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400 Lecturette Topics For SSB Interview

List of Lecturette topics that you can face in SSB Interview.

Lecturette is a task from the Group Testing/GTO series. In this a candidate is asked to deliver a short talk on any one of the topic given to him/her out of the four topics. The GTO has as much number of cards as there are candidates in a group. Each card has four topics written on it. Each candidate is expected to pick up one card and give a short talk of about 3 minutes on any one of the given topics.

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400 Lecturette Topics For SSB


Tips for Lecturette Preparation

  • Start practicing to speak in English.
  • Speak with your friends, family members in English or talk to yourself only!
  • Read newspapers and increase your general awareness about the most common things which could be asked also which are of national and international importance.
  • Take sample topics like UNO, Indo-Pak relations etc. and give yourself a preparation time of three minutes, then mark with a clock or take anybody’s help to monitor three minutes time and give a lecture on your chosen topic.
  • If you feel shy in giving lecture in front of any family member, then simply stand in front of the mirror and speak, trust me that help a lot!
  • The topics given will be of different levels, like one will be of really high level, the other being slightly lower and so on. So choose your topic wisely.
  • Choose only the topic you are well aware and conversant with, choosing a high level topic will not impress anybody if you’ll not speak well on it.
  • Maintain a good posture while speaking, do not slouch or lean on the podium.
  • Do not look unduly worried; remember it is only three minutes it will pass away ?
  • While lecturette the allotted three minutes seem to be the longest three minutes of our life, so speak slowly and clearly.
  • Never look at the GTO while speaking.
  • Make an eye contact with your friends sitting there; speak as if you are teaching them some topic.
  • Divide your content so you’ll find easy to speak, keep your mind running all the time you are speaking.
  • Do not use your hands while speaking.
  • Do not exceed your time and also do not finish very fast.

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