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10 Difficult Situation Reaction Test Examples

Situation reaction test also known as SRT is a part of psychological testing at SSB which comes under stage 1 testing. Situation reaction test examples will test your response to few common day to day situation and the psychologist would try to find out OLQ’s from your responses.

SRT (Situation Reaction Test) booklet consist of 60 different situations and a candidate gets 30 mins to solve 60 different situations mentioned in the booklet. In this article, we are going to post few difficult and confusing situation reaction test examples you will face at SSB.

10 Difficult Situation Reaction Test Examples

  1. You are at an unknown city and lost your wallet. You need money urgently. As a stranger, how will you manage?
  2. He was travelling by train & suddenly a person snatches the purse from lady & jumps out of the train. He…?
  3. He saw his girlfriend walking with another person on his way. He…?
  4. He was walking in a dark street with his girlfriend and suddenly 10 armed people came & started harassing his girlfriend, the next police station was 10km away. He..?
  5. He sees a snake moving near to the bed where his younger brother is sleeping. He…?
  6. While shooting for a film, terrorists kidnapped the heroine. You are in charge of the ‘check post ‘ nearby the scene. What will you do…?10 Difficult Situation Reaction Test Examples
  7. While hunting you and your brother lost way in dark (night) in the jungle and you have no light. You……..?
  8. As cricket match was on, a fight suddenly started between the sympathizers of the rival team. As the captain he….?
  9. Due to cyclone his family lost all their possession and needed a fresh start. As the eldest son he………..?
  10. He was studying for the final year exam at night. He saw two masked men trying to enter the neighbors’ house. He…?

You can post your responses in the comment box below.

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  1. 7th – climbed sturdy Tree…waited for sun to rise….found River and followed stream..reached near village ..got helped

  2. 1. i will report to near by police station and use my atm card. ( in srt it is not mention that atm card is in wallet and usually i don’t keep my atm card in wallet)

    2. immediately informs TT and RPF about the incident and check weather lady needs any first aid or not.

    3. He remember his girlfriend told him that she has take advice from his uncle who is CA to start a new business.

    5.he go to the bed from other side of bed and wake up his brother and take him out of the room.
    6. i block all the exists with in 10 km of the shooting area and gather as much as information about kidnappers and start up a search and rescue operation.

    7.call him on his walkies and if there is no contact the i will immediately inform to forest guards. (as for hunting you can arrange rifle so walkies is not big deal).

    8. As a captain i will first ensure the safety of my team and the call up the concerned authorities and police later on arrange a press conference to give any clarification needed.

    9. get a job any how and help in his family in every way as possible. (here get a job means as positive work no matter if he has to open a tea stall. or work in a small shop.)

    10. he firstly call his neighbor and tell them to lock the door from inside and stay calm and then call up nearest police control room.( as in night two masked men can’t be from anti-pesticide agency)

    talking about 4 point i cant think any appropriate and proper response which is practical so if you guys have any idea please share it.
    AND Sir/Mam its my humble request that if there is any kind of mistake in my response so please correct me i will be very thankful to you

        • thnx mate, 🙂 what i feel is everyone might have same approach to solve such kind of routine (for example call police inform nieghbour etc) but to be unique among everyone else is what will keep u in good books of testing officer. ur reaction was also good no doubt.

          • hlo bhaiya actually i’m very confused to solve srt’s and no situation is coming in my mind and sometimes commng but i think they are not appropiate or everyone will ahve same opinion.
            my question is how to think fast and out of the box to be the one.


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