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15 Reasons Military Men Are Irresistible

To begin with, this post is not about why military men are irresistible to girls. This post says more about them being irresistible to just girls. They are appealing and enticing as a dream man to not only girls but to everyone. Anyone would love to become friends with them or know them first hand, the reason for this desire being several. They are tough and sweet, funny and mature all at the same time. Let us see what such reasons are one by one:
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15 Reasons Military Men Are Irresistible

  1. Manners: Manners are the first thing you’ll notice about a military man. Be it following the traditional norms, like offering their seat to women, talking with respect with everyone around, to going out of their way to respect people, manners are something which are installed in a military man from his academy days.
  2. Chivalry: With the world running for the equality between men and women, chivalry is almost dead. Yet there is an anarchic desire in every woman that the man they go out with, are courteous enough to open doors for them, and pull a chair for them. If the man you are going out with is a military man, you’ll have no complaints about this.
  3. Uniform/Combat Dress: No makeover and no high brand dress can make anybody look as good as a military man looks in his combats. No matter what they wear, they look best in their uniform. So uniform means instant attention.
  4. Royal Enfield (soon to be decommissioned by Harleys’): Every military man either owns or want to own an Enfield. Now the trend being soon replaced by Harley’s. There is something with the appeal they give on Enfield, nobody else can look as confident and as good as they do on these bikes.
  5. Loyalty: They’ll be your loyal friend and will remain faithful to you. No matter how long distance he is posted, your relation with him as his friend/girlfriend be in his heart, and once they meet you, it will seem like it was always.
  6. Absolutely zero minutes to get ready: Thanks to the crew cuts, and their minimal choices for clothes. For most of the times, he’ll be wearing his uniform, and when he has to go out in something else, it’ll be either his already choses formal shirt or polo t-shirt. They’ll never take time to groom their hair (crew cut) and will be amazingly punctual.
  7. Have almost zero preferences: If you go out with a friend who is in the military, chances are you’ll get the chance to order food. He’ll be ready to eat whatever you order and will eat everything without complains (including your experiments with food). The reason of course being their training.
  8. Smart yet innocently foolish: They can direct you easily with a map to the most difficult part of the country, yet they might get lost at times in shopping malls and crowded places. I am not kidding on this.15 Reasons Military Guys Are Irresistible
  9. The knowledge they bring with them: The places they get posted make you run for an Atlas. You can have debates about various topics and will be left amazed with the ease and positivity they put their points. They’ll make you acquire knowledge about things you haven’t even heard of before.
  10. Patient shopping companions: Every officer after getting commissioned, sometime or the other has to accompany a senior officer’s wife/mother for shopping and other stuff like that. Certainly they make a patient shopping companion!
  11. Designated drivers: Remarkable how much of liquor they can hold. For a night out with civilian friends,’ he’ll be the designated drunk driver because he can hold his liquor and can drive you home, totally safe. Goes on to show on more attractiveness factor, responsibility.
  12. Perfection from ballroom to bunkers: They are almost perfect in dancing and, of course, incredible when it comes to bunkers. They’ll leave you in complex with their perfection.
  13. Neatness 2.0: Military Men are generally termed to be untidy. Cheers to the cabin cupboards, everyday shaving and the punishments that follow on not abiding by these, that these men are superbly clean.
  14. Packing: They are startling when it comes to packing for a trip. Credits to the numerous camps and frequent postings. They can pack everything of importance in a small duffle bag.
  15. The complete package: Be it their habits, personality or intellect, military men are a complete package to have around!

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