G.K Boost Series- SAARC Summit 2014

Hello, heroes after tremendous success of our first article, we are back with one more. This time we will discuss the SAARC Summit in detail.


South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (SAARC) is a group of eight countries comprising the South East Asian region of the world. The members of SAARC include India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh. India is the most powerful member of the organization. India contributes about 80% of the SAARC economy. The idea of SAARC was raised in 1980 to have adequate cooperation between the south east asian nations. The first SAARC summit was held in 1985 in Dhaka. After that subsequent summits have been held regarding various issues. Apart from 8 permanent members, the saarc also has 11 observer members including Australia, japan, china and the U.S.A.


  1. The recently concluded summit was held in kathmandu on 26th and 27th November. All the eight nations were represented by their respective heads.
  2. The motto of this summit was “deeper integration for peace and prosperity”. There were various issues discussed in the meet regarding greater cooperation between nations, energy pacts, roadways and railway pacts.
    SAARC Summit 2014
  3. A direct bus service has been started from New Delhi to Kathmandu. A pact on energy cooperation has also  been signed by all the eight nations.
  4. The saarc collectively aims to alleviate poverty, curb drug abuse, prevent trafficking of people, annihilate exploitation of children and to increase agricultural cum nutritional security amongst the southeast asian nations.
    SAARC Summit 2014
  5. The saarc also envisages the south east Asia as a fulsome tourist destination. Apart from this, there is also a demand for ease of business, level playing field in trade and initiatives in health and tourism across the region.
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