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5 Ways To Deal With Most Common SSB Interview Questions

The IO will ask a general question, about your place. This place can be the one from where you are coming from, or the one where you have stayed the most.

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Some things which are most common, are sometimes the trickiest. The reason being that, we don’t pay much attention to them, as we think that they are easy and do not require much preparation. Some questions in the Personal Interview in SSB fall in this category. These questions, though look very easy, are not that simple. Here I’ll be listing down some of them, and will try to give a follow up on how to deal with them.

Dealing with the most common Interview Questions

  1. Related to your place: The IO will ask a general question, about your place. This place can be the one from where you are coming from, or the one where you have stayed the most. Be prepared from before. This question is just to know, how much you pay attention to your surroundings. Make sure you list all the good points about your place. The famous things, places, or events from your place. Always include anything related to defence, if present.
  2. Question about “You”: The most common question is “Tell me something about yourself”. I find this question the most difficult. So many things are there to tell, yet you are unaware about the scope of the answer. What to tell and what to leave. Begin by telling your date of birth, your place, your parents, then move on to your education, extracurricular and sports, achievements etc. If you are doing a job, mention about that too. This question is like a short form of the comprehensive long question he’d have asked otherwise.
  3. “Why do you want to join”: I am sure this question is asked to everybody. Candidates give ideal answers using heavy words like passion, patriotism etc. The person sitting there knows that these are idealistic answers, and he assumes they are not your own. So give realistic answers like good job, good salary, facilities and then you can add the charm of uniform, pride, honor, dignity, passion and patriotism etc.
  4. Positives and negatives of you, your family and friends: This reflects how well you know the people who are close to you. You need to prepare answers for this from before. Remember he’ll be asking you to cite real life incidences to show the qualities you mention. So keep handy the situations too, otherwise it’ll be difficult to think then and there. Do not make up situations, as he will somehow make you fall in your own trap. Speak the truth only, and tell the real qualities, you can make out through the situations.
  5. The Situation Test: You get a situation reaction test in the psychological testing, but in Interview also the interviewing officer will ask you a few situations. These will be very real situations, sometimes asked from your own life incidences, which you have told him. Never deny the situation, once he asks you to assume something assume it. Focus on the reaction, rather than proving the situation wrong. Give your genuine reaction only.

Apart from these questions also, there are some questions which he may ask. But the questions mentioned above are asked 98% of the time.

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