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6 Ways Used By SSB Interviewing Officer To Catch A Liar

About 4% of people are accomplished liars and they can do it well, rest of us will be caught in the SSB Interview.

We all know the importance of the personal interview in SSB and how it decides your result in the conference, most of the candidates take personal interviews lightly thinking of it as a normal chit chat and under this impression they underperform or make mistakes which degrade their performance. One of the biggest mistakes during a personal interview is speaking lies. As per a study “About 4% of people are accomplished liars and they can do it well,” rest all of them can be caught easily by the interviewing officer using these methods.

1. By Finding Inconsistencies In Your Answers: “When you want to know if someone is lying, look for inconsistencies in what they are saying”. Candidates who lie make inconsistent statements without even realizing it.

2. By asking unexpected questions: Many candidates face unexpected and uncomfortable questions that test whether they lie or not. A real-life example from SSB: A candidate faced three unexpected questions back to back just to test his honesty, these questions are simple and anyone from the answers can decide whether the candidate was lying or not, this question was asked to a person working in a film production industry. 1. Do you drink? (Answer: No), 2. Do you smoke? (Answer: No), 3. Have you ever seen an adult movie? (Answer: Yes). Can you tell why this candidate was not lying or did not try to manipulate his/her answers when faced straight forward questions?

Screening Test Day 1 of SSB Interview

3. Change in the behavior: Sudden change in the behaviour is noticed by the interviewing officer when someone lies there will be some change in their behaviour which is easily caught by the IO and then he asks counter questions, which sometimes make the situation worse for the candidate.

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4. Look for fake emotions: You can not fake a smile for a long time and can easily be judged by looking at your lips.

5. Look for the contradictions: IO will always try to find contradictions in your statement and this is done by asking you a similar question again and again with a gap. IO also ask similar questions by twisting it so you don’t know. So it’s always better not to lie.

6. Too many details: Sometimes candidates hide a lie and give too much information which is not required, for example, if a candidate is lying that he was his college cricket team captain, and try to provide extra details which are not asked by the IO may lead to the suspicion.

So now you know these 6 ways, can you lie? NO, because there are multiple ways to find out the same and as we said only 4% of people are good liars and you are not one of them, so try not to lie and take accountability for things you have done in life.

The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.
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