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Why Do We Lose Hope and How to Get it Back

Why Do We Lose Hope and How to Get it Back: Homo-sapiens are the most evolved race in this world. They are said to have the highest intelligence, highest reasoning power and highest understanding ability. Yet this race has the tendency to give up at difficult times, easily as compared to other species. An ant also tries and tries, till really very long time until it succeeds to do what it was planning to do. In fact if we look at animals we’ll find them to have a much higher level of never say die spirit. Whereas we, human beings, tend to analyze things and feel after a point of time that the thing is not worth it, and thus give up on that. Being defense aspirants, you would have either faced SSB or may face it in the near future. SSB is a tricky interview, and not many are lucky to get through in the first attempt. Some just give it for the sake of giving it, while for some it is a dream, and they want it anyway. If you fail in something for a quiet lot of time, you are bound to doubt your abilities on that thing and thus eventually you tend to lose hope on it.Why Do We Lose Hope and How to Get it Back

There are a number of reasons which lead us to lose hope. The prime reason which forces us to lose hope is having too much of expectations. Expectations always bring disappointment, and if you have too much of expectation from yourself you’ll end up getting disappointed. So it is better not to expect anything of the result, Just think that if you make it, there can’t be anything better, but you don’t then also it shouldn’t bother you that much. When you go for SSB, you need to go with a free and positive mind. If you have the fear of previous failures you’ll end up torturing your brain and clouding yourself with all the negativity. This is another reason because of which you lose hope, fear of failure. It makes you lose hope because you think that it is better not to try at all rather than try and fail.
We all have people around us who again have expectations from us. This is another kind of expectation scenario, which makes us lose hope, because we feel that  we are not catering to the expectations of our closed ones. Whatever may be the reason to lose hope, we should be strong enough to hold it. Being positive and care free is the only way you can do so. Go for SSB’s with a free mind, don’t expect any result. I know its easier said than done, but you can do it. You are the one who is responsible for your decisions, your life, so do not lose hope and stop trying. Try, because you’ll only end up later regretting not trying, and regrets are very sad. Remember losing hope is an easy thing, the difficult part is holding on to your dreams.

Tashi Mishra
Tashi Mishrahttps://www.ssbcrack.com/
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