Five Common Mistakes in Group Discussion

The Group Tasks are an important part of your Service Selection Board interviews. As you know, this Group Task consists of a series of tests. Group Discussion is generally the first test in this series. Group discussion in SSB consists of two rounds. In the first round the GTO gives two topics, out of which the candidates have to discuss amongst themselves and decide which one they want to speak on. This round consists of 20 minutes. The next round also consists of 20 minutes, where the GTO gives a topic of his own choice and asks the candidates to discuss on the same. However GD is a fairly simple test and does not require any such special skill, but still there are certain points which affect your performance. These points can be good speaking skills, patience and knowledge. There are some common mistakes which candidates do in the group discussion.

Five Common Mistakes in Group Discussion

  1. Waiting for the right time: There will never come a perfect time to speak. You’ll have to snatch that time amongst the discussion. So wait for an opportunity where you can enter the discussion. This moment needs to be very appropriate, otherwise it’ll look like you are shouting and dominating. Wait for a chance where the volume of the whole group comes down a bit, then just speak in a firm, not rude voice. Make your voice count, don’t speak along with the group in a herd.
  2. Not listening to others: Some candidates keep on speaking again and again thus not giving a chance to others to speak. While some candidates when start speaking, speak for a really long time. The audience gets bored due to this behavior. Moreover you tend to repeat your points, making a negative impression on the GTO. When you speak more and listen less, the GTO barely gets chance to judge others, so you appear like a very dominant person. When you start speaking speak for maximum of 60 seconds to 90 seconds, and give others a chance to speak.
    Five Common Mistakes in Group Discussion
  3.  Trying to over-help: Candidates sometimes try to do charity by pretending to help others in the group. Thus they shout on other person’s behalf, let so and so chest number speak. Remember you are not there for charity, the so and so chest number made it till there without your help, and he/she is capable to do so now also. If you really want to appear like a leader, just listen to other people’s points without interrupting unnecessarily.
  4. Speaking for the sake of speaking: Do not speak just for the sake of speaking. Some candidates speak just because they have to, not because they have a point. If you just repeat other’s points or speak irrelevant things, it’ll definitely go against you. So speak only the relevant things, and points which actually contribute to the discussion.
  5. Not being themselves: Adopting extremes of behavior, like getting up from the chair or shouting on others is definitely not accepted. Also if you speak in a made up accent or do too many gestures then you appear fake. So be yourself, think like you are discussing things with friends.

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