What Makes an Officer Complete?

Officers are not a special kind of people. They are people who got some special qualities, which makes them special and top kind of people. Nobody is an officer by birth, qualities make them so. What SSB wants is a person having some impressions of some qualities, which can be made perfect by training them. What are those qualities? Here we are having a synopsis of those qualities makes an officer special.

Confidence – Confidence is a dose that makes a man ready to face any sort of situation. An officer is a leader and if the leader lacks confidence, then the team will scatter. So, a confident approach makes the task easy and ensures success of the task. Lost confidence can never make the task done and can even lead to loss of things.

Motivations – When you have a bunch of people under you and you have to complete a task, motivation plays an important role. Motivation is a key that unlocks more strength, will power and makes a man inclined and dedicated toward its Aim making him his will to achieve A2im stronger.

Responsibility – An officer is the alternate name of responsibility. Whatever the men do, their officer-in-charge is fully responsible of it. That’s why an officer has to use various techniques, sometimes being rude, sometimes being soft and appreciative and sometimes motivating to let his men to complete the task and going up to responsibility.

Adhere to Rules – Armed forces means rules and discipline. For example, the principal is fully responsible for disciple and maintenance. Similarly, an officer is responsible for maintaining the rules and discipline, firstly by implementing them over himself and then imposes and implements them over his men.

Power to Improvise – A calm mind, enriched with experience can mold any plan as per the situation and improvise as per the requirement. It never happens that your plan works as you want them to. In that case, sometimes you need to observe the situation and circumstances and continue going without affecting the Aim.Indian Army Officers

Power to command and get commanded – Whenever an officer gets the command, he strikes his boots and makes actions on the move without and delays. Sometimes the commands he got, is out of the will, but his task is to get commands and command his men as per the requirements.

Time is non-retrievable resource – Punctuality, the word that is stamped in the mind of every soldier, means a lot. Delays are sin for a soldier. And when it comes to an officer, he has to be punctual and maintain punctuality over his men. Planning without punctuality and time management is a failure. An officer always has a watch on his wrist to time loss and run as per the timetable. Lost time can never be gained as lost arrow can never be stopped.

Mental stability and peace – The most important and the most required part of an officer’s personality is his mental stability.  A famous quote says “A stable mind can crack nut from hand and an unstable mind will crack hand from nut”. Anger, introvert nature, over smartness, etc. are the symptoms of unstable mind making a person unfit for military. Fluctuating moods and behavior can take the commander and his men in danger. Decision taken with stable mind works perfectly and makes the task done.

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