suffering by TB due to her smoking habit .he is quite weak so he will have to take proper rest now saba was distressed to hear this because Aamir was only source of income in her family .now how she wll manage the all the expenditure specilly children fees .if he didn’t submit fees school will expel the chilren .so she has decided to sew the clothes for earning for their family ,husband’s treatment, school fees .

    • My response to the story:
      Rahul was a Pychological Counselled in an Air Force School in Jammu. He had a good amount of experience of counselling the students specially class X and XII for their board exams. He had works so hard on the students which helped hundreds of students to come out of anxiety and stress during their board exams. This time Rahul identified two students who were not performing well in their pre-board exams. He Counselled them using various techniques and continuously worked upon them to bring them at par with the other students. The students were benifiited from this and they performed very well in the final board examination. Finally both the student came to meet the teacher to express their gratification towards the teacher.

  28. Picture no 20
    Ritesh a student of 10th class day of holiday he studying at home suddenly Listen a wise coming in the dinning room he going run away see in dinning room his mother senseless in floor he effort getup his mother at floor but his mother not getup he help- his neighbor went hospital with mother and admit wardroom and doctor give drug his mother and his father wark a coy ritesh call his father talk setuation his father com in hospital see his mother
    and said ritesh no mention warry few minut after his mother ok he and his parent com in the house

  29. Picture no
    A Boy Name ramesh He is a police man and with him a senior police man age between 25 -30 around ramesh of have a massage send his officer and asked a criminal coming your side as so as coming his area immedieatly catch
    him ramesh and have a room of the road ramesh and his senior hide of the room both see the crimnal and again and again see the watch just minute after coming the crimnal of ramesh side and ramesh run catch the crimnal and crimnal of handover the senior

  30. wrote a story on 2nd picture. please give your suggestions and reviews.
    Mohit, 21 years old, college student went on the trekking trip with his friends. He discussed his plan of the route with his group and gathered the required things for the trek. he was the leader of the group so he guided the group through the trek. he used the compass to get the direction as well as read the map well. He helped his group to get through rough and scary patch easily. He also motivated his group by cracking jokes, singing song. He and his group reached the desired destination on time and had lunch. After that Mohit along with his group rested on the lush green of the area. everyone praised Mohit for his work.

    • Wonderful bro…Just add one line that after reaching home back, shared the experience with the family. And remove last line of praise as it was a group activity. The praise should go for the entire group rather than Mohit. You can write that Mohit praised everyone for their efforts and discipline.

    • I guess for motivating ..he must have done something else. Such as some past stories of famous mountaineers…and their hardships and never giving up attitude.

  31. wrote a story on 1st picture. please give your suggestions and reviews.
    Meena, 30 years old, school teacher lived with her brother vinod. Vinod became seriously ill due to which he was bed ridden. Meena became very tensed see his condition but was determined to do something so she researched on the interned about home remedies in addition to the medicines. She used to take care of vinod by giving him medicines on time and helping him to do regular chores. She also consulted about his condition with some of her collogues who gave her various types of suggestions. Meena used those suggestions as well as adhered to the advised of doctors. She used to manage her professional and personal life well. Slowly with time Vinod became fit and healthy. everyone praised Meena for her determination and hard work.

  32. My story on first picture. Please seeking your review and suggestions 🙏
    Amit a primary school teacher, just came from his duty and was resting after lunch. While resting he observed that his wife was looking pale and hiding some discomforts to him. He immediately enquiried the matter and found that she had been having severe abdominal pain. He immediately took her to nearest hospital with his own vehicle. While she had been taking care of health care professional Amit done all the diagnostic test prescribed by the doctor. After examining all the reports of the test the doctor called both Amit and his wife in his cabin and happily announced that they both are going to become parents. Amit was literally crying with happiness and huge his wife. He took all the medication prescribed by the doctor. He took dietary plan from dietitians. He took extra care of his wife. Finally after 9 months they were blessed with a baby girl. Every family were very happy with their new member.

  33. Krish a man between 20-25 years, He was working hard for his SSB interview. He used to wake up at 5 am and get ready with his books and he studies a lot for his confirmation I’m SSB. One day a call letter came to him for his interview, he was happy but nervous for his interview, after giving the interview hos results came after 7 days and his mother got the letter, she was very happy to see her child in the National Defence academy, she tell this to krish and he jumped out of the bed because of happinee, his whole family was happy, and his mother’s tears came out because of happiness.

  34. Krish a man between 20-25 years, He was working hard for his SSB interview. He used to wake up at 5 am and get ready with his books and he studies a lot for his confirmation I’m SSB. One day a call letter came to him for his interview, he was happy but nervous for his interview, after giving the interview hos results came after 7 days and his mother got the letter, she was very happy to see her child in the National Defence academy, she tell this to krish and he jumped out of the bed because of happinee, his whole family was happy

  35. For Picture 1
    Krish a man between 20-25 years, He was working hard for his SSB interview. He used to wake up at 5 am and get ready with his books and he studies a lot for his confirmation I’m SSB. One day a call letter came to him for his interview, he was happy but nervous for his interview, after giving the interview hos results came after 7 days and his mother got the letter, she was very happy to see her child in the National Defence academy, she tell this to krish and he jumped out of the bed because of happinee, his whole family was happy

    • Ram a boy between 15-19 years, he was a student of Army public school at Lucknow. He was waiting for the train to come and pick him up because his annual examination is on the way and he was in the village, he had prepared a lot for the test and he don’t want it to be waste, when the train come and he goes under the train, he feels a relief in his heart and now he starts revising all the things which are coming on in his annual examination in the train only. And he goes to lucknow and gives his paper.

    • Ram a boy between 15-19 years, he was a student of Army public school at Lucknow. He was waiting for the train to come and pick him up because his annual examination is on the way and he was in the village, he had prepared a lot for the test and he don’t want it to be waste, when the train come and he goes under the train, he feels a relief in his heart and now he starts revising all the things which are coming on in his annual examination in the train only. And he goes to lucknow and gives his paper. For picture 25 PPDT

    • am a boy between 15-19 years, he was a student of Army public school at Lucknow. He was waiting for the train to come and pick him up because his annual examination is on the way and he was in the village, he had prepared a lot for the test and he don’t want it to be waste, when the train come and he goes under the train, he feels a relief in his heart and now he starts revising all the things which are coming on in his annual examination in the train only. And he goes to lucknow and gives his paper.

    • Here is the story for 24th picture.
      Your suggestions are welcomed.
      The picture is quite clear. This seems to be a seen of hilly area as hills can be seen in the background , also there is a train running on a track with smoking coming out of it.
      A male character is running towards the train.
      Story:- Rohan is an athlete who has taken part in the district level marathon.
      He is working hard in practicing for the marathon. He daily wake up at 4 o’ clock in the morning and go for practicing in the star studded sky.
      He practice near to the railway track and the thrust of the train morivates him to achieve his aim speed.
      He take motivation from the train as, train is bound to reach its ain(destination)
      He also wants to achieve his aim.
      On the D-Day Rohan participate in the marathon and wins the first price.

      • Sorry I’ve missed some points in between
        Please add these lines after 6th line.
        There is one male character of age 20-24 involved in the story.
        The character seems to be in positive frame of mind.

        Thank you.

  36. Write the story for 7th picture plzz giver ur review…
    Seema was 20 year old. She was a student. One day when she was going to the college she found a girl child in garbage she took the child with her to home amd told her mother about this. Her mother inform the police about this matter. But there was no one found to claim this baby girl . so they adopted the baby. After this they launched a campaign of save girl child and convey the message of saving girls. For this the chief of police give them for their work.

  37. Hi please reply if you like the story.

    Anuj is a 29 years old Indian forest Service officer who was posted in a new area, decided to take some measures after taking a brief tour of the forest and unofficially told his senior colleague about the idea as they were smoking a cigarette.His idea was liked by him so he arranged a meeting with rest of the officials and discussed about taking measures like installing cameras on areas where there is a lot of animal activity, installing road signs on the road cutting the forest to avoid accidents, studying and maintaining the database of the species present in the forest. After discussing the potentials bottlenecks, making strict deadlines for each measure, successfully completed the task and actually improved the maintenance and regulation of forest.

  38. In 10 th pic
    Savitri a 48 y old mother in law of geeta . And mother of ram . Geeta and ram was newly married couple . That’s why geeta unable to adjust themselves in this house . Savitri understood and she told her son about behaviour of geeta .suddenly ram vex and started walking towards geeta but savitri stoped him to talk in I’ll mannered but she ask to calmly talk . He talk geeta but he unable to convience her . Eventually savita I talked her as a mother cordially and make them convince . Finally geeta lived with her happily
    Is this story make relevance

    • hey, ik its too late to reply….iwas going through your story and found few drawbacks like it is not action oriented, no central charater, your story has consumed more space in explaining relation, picture and describing problem rather than focusing on solution. The theme of the story would have been better also u need to improve ur sentence formation especially grammer.

    • grammertical some mistakes and no team supprt no logical and step toward the problem not cleared how savitri guid his daughter

  39. reena is a woman who is 23 year old. reena was a very intelligent student in her school. She want to became a teacher so that he can sport grils who want to do study.She belong to a conservative family so her family get her married in her younger age at 16.Her husband does not want her to do study so he had to left her school. Her husband is working in a IT based company. After six month later of her marriage her husband start coming daily drunken at late night and assault reena. Reena do not have any contact to ask for help. After being assaulted for one year One day she saw an article on newspaper regarding women assaulting problems. There was a organisation of women that save women from assaulting. In the newspaper they mentioned there contact number. Reena called them and told everything about her married life.The women come to her house with police and get her husband arrested. Reena now free from pain that she was suffering from.She continued her study and became teacher.She started awareness program for girls child education and women assaulting.She made so many girl child life bright.

  40. story for pic.1
    mood +
    Vivek is hospitalized for a few days. He is found that a young girl has been admitted to the ward next to him, she had an accident, due to which she cannot walk, even after much treatment she is unable to recover and mentally breaks completely. Vivek tells her the outside scenes of the window which is placed in that room, slowly the girl has a desire to see those scenes with her own eyes and with this will she will start recovering and one day comes she walks by herself and starts looking at that window, but she finds there was nothing except a wall, she immediately goes to Vivek but she found that Vivek has come to cure his eyes, he cannot see, he just to increase her will power he used to tell the story, then she starts crying unhappily for Vivek, but Vivek says that he is a musician, so he is also ok without eyes. A few months later, the girl meets Vivek in a concert where he was performing music.

  41. Picture 1

    Komal is 21 years old home maker living with her husband in small village of Maharastra. His husbabd was working in a printing press. One day while returning from his work he had an accident and his leg get fractured. Komal is very sad after this accident. But she didnt lose hope she start working in his husband printing press and earn money for his medicines. She takes care of her husband gave him good diet and with her efforts and caring her husband recovered soon and start going for work. She also start working in same press to assist her huaband in earning.

  42. Story of first picture
    Raghav is a brave soldier. He was a part of indian army. He was on the battlefield and fighting with his enemy
    While he killed number of opponent but he got injured badly in war. So he hospitalised and doctor suggested him to take rest at home and take medicine regularly .His wife is very much cooperative and she did all efforts to made him healthy. He is taking medicine on time and try all efforts to get healthy. And finally with his wife cooperation he got relieved of all pain and government parised him and honoured with prestigious award.

  43. picture 1
    description of character:
    m 30yr
    f 28 yr
    mood : negative

    Action: spreading awareness about throat cancer

    samidha is a software engineer working in a IT firm. Her husband suffered from throat cancer and lost his because of it. After his death samidha decide to spread awareness about throat cancer and started a NGO and she also developed a web application for helping people collect fund through donation .

  44. description of character:
    m 30yr
    f 28 yr
    mood : negative

    Action: spreading awareness about throat cancer

    samidha is a software engineer working in a IT firm. Her husband suffered from throat cancer and lost his because of it. After his death samidha decide to spread awareness about throat cancer and started a NGO and she also developed a web application for helping people collect fund through donation .

  45. 6th PICTURE
    2 Characters

    1 male 60 years old : RAM RAJ
    1 male 29 years old: REGHU RAM

    Ram raj is a rich man in , He has a son named Reghu Ram he is also rich,.
    Once in their home there is an Insurance agent came and he explained abot some insurance plans.
    But Reghu Ram was not aware of the future benifites of the health insurance. He thought the insurance was SCAM and his mind told him that dont fall into this types of scams .even though he find an openion from his father but his father was aware of the future benifites of the Insurances he secretly told his sons ear that it will give a good benifites in future .now he is convenianced. He chose a very good plan

  46. Sara lived in a small village of Sukkur. Where she and her family work as farmers. As she was a very kind and hard working girl in her family and all family member like her due to polite nature. One day She was playing with her friend in her house. Suddenly She got a call on her mobile in which her mother in a very tense voice saying her that her puppy is missing. As she loves her very much and She is taking care of her puppy when he was a 2-month baby. So as she listens to this news she in a state of tense. She left her friend’s house and started searching for her puppy without wearing shoes but after searching here and there and she also knows her puppy’s favorite place. She finally found her puppy and Her thanks God. From now onwards she never left her puppy outside alone.

  47. picture 2
    5 characters ,positive mood
    vishal was selected for training in officers training academy.one day their instructor give them task to find the flags by following the maps and route.they all are divided into different teams.vishal was the leader of his team.vishal study the map and with the help of compass ans d ,he make the marking and reach their spots easily.he encourges his team and during last spot his team mate suggest him idea to break team in different parts to reach the spot earlier.he did the same,they got the last flag they win the game.after that they cheer up and go for the rest.

  48. Picture no.1
    Sham is civil engineer was working too hard for completing his projectin time, as it was a government project many companies had there eyes on the project even though shame got the project crossing all of the for his idea of making .All the companies couldn’t digest it and they were planing to destroy sham’s company. They all hired all his stafe and offered them the same job for even more salary. All his stafe was empty but he didn’t give up. He called all his engineering college friends and civil engineers in his circle. And also asked help from social media. When he went to home fully tired and went to sleep his wife was crying because of his position. The next day there was too many people then needed to help him. With the help of all of them the project was completed even more earlier then thought and project was successful and they got even more projects. And all of them were happy

  49. Picture No 9
    Character :- 01 Male 02 Female
    Age :- 05 -35 yrs
    Mode :- +ve
    Theme :- A couple going to celebrate marriage anniversary.

    @ A Couple lived in Delhi, both were employ in different sector. Ramesh was an IT engineer and Maya was a Nurse in private hospital. due to busy schedule, Ramesh used to forget to celebrate his marriage anniversary every year. so this year Maya decided to conduct a party at home. Maya invited all the relative and her parents. and shopping gift and cloth for Ramesh and her five years daughter Soni. On the anniversary day Maya took leave from her hospital and prepared all the things at home. In the evening as Ramesh came from office, Maya hold him at the door and told him to go for shower and gave him a new dress. then after as Ramesh entered at room every were wishing happy marriage anniversary. To see his wife cooperation and understanding, Ramesh was so happy and hardly thanked her wife and relatives. then after all of them enjoyed party.

    Jay Hind………

    plz, share your opinion ……

  50. Story No 7
    Character : 02 Female
    Age :- 10 -35 Yrs
    Mood :- -ve
    Theme :- Mother trying to know the reason of disappointing of her daughter

    @ Maya was 35 yrs old woman, lived with her family in Delhi. Her daughter sita studied in class 5th. one fine day sita was looking very sad when she came form school. Maya ask and found that there was a debate competition in her school, but today it was trial day, and sita speech was not so effective then her friends were laughing on sita. In the evening Sita’s father came from office maya prepared a lecture with sita’s father. every day sita used to practice of that speech. Her mother recorded her video to find the mistakes and used to correct them also. on the day of finale sita delivered her speech smartly. every were clapping and appreciating sita for her grate performance. sita finally won the trophy. Her friends also apologies for the misbehavior.

  51. story No 6
    Character :- 02 Male
    Age :- 35 to 50 Yrs
    Mode :- +ve
    Theme :- Making a project on

    @ Aman was 35 Yrs old man who was an engineer. Most of the time he wants to learn something new. In his company, the new project had been rejected. In the official conference he told that he would prepare the diagram of the project. Aman prepared a diagram and discussed with his subordinates. He analyzed the earlier diagram and then started his own project. finally they went to boss’s office where he shown his project with all required data like raw material and time periods. his boss send him to present that project to client where aman presented smartly. all of them agree with aman presentation. Aman and his team were very with new project.

    Jay Hind….

  52. story 5
    Character :- 04 Male
    Age :- between 25 – 40 Yrs
    Mood :- +ve

    @ Raman was a medical student belongs from a small village where people are education less. once day Raman came on leave. In his neighborhood a boy was suffering from serious sickness. Raman went to hospital along with that family, where Raman saw that the medical staff are not serious. They were taking case irresponsibly, due to that the operation had been unsuccessful. Raman immediately changed the hospital and admitted them into another hospital. Raman wrote a letter to District magistrate related to medical facilities of district hospital, and about irresponsible staff. some time latter a team came to hospital and boost the amenities. Raman also aware his neighbors to choose right hospital and their rights. all of them thanked Raman for his moral, physical and mental support.

    Jay hind….

    • Yeah no doubt u made a good effort to story but sir as it is very clr through the picture that two people are extracting some thing from belly it may be a bullet also bcz the fourth person is carring a gun…. And the persons are not in the doctors attire .it may be the frnd of injured person who got gun shot.
      Also these three people may be the security guard of the 4th man who is in cot-paint … When all these were going through a market then some goons attacked on their car due to which one of them got gun shot, also we can make injured person as a hero
      .. Bcz he saved the lyf of his boss by ignoring the importance of his lyf

  53. story 4
    Character :- 01 Male, 02 Female
    Age :- between 25 to 45 yrs
    Mood :- +ve
    Theme :- Awaking the people for new agriculture system and govt scheme.

    @ Riya lived in a small village and was doing graduation. people of that village used to follow the ancient pattern of agriculture system. the Riya decided that with tihe help of sarpanch she would aware the people. Riya conducted a meeting of people and told them to take advantages of government scheme and follow the new agriculture system like japan irrigation to save water and corps. and also told them about various government scheme like kisan samman yojna, agriculture insurance and many more things. people were very happy to know about the scheme. most of them taken loan from bank to buy tractor and water pump for easy farming.

  54. story 3
    category -ve
    character 1 Female
    Theme :- A girl is worrying about know her mother sickness.

    @ In the picture I perceived one female of 26 yrs. Sita is a software engineer worked in delhi but her family lived in village. once day her younger brother called her and told about her mother sickness. Sita informed her boss and took leave. to listen about her mother sickness she was soo worry. She booked online appointment of Doctor and went to hospital with mother where her mother was admitted for a week. after the discharge doctor gave some medicine. Now Sita used to taking care of her mother after sometime her mother has recovered, then Sita decided to join her job and also she hire a Aaya who can take care of her mother in absence of Sita. in spite of this Sita used to call her mother every day to know about her health.

    Jay hind..

  55. Picture 2
    Theme :- Soldiers taking rest after training.

    story :-
    Aman is a officer in the army and was very adventures from military academy. He always used to take part in every sports and adventure competition. During his J&K posting, he had been given a task to conduct a hill climb training. Aman briefed his troops and conducted a class, where he taught a tricks and told them what about the items and equipment we need to carry while hill climbing like dry ration, water, First aid box and arms ammunition. Next day he started the training he taught all the idea and tips to the troops. after the launch time he gave the time for launch and taking rest. soldiers took rest and have lunch and prepared themselves for further training.

  56. Maya is a bank manager. After the marriage she realised that her husband drinks wine. Once day she came from bank and saw that aman which was maya husband was fully drunken. To see him maya became warry and crying also. She made herself Strong and went to dr. And discussed, how to remove liquor addiction. Dr. adviced him to taking Care properly and gave him some medicine. Maya also used to guide aman and tell him how liquor is dangerous for health. She convinced aman to leave this bad habbit. With the help of medicine and may guidance and caring, aman leaved the wine and they started a happy full life again.

  57. Picture 1
    One morning, Reena saw that her husband Shyam was lied on bed.He was not responding and was unconscious. Reema started crying.She was frightend amd thought she can’t do anything but Reena went downstairs and called for ambulance they said it will take some time to reach her house.Reena them asked her neighbours for help and put Shyam on a vehicle.On the way Reena was rubbing Shyam’s feet and sparkling water on his face. After some time they reached hospital. Doctors examined Shyam and treated himAt last Shyam was out of danger.Doctor praised Reena for taking Shyam to hospital in time.

  58. Picture 2
    Please give me a reply
    Raju was a police men and working on a murder case. Suddenly smoke came from nowhere and they all knocked out. They found them self in a cellar of the murderer. He said his colleagues not to worry about it. There was no signal. So they made a human pyramid they got signal. Called for reinforcement cough the murderer and his gang members. Investigated about there remaining gang members arrested all of them. Felt satisfied about his work. Got meddle from government for his work

  59. story for 1st sourav was passionate to join indian army and he cleared nda exam and went for training khadwalsala ,completed his training from IMA dehradhun became an offficer one times he was posted in jammu kasmir area where some terror attck took place ,,sourav tackled the sitution with his team but during this activity his right leg got injured so he took relif and came at his home ….so this is the moment in the pic when his wife priya saw the injured part of sourav so he got disappointed but she controll herself and aslo sourav tell her it ,s small injured don,t need to worry about it …sourav takes medicine on time and also priya help him for cured…..

  60. please reply
    Story for picture 1
    There are two characters in my story. Sangeeta and pramod were husband wife. They were married since last year .after her marriage Sangeeta came to know that her husband is alcoholic. She was depressed but she decided to change this bad habit. She talked with her parents and concerned with doctors about it. After that she talked with her husband and told him disadvantage of alcohol and how it could be harmful for their future.she gave medicine to her husband. It was tough in beginning but with her determination and love .pramod left his bad habit .whole of the family was happy for this .after this they started campaign for rehabilitation

    • Amit, I also written the same story. I think our Phycology are same. you believe me or not I did not read your story and wrote it myself. thank you.

  61. Picture 1

    John and Lily were happily married to each other and were living in United States. John used to work in a textile mill and had a friend named Andrew who was an African. They both used to work sincerely in their job but, Andrew considered black by the mill people never received any appreciations from his superiors neither his co-workers. On the other hand John was always given his share of respect and appreciation. Andrew was depressed by all this and used to discuss it with his wife Lola and mother-in-law. Soon, his wife began thinking that John was the reason behind Andrews suffering. She could not tolerate her husbands sadness and decided to revenge it by killing John. She made up a plan to end John’s life by poisoning him. She invited John and Lily for a dinner on Thanksgiving and while serving everyone, she quietly poisoned John’s wine. The party finished and they all left. Soon the John started showing symptoms and eventually at midnight he left this world. His wife realized all this the very next morning and was totally shaken by shock. She started mourning and they was her dead husband on their bed.

  62. Picture 2
    5 males
    +Ve mood
    I recognise as picture shown to us have 5males of age group 21 to 24 years. In my story Raman along with his 4 college friends went for camping after graduation. The camping place was at high altitude therefore all of them climbed the mountain. After reaching the spot since everyone was tired fall down to ground and start resting. Observing sun is about to sat Raman suggested his friends let’s set out our camp tents and fire before it gets dark so that it can protect us from cold and wild animals. Agreeing with Raman all organized the tent and fire. After that they cooked and eat together shared their life experiences and next morning all returned to their homes.

  63. Picture1
    M 45
    F 21
    Mood neutral

    I recognise as picture shown to us have one male of age 45years and one female age of 22 years. In my story sudhir is a man who works in a private company has a daughter name ayushi being a single parent sudhir work very hard to support his daughter education and every need. One day sudhir comes home tired from work and fall sleep without changing his clothes, seeing the hardship of sudhir , ayushi decides to study hard inorder to support her father and as a result she becomes doctor and make her father proud.

    Please review my story and help me to improve. Thank you

    • Nice try. Even I also thought same for the first time but I think that it is not so effective as studying hard is everyone motto

  64. Story For picture 30

    Ram is 20 years old . He goes for an evening walk daily near a river side in his village . One day he was walking near river side suddenly he saw a boy was drowning in the river .He quickly go there to rescue that boy but he also did not know how to swim .That’s why he looks around the place and suddenly he saw an old damaged boat . He immediately go there and he saw a rope in that boat .He came back to the place of incident along with that rope and he tie one end of the rope in his waist and throw the other end towards the boy and said loudly , hold it boy ..and the boy tried his best and got the rope and then ram pulled him slowly outside the river. He pressed his stomach again and again and then by God’s grace the boy felt relaxed and he thanked to ram and then ram asked his name.he told that his name is rahul and he was just enjoying in the river side suddenly a strong stream came and he loose his balance and started drowning . Atlast Ram and rahul became friends and they go back to their home.

  65. Story for Picture 1

    Anil is working in a part time job in the night shift and in day he works hard for the prepartion for his IAS interview. For the prepartion, he has joined library where he studies wholeday and works very very much hard for the Interview. Finally the day have come and he appeared for the Interview and after giving his Interview he is satisfied. After sometime suddenly one day when he is resting and waiting for the results His result came and checked by her sister. She felt very much happy by seeing the name of his brother in the merit list she was very much happy and cant control her emotions because as she has seen him working hard for the living and for his career. She come to him while he was resting in his room. She wakes him up with and tells him the result that he has got in the order of merit. they felt very happy and her sister hugged him and give him blessings for his future.

  66. Story for picture 2 please reply
    They all are brothers .they do farm works .they are very poor and they invests all their savings in study of their youngest brother shyaam .shyaam cleared NDA exam and now he cleared ssb too .when he comes back to home he finds his tired brothers are sleeping .so he decided not to disturb them and silently walked into the house when his brothers woked up he gave them the good news and they all celebrated their victory to make their younger brother a successful man

  67. Story for picture 10..give your reviews

    Ramlal and leela poor parents of a girl named neha. Neha was very intelligent from her childhood and studying in a govt. School. She always wanted to go out of village but she neither have money nor her father allows her. One day her school organized a free tour for all the children. She also wanted to go. She told about the tour to her mother and also told her to ask her father for permission. Her mother is asking to him but he didn’t agree. After trying a lot, her mother was capable to convince her father and she was allowed to go to tha tour

  68. Story for Picture 3:
    Amanda was a beautiful 25 years old women who taught children at school. She walked to school everyday and watched an impoverished, hardworking farmer in his field just big enough to feed his family. One fine day she saw a women who was pregnant accompanying the farmer. She went to her and offered water which she gently accepted and told Amanda that the rain has been hard on them and that she was there to make sure her husband doesn’t feel helpless. Amanda consoled and advised her to stay at home at take her care to be a healthy mother. However this was not it, Amanda felt bad and decided that she must guide her students to become agricultural engineers and scientists one day, to help the poor farmers who work restlessly for us and get nothing in return. The future of our society rest on youth and hence young people must be guided to choose their career wisely which can help the unfortunate.

  69. Story for picture 1
    Here is a woman named shalini is 25 year old and a man named rahul is 30 years old . They are husband wife . Shalini is sad because his husband rahul is an alcoholic guy he drinks alot she always get upset because of him but one day she made a resolution to to take his husband on a good path . She take him to the the doctor where he got treatment for few months and he becomes a good guy. So because of shalini’s hard work rahul overcome his alcoholic behaviour.

  70. Story for picture 6
    Ram has new start-up,due to lack of knowledge and experience about the market he Faced a huge loss in his business.One day his father came and told him that it was a first time you should not get dissapointed.In a business there will be ups and down.we should be well prepared.After listening to his father Ram got motivated and again he introspect the loopholes in his product and fixes them. Now his product is giving competition in the market and he is happy now.

  71. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/013497b9882d500f6cf20b45ac879e3ae928bccf8dc54daab10fad0a5be880c9.jpg

    Urmi is an overweight girl since her childhood.Due to her overeating she gained a lot of weight and in the process lost her passion for her dance. One day while returning from college she saw a poster fro salsa dance classes in her town. She decided it is high time she takes control of her life and enrolled in the classes. Initially it was very difficult for her , but she worked on her diet and weight ,worked out with the help of her salsa teacher who motivated her each day. She lost all the extra weight of 15 kgs with her consistent efforts in 8 months and participated in her dream salsa competition and won.Her journey is inspiring that it is never too late to start.

    Please provide reviews .

  72. Picture 1
    Seema,29, an orphan and Varun,31, a well of retailer got married in the late afternoon as per the family traditions. Exhausted and tired after the day long wedding ceremony, they try to sleep. To her surprise Varun’s body starts trembling and shivers with high fever. He gasps for breath.She call out the family but in vain. She tries to warm him up by rubbing his chest and feets. He breathes his last and lays dead. She tries CPR but upto no avail. As she lays her hand on his chest she discovers a medical report unfolding the secrets of his chronic illness he was suffering from. After being revealed , she drops down to tear and feels abandoned.

  73. Story no 5
    Raman was the adminstration incharge of national park. One day while inspection round of park he seen a hunter was trying ko kill a lion. Suddenly lion attaced on hunter . Raman and his crew quickly saved Hunter from Lion.. he was Sevier injured .. Raman put him in jeep and hospitalized him with filling admission form and meanwhile called police and gave his rifle to police men… He also called his family members… He deployed more security guards and started petrolling duty also.. by this effort they able to stop hunting in national park….

  74. 17 .
    8. Raj was a fnal year student in KIIT University. One day during his holidays he visited his village which was in Sheohar. He found that little kids had no interest in education and technology and were aways roaming around wasting their time. He then formed a small group of kids and made them sit under a tree where he gave lessons on the
    importance of education and how methods to groom them to become a future of tomorrow. He started with a basic coaching of computers meanwhile consulted with the sarpanch of the villange regarding the issue. They immediatly called a meeting to address the issue with the government. After few days a local setup of school was made where Raj gave training to the kids. Later, the kids started focusing on education and the village got educated.

  75. Picture no 18
    Please comment about my story

    Rohit who is of 24 years old is a wildlife forest Guard in Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary ,Kerala.one day on a visit in a jeep with his teammates in the sanctuary he got a phone call of his senior forest officer regarding the complain of local civilans of a Leopard roaming on roads near Ernakulam .I perceive in the story that Rohit with his group went to Ernakulam road in search of the leopard and found it near the shop.he urgently stepped out and went near the leopard silently and gave him injection,the leopard fainted on the spot and they took him Away to the sanctuary.this way he saved the lives of many local civilians by his bravery.

  76. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f96d6e61d422819868d58a4ea9df916ba720d698151243a15c44a3298e982409.jpg

    Picture no 41
    Please comment about my story

    Rohan was an Indian Navy pilot who was posted in Mumbai base. he was very fond of trekking and various Mountaineering Adventures. he decided with his group of eight friends to go for tracking in Jammu in their holidays. in the picture I perceived Rohan was enjoying trek on a beautiful clear sunny day .suddenly he noticed that a fighter plane lost its balance and was heading towards ground, he told all his friends about plane crash and agreed them to help that pilot to fly by removing obstruction and supporting the plane and giving it Direction .This Way He with his group was able to stop an uneventful happening.

  77. Story1:
    24 years old Kunal(ill) and 22 years old Sangeeta(sad).
    Raj was addicted to smoking and eating tobacco. Sangeeta, his sister always told him to to leave his bad habits but he would listen to no one and said that he is fit and fine. One day Raj became very ill. It was found out that he had cancer of first stage
    Sangeeta became very sad and disheartened. After a lot of treatment and medication, Raj was better than before. He realised that his habits were making him unhealthy and were disturbing his family.Thereafter he joined a rehabilitation centre and then further started an NGO to educate and encourage people to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
    Sangeeta and her family are happy thereafter.
    Please review.

  78. pic 48- Rohan is a very good dancer since childhood he learns various cultural dances and later he do master in dance and arts . he used to teach dances .once he meet sudha chandana who lost her leg in an accident . she also a very good dancer later he teaches sudha dance and in pic they are performing a dance competition and win the competition . later they open school for disable to learn dances and arts . they also help accidents victims and promote traffic awareness for safe drive and ride. later they are awarded with bharat rattan award by president of India .

  79. pic-49- Sam and Deny are good childhood friends . sam is very good at studies and moral values . he become a doctor by his determination and hardworking . he came to know that his friend become a intense smoker and drug addict and suffer from first stage of lungh cancer by influence of bad company . in pic he come to meet his friend who suffer from cancer . so he convince him to come with him and leave the smoking and bad habits . later he got cured and do social service for cancer patients and helps them to leave the bad habits of smoking. provides them awerness, health care and medicines.

  80. pic 50- Raj is a very good in studies since childhood . after complete his high school he got admission to IIT in civil branch . in pic he is preparing for his drawing exam . he secure good marks and later he help his friends and junior to learn engineering drawing . later he become a successful architecture and gives best design of sustainable and green buildings model to government and also helps in nation building.

    • Story for the first Image. It might not be a good one, like the ones posted out here and I beg pardon for all my mistakes. Let’s start with the story…

      It was 6:00 AM when Jenny woke up to experience a throbbing headache, she used to have headaches frequently but this was far different from the regular headaches she had, so she took paracetamol and layed herself on the bed and web searched about causes of her intense headache and found out that brain cancer could be the reason of severe headache. She got scared and she couldn’t do anything rather than just lie on the bed watching her husband Ricky sleeping peacefully after his whole night of work, fixing a technical failure back at his company. Ricky was a technical head of his office due to which he had to work the whole night, so she did not want to disturb him.
      While laying on the bed she noticed that it was 8:00 AM already but her headache was not willing to go and rather the pain was getting more intense. She got more scared . When the pain was unbearable, the she forcefully got out of the bed, dressed up and rushed to the doctor. She was very afraid and felt like crying but she just kept herself from crying all through her way to the clinic. Later on the doctor said that it was due to acidity. She was relieved to hear that.

  81. My Story on Picture 1.
    Please Review.

    Indu, a 32 year old woman lives in a beautiful house in the outskirts of Allahabad city.She has been married for 5 years now,during this period her husband got hit by a very rare disease- Minears.It is basically an ear disorder that leads to unexpected cycles of drowsiness and circular motion in any humans head. Indu has spent most of the amount of money they had on his husband treatment,but that has done a little in improving the situation. Recenlty she consulted a Ayurvedic Doctor and he suggested her to make the first sunlight of the morning to fall on his husband face as it elevates the senses according to him,Hearing all this she decided to make an arrangement of his bed such that husband gets the first sunrays.Whenever she feels pity and sad on his husband situation she comes out of the room ,to make sure he doesn’t feel disheartened seeing all this.

  82. Pic 16: Aditya and Akhil were brothers studying in AEC World School. One day they were waiting for their parents after the school was over. A stranger came to them inside the school premises and told them that today their parents were busy and would be unable to pick them up, so they send him in order to pick you up. Akhil got convinced but Aditya was prudent and told the stranger to take permission from the principal. The stranger got nervous and immediately left the premises and ran away. The other day, the two boys reported this incident to their principal, and asked him to improve the security arrangements of the school so that no such stranger could show the courage to trespass. The principal immediately called a meeting to address this issue and thanked both of them for handling this situation in such a wise manner.

  83. pic 1: 1 male and 1 female their age is around 30 to 35 reena is the wife of ram one day ram meet with an accident he is sole bread earner in his family due to some serious injury he is confined to bed and doctor said that he will return to his job after 2 years reena feel very sad and helpless but reena think she has to do something for his family then she started a small business in his area of acchar and papad fortunately she got good response from their customers and they praised her work and after this she is able to continue her life in a better way.

    please review this

  84. Wrote an story for 42nd picture ,seeking for reviews
    Jivan a bright student of his class. Being an student from a village school he was no less than any other student from any english medium school of any metro city .But due to lack of facilities and poor financial condition he couldnt pursue his studies further and left studies after 12th .Then

    after one year one day while reading newspaper he got to know about a scholarship launched by prestigious management institution for those who left studies because of financial conditions .He taken it as his life changing oppourtunity and the given exam and got selected with 4 other students from his village and became a businessman and now he is feeling proud of himself after attending his first meeting.

  85. story for picture 1

    it was late night and Rita’s father was suffering from high fever. she got tensed as the medicine was not available at home and all the medical store were closed . Being an optimist , she googled home remedies for high fever and chose some best remedies to alleviate the pain .1) she sponged her dad’s face with cold water 2) redeuced the temperature of the room 3) gave him plenty of water to drink to keep his body hydrated 4) told him to try to sleep and take plenty of rest . Finally her care showed his affect and his dad’s fever came down . Next day she took him to the doctor and later thanked god for being with her.

    • Amita is 21 year old girl and her father is suffering from paralysis and is not able to do some common things.
      That’s why Amita has to take care of him,even she use to take care whether he is feeling cold or hot and put bed sheet according to that.
      His father treatment is going on and showing very good signs of recovery.
      This was only posible due to Amita for her endless love for her father.

  86. story for picture 1

    it was late night and Rita’s father was suffering from high fever. she got tensed as the medicine was not available at home and all the medical store were closed . Being an optimist , she googled home remedies for high fever and chose some best remedies to alleviate the pain .1) she sponged her dad’s face with cold water 2) redeuced the temperature of the room 3) gave him plenty of water to drink to keep his body hydrated 4) told him to try to sleep and take plenty of rest . Finally her care showed his affect and his dad’s fever came down . Next day she took him to the doctor and later thanked god for being with her.

  87. writing story of picture 4, your reviews are welcome ..

    miss angeline was the daughter of a farmer and a narrow minded mother but from childhood she was an excellent learner,had a sharp brain and gain knowledge from those who comes for their academic holidays in village.As when she reached in her early 18’s she wanted to go out in city like other male members of village use to go but her parents didnt allow her. one day a govt scheme basically for educating girl child came for giving scholarship to girls who have some knowledge regarding the nature. she gave that and came first and got scholarship to study in a prestigious school in city. she and the entire village convinced her family and she left the village for studying and came back in returned as an IAS officer after several years of hard work. she is now collector of her village and opened many schools for the girl child.

    • Samiksha come from a defense background but working as a software engineer in us.she gets married to Andrew who is a painter They came to India for a few months.one day when Samiksha was sleeping.,she saw to Andrew going silently to her father’s room.He was searching for something.He takes up a file and hides it in his suitcase.Next day,sameeksha got up early before Andrew and rushed towards the suitcase.she got astounded over what she saw..It was an extremely secret file of army , which was given to her father to study.sameeksha search his suitcase where she found an I’d of her husband,who actually was a CIA agent.she cane to her room sobbing and has no idea what to do.After a while she calls the crime branch and told her parents about all this.Andrew got arrested at last.Army officer’s praised sameeksha for showing this courage.

  88. Wrote this story for the 21st picture , Please give your reviews .

    Captain Rahul Singh was a member of the Indian Army Mountaneering Team , Cpt. Rahul was an adventure lover from his childhood days and that is why he decided to join the Indian Army , he successfully entered the Indian Army after clearing NDA . He had successfully conquered two mountain peaks , but was twice unsuccessful in reaching the top of his favourite mountajin peak. He was determined to reach the top of this mountain and with meticulous planning and preparation he went again for the third time.In this picture i saw Captain Rahul lead his Mountaneering team to the top of his faourite mountain peak top.He successfully conquered it with his determination, hard work and proper planning .He is now plaaning to conquer more mountain peaks in the future .
    Thank you


    Smita the wife of Lakshya saw him dead on an early morning.She get very much dissapointed and started crying,not more for her husband but for her small children.Her husband was an addicted drinker and this was only the reason why smita was aware of the situtation that this will going to be happen.Now after all these she motivated herself to search for a job.She tried her best and after a huge suffer of a month she got the job.Now she is happy that she is able to provide her children a good education and a better future.

    • what i know about SSB is that you should always be positive .. so my suggestion is that you should never project some one as dead in your stories. the role of hero gets befitted if some one dies in his or her presence.

      • A story doesn’t become negative just buy saying the person is dead. It becomes negative when her action are negative like sending the children to an orphanage and committing suicide

      • A lady aged 32 yrs lives with her 2 childrens and husband who is a working prifessional..
        once her husband met with an accident and it caused him severe injuries and unconciousness too..Intially as they had saving they could afford his medical but with advent of time their family started struggling with financially and morally too..
        she started feeling depressed and she too had started losing her patience..but she motivated herself and thought of searchung for job..as she was graduated she could manage to find one.this way she supported her family both financially and morally and with advent of time her husbands health kept getting recovered.thank u

  90. wrote this story for first picture,plz giv ur reviews
    Meera ia a 27 year old lady working as assistant professor in college.She is very particular about her daily schedule which comprises of waking up early in the morning at 6.oo am for yoga.Her husband works as a software developer in night shift and sleeps till late hours of the day.Meera completes her daily chores on time owing to her strict routine and reaches college at time.she is a praiseworthy multitasker,gives time to her family and is loyal to her work.

    • It is gud bt it has a taste of daily routine and smthng which is a part of daily routine doesnt make a strong outcme from a stry. Bt still it ws gud. (Y)

    • Although you projected a strong woman out of your mind projector which says a lot about you but to be very frank its not a good story….sorry because i donot want to misguide anyone.

      • Picture no
        A Boy Name ramesh He is a police man and with him a senior police man age between 25 -30 around ramesh of have a massage send his officer and asked him a criminal coming your side as so as coming his area immedieatly catch
        ramesh and his senior have a room of the road and ramesh and his senior hide of the room both see the crimnal and again and again see the watch just minute after coming the crimnal of ramesh side and ramesh run catch the crimnal and crimnal of handover the senior officer

      • Picture no 48 or last second
        Character -2 male
        Age 52,55 years
        Suresh and Mahesh both a friend of school both good read both of dream We will made an army officer suresh and mahesh fill form of army officer and both select in army officer both posted other other places long time after both retiyared after come his home one day they went market sedenly sea of suresh and meet eachother and talk ofter they went his home


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