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SSBCrackGetting Ready for the GTO Physical Tasks

Getting Ready for the GTO Physical Tasks

Getting Ready for the GTO Physical Tasks

The Ground Tasks in SSB constitute a mixture of indoor and outdoor tasks. While the indoor tasks are intended for checking the mental capabilities of a candidate, the outdoor tasks are intended for checking your physical capabilities. The whole GTO series is meant to check your compatibility as a team member and as a leader. Remember a good leader cares for his subordinates, so leadership doesn’t means bullying.

Here are a few grounds on which you can prepare for your physical tasks:

  1. Maintain a basic fitness level: The five days at SSB will require a continuous rigorous work from your body. You’ll have long tiring days and will do stuff which do not do in your everyday life. As you must have heard that a sound mind resides in a sound body, so it is very important to maintain a basic fitness level. Make sure you have the capability of enduring long eventful days.
  2. Start doing some basic exercises: Going for a jog everyday will boost up your physical strength and stamina. You can also try skipping or mild cardio exercises. These things will not take up much time and will be of great help to you. 15-20 minutes of jogging are more than enough for maintain basic fitness level. But of course start doing so at least a month before. You’ll develop good stamina which will help you out in the Individual obstacle.
  3. Practice balancing and sprint: In SSB you do some tasks which you never do in your normal life, balancing is one such thing. You require balancing in many tasks, so you need to make sure you are able to balance your body weight. Try practicing balancing at home. You also require stamina because all the tasks you do in the Individual Obstacles are to be done under time constraint, and you need to run between two obstacles, so it is very important that you have stamina.
    GTO Task Preparation
  4. Stretch your body: Stretching is very important as when you do the physical tasks the muscles involved are completely different, you don’t use those muscles in daily life so much and in such way. SO in order to avoid any injury stretch your body.
  5. Apply your brain: While doing the task apply your brain. Don’t risk yourself. Lots of lives depend on an officer’s decision; they are looking for somebody who can apply brain. By this I mean that a good leader will never risk his own life, so if you are sure that you’ll get hurt then you should never try doing that obstacle, as you have many other tasks that need to be done. Doing all the obstacles can never be a guarantee for you to get selected. Hence it is advisable to first analyze and then take any action.
  6. When in SSB: Make sure you carry the required dress as mentioned in the call letter. Remove all your rings and kadas. Carry a pen and be confident. The most important thing is to enjoy every task you do.

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